How To Make Cannabis Arthritis Balm (Organic Pain Cream)

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How to Make Cannabis Arthritis Balm (Organic Pain Cream)
How to Make Cannabis Arthritis Balm (Organic Pain Cream)
Making Cannabis Cream and Lotion Naturally
Making Cannabis Cream and Lotion Naturally
Cannabis Cream
Cannabis Cream
Should cannabis be a legitimate source of pain relief? - Truthloader
Should cannabis be a legitimate source of pain relief? - Truthloader
Natural Pain Relief Cream Rub On Relief 61% OFF with FREE Bonuses. Money Back Guarantee
Natural Pain Relief Cream Rub On Relief 61% OFF with FREE Bonuses. Money Back Guarantee
Juicing Cannabis Leaves - Arthritis Pain Control And Healing
Juicing Cannabis Leaves - Arthritis Pain Control And Healing

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Steve Genereaux: it also looks like a gravy separator would work to take the water off the bottom of the oil

Katie Kaos: To test the balm put a spoon in the freezer and when you think it's done just dip the spoon into the balm. you can tell if you need more wax or etc. 

It is what it is: It does not test positive in a urine test. I've work at a medical marihuana dispensary for years and we have helped hundreds of patients with canna cream like this. It has helped patients with arthritis, scoriasis, balding, scars, migraines (on temples), servere mentstrual cramps, fibromyalgia, rosacia and many others. The healing power of this cream is endless :)

Slobberdog66: Great video as always! Now we just need more!! Thanks Dr. B

hank wang: How long does the effects last on the cream? 

jendicott2003: Instead of simmering it in water, use a double boiler method and do an oil infusion which is the quick way to do it. Or you can do the slow, cold infusion method. Then you won't have to mess around with the water and you get to keep all of the cannibis properties in the oil.

Ari F: In making most salves you can cold infuse the herb for 3-6 weeks or heat the herb in oil for a hot infusion. Water is never used. Why does the processing of cannabis into a salve require water? Are there certain components only extractable by water? 

charles green: to separate put in a creamer separater which is a bottle with a drain valve on the bottom so you can drain off the water and the oil will stay on top 

Matthew Sands: There is a few incorrect statements here. The notion that decarboxylation makes cannabis less therapeutically effective, or that cannabinoid acids like THCA and CBDA are more medicinal that the decarboxilated THC or CBD is not correct, and goes against most scientific evidence.
Also while 180F to 200F is not sufficient for full and rapid decarb, with in an hour, you will achieve some decarboxylation at those temps, especially over the course of 2 hours. Many people decarboxilate on a coffee warmer which is usually between 140F and 176F range and while it takes a few hours at that temp it and is not very efficient, decarboxylation can be completed at lower temps than what you are using. The optimum temps and times for rapid decarb is considered to be between 230 to 266F for between 30 minutes and an hour. Some go for higher temps, like 300F for 10 minutes, but this temp can degrade THC if applied longer than 8 minutes and is dangerously close to THC vaporising temp of 314F. Lower temps can complete decarb but take longer.
Decarboxylation is through a combination of time and temp. 230f to 266f between 30 minutes and an hour is considered most efficient but lower temps will decarb at a slower rate and higher temps at a faster rate. " hours at 180f will probably not complete full decarb but will definitely achieve some (how much exactly I don't know).
So I think you should revise your decarb info and your claims about THCA, CBDA, CBCA etc. being more medicinal than THC, CBD, CBC etc. Decarboxylation is for more than just getting high. Many of the more potent medicinal effects are found in the decarboxilated cannabinoids. For example, THC is more effective than THCA against cancer, in fact there is debate if THCA has much value at all in this regard. So I think it is important not to portray raw as medicinally superior when the science and most of the anecdotal evidence says the opposite.

Dolores Gomez: This was very informative and explained very well on how to make a salve; I will try it. Is there a video on making rubbing alcohol rub by 

Suelo Sage: Can hemp oil be used instead of trim?

(T)(h)(e)(D)(u)(d)(e): You can use Soy lecithin instead of bees wax too. I use coconut oil as the medium and strain the plant matter out, add the lecithin and let it cool. Works awesome for pain so far, plus you could cook with it. What a great plant.

LaserDroid: What about coconut oil? It would smell wonderful!

Lemato Lepupu: some Mexican remedy grandma used to do for arthritis was put in crushed canabis in a glass jar with a bit of alcohol. Apply it onto joins and ready. Marijuana is an excellent plant for medical purposes only. I wish it was legal

Airomis34: I looked through a lot of the comments before asking this, but I'm curious and a Google search didn't really come up with anything definitive. My question is: Do you or any of your subscibers know if using the cannabalm causes the user to test positive on drug tests?

Kim Swanson: How about a turkey baster?

Ricardo Rubalcava: Can you use isotropy alcohol and trim, then strain the leaf from the rest?
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How to Make Cannabis Arthritis Balm (Organic Pain Cream)