FIFA 14 NEXT GEN | Brazil's Road To The World Cup - Episode 1

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GCIIMessi: Thanks for the support so far lads! <3

GCIIMessi: The intro song is - Razor Sharp by Pegboard Nerds & Tristam, links in the description now!

GCIIMessi: Also forgot to ask, what do you think about the intro video? Hopefully it helps haha!

GCIIMessi: BOOM! Here is the first NEXT GEN Road To series! Smash the like button if you enjoyed and make sure to answer the question of the day! :D

Kai Cloete: GERMANY WON IT DUHHHH!!!!!!!

The matrix gaming: germany will win

Anthony B: Germany wln already 1 to nothing against Argentina

Kai Cloete: GERMANY WON IT DUHHHH!!!!!!!

Ahmed mohamed: France will wiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn

Nicco And Ryan athletes/gamers 4 life: brasil

Sloth Man: Korea republic 

Epic Ezio: italy

nfl denver: Spain

W7S: Brazil will win th WC

brayden sheridan: Brazil or Germany will win the World Cup and do not rule out Spain plus great vid again

Kavanagh Smalley: Year I am from coventry

Emiliano Romualdo: Well I want mexico to win , but that's pretty hard so I'm sayin either brazil Belgium or Germany 

Moses Cruz: Mexico 

Luis Torres: Mexico will win 

Gustavo Souza: Brazil

Definition: Belgium will win!!!! 

GamingTurtle CoC: Uraguay

thecheeseandcrackerz: Germany 

henry thomas: Bosnia

Psymon Mars: Germany

kobahdos moeskops: BELGIUM!!!

rishabh de: belgium

katajncap germer: Brazill 

jack berry: After this please do an England RTWC

Ghalib Khan: Brazil

Ares: Man your diction is terrible... Really ruines your videos mate...

TheVidasen: Brazil win

SuperFIFAJordan: germany

FIFAdcarter: Mexico will win the world cup

alfie purcell: germany

Anton Brooks: Belgium win

TheLukester10: Germany will win

francis segnitz: i think brazil will win the world cup

Fifa Assassinator: Do England next

Daniel Thompson: England

Killian Corrigan: Belgium or Brazil will win

Mikuz: I think Germany will win. I wont make my table until March or so though

Tekerzzz3: Brazil

mickfurlong11: Belgium or Germany

Ben Hamilton: Brazil

ThePsn Gamers: You got my uncle in the 1st pack oniel

FootballTONG: Spain!

Didier de Groot: INTRO NAME?
FIFA 14 NEXT GEN | Brazil's Road to The World Cup - Episode 1 5 out of 5

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FIFA 14 NEXT GEN | Brazil's Road to The World Cup - Episode 1