How To Make Cannabis Arthritis Balm (Organic Pain Cream)

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How to Make Cannabis Arthritis Balm (Organic Pain Cream)
How to Make Cannabis Arthritis Balm (Organic Pain Cream)
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Making Cannabis Cream and Lotion Naturally
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How to make Cannabis-Infused Salve
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Serephima Wings: From where would I get this cannabis buds? I have a lot of pain throughout my body on certain days and it drives me nuts and makes me kinda bitchy on those days. I will try almost anything to be rid of the pain. Almost, means no doctor perscribed phamacutical medicine. That's a great video - Thanks

Dona Chichi: I'm diabetic and my hands hurt all the time I'm willing to try anything where do I get "product"?

Justin Parker: So does adding the water help maintain a low temperature? 

kim scudiero: that makes the most sence

jerzyj: Awsome video man thanks for sharing 

Ricky Campos: Hello , i got a ? , should the medicine be high in CBD ,, OR CAN it be in a med stain ?? I'm looking for something for leg pain , i heard CBD is good 

sunnitokess: is there anything else you could use aside from emu oil. im a vegan and dont use animal products

RaBe OfLight: I've used coconut oil :D 

Jodi Metcalf: You can also use Grape Seed oil and it also has a higher temp. boiling point (meaning that it can take high temp. less likely to burn off and it is vegan friendly. :)

diane petryszyn: Coconut oil works a lot better and way easier steps..... 

Matej Schaffer: what if you did not used water? if you used just oil, would that be good?

Jay Bird: I'm confused. I did the oil and wax and it isn't mixing. Did you also add butter? Or do I really need emu oil?

George Smillie: Hey man trying to make some of this for my mum's arthritis. Is 2 ounces of bud the minimum or is it worth doing it with less, eg. 1/2oz ?

Carrisa Merx: Could I just use my glycerin based canna tincture I have already made and add it to the bees wax instead of having to extract the 4oz of trim or 2oz of bud right then and there? And if I did, could you suggest on how much of my tincture I should use? My tincture is made from decarbed buds, so if I did it my way would the lotion get you stoned? This is for my father that has terrible knee problems, please respond <3

Miles Lowe: Can you get high from this?

Ken Nguyen: GrowGreenerGuru, Once again another great video bro, showing the whole world how to heal with this plant. Just wanted to know if the trimmings used mattered whether it's dried or fresh off the plant? Would the THC be any less in it's natural state if its bone dried?

MsGodsown1: using cheesecloth can save you time and keep you from hassling with straining the cannabis from the oil 

Cole McRae: I can pray for you thee alchemist. God can do miracles far better than the plants he created.

Carlotta Maria Fontes: Do you have to use cannabis or can you use something else?

TehRuffles: I am just lost at one you mix the Emu oil with the final outcome..or do you put emu oil first and then then the balm?

Carolyn Sheridan: What about the use of a preservative to prevent any fungal/bacterial growth?

Tide12NC: Do you make and sell this? Is it legal to have seeing it isn't eaten or smoked? I'd love to try this product over icy hot for my back and knees. Thanks

wayupnorth80: I forgot to mention I have been adding vitamin e into my mix just before it solidifies I was told to keep it from getting to hot try it out sometime real good for the skin 

Danielle Delano: Also you can take a small test amount of the wax and let it harden off to the side in a shot glass or any type of container you choose to see if the consistency is what you want. If it's not, add a bit more of wax

Mack Dickson: If time isnt an issue, the oil/water mix can be refrigerated, the oil will solidify on top and can be easily removed and re heated if needed for further processing, or be frozen for later use

LawDog323: I'd love to email you and give you some tips on how to prepare your product much more efficiently. First off, freezing your product will get all of the oil off quickly and in 1 piece. You need to put the beeswax in a double boiler..

a jones: A cure from the control of humans and the planet we reside... my view...cannabis hemp a natural plant hidden in plain sight very early on as another closely guarded secret in the controlling hierarchal family circles... Because anyone can grow it... the production of cannabis hemp is in the hands of the people... whom used it to feed, clothe, house, fuel, physically and spiritually heal themselves...their is no money or control in that freedom. These few families introduced fiat money controls and the cancers of the planet by witholding knowledge amongst themselves...Cannabis Hemp a cure for our earths cancers...? Keep the faith...Cheap prices will discourage corporate / cartel interests...etc and allows anyone access if they choose it's use... Awake Knowledge Peace Freedom Love Expect us...! Good vid thanks...

mrdanostyle: to separate the water and oil put the jar in the freezer for a while.water will freeze and then pour off the oil.thanks 4 the video

hewcaresanyways: hay mcrae god put everything on the earth for use by all his children. he put them hear for us to thrive and servive.

Danielle Delano: I haven't really through all the comments but incase no one has mentioned it. Instead if using the syringe; if you out the oil and water in a container or bowl and stick it in the fridge . The oil will harden up and separate from the water. Easy way to extract all of the oil from the water.Adds a little extra time to it but it's efficient.

wayupnorth80: wanted to say thanks for posting this I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and knees very painfull crap anyway I just made my 3rd batch of this topical and it works better than anything off the shelf. I am a medical patient in my home state of maine and have been strain hunting for dif combos of cbd and thc by mixing several different strains together. Thanks again man. check out my channel peace n 420. 

LawDog323: Here is a tip use equal amounts of oil to your beeswax this way you will get a nice salve..

Pam Biagi: I would love to know how you made the olive oil/cannabis combo? I have some trim to use, but wouldn't even know how to do that first part...thanks.

JoshNortonalias: My grandma is getting some of this for Christmas.

Leo AvLo: Hello,I'M suffering of arthritis and I'M out of the loop!,how can I get 4oz of trim? Thank's! it looks like this will be the solution of my knees suffering,Bless.

SuperLastMohican: One question: Why do you use sativa oil instead of indica oil for your cream? I would assume indica oil would be a way better pain reliever.

pHaTdProductions: thank you for this video, my father suffers from rheumatoid arthritis in the knee and its just hard to see him walk now.

Thee Alchemist: i was hoping for something fairly easy to drink. to give you a background, im a CA 215 patient and mostly vape at home and make edibles for my pain management while not at home. i'm trying to make something thats like a daily sweet tea drink. more of a daily regiment. i need portability in my medicine and i'm looking for other varieties of using Cannabis without necessarily "smoking" it all the time. i hope that makes sense. thanks you again for spreading the good word.

Debbie Dailey: Hi there, question...what is trim? I juice raw cannabis. Could I use the pulp?..or could I use raw cannabis for this?~Thanks in advance.

GrowGreenerGuru: Good idea :) Did you try it?

joyztik: how about some mineral oil? Would that work too? The one used in baby oil?

Leonard Samuels: Have you tried a recipe using the root ball, stems and fan leaves in addition to the trim?

yuerti: Would tea tree oil be a substitute for thise other oils?

GrowGreenerGuru: Yes you can! And not entirely sure on the burn temps for various olive oils.. thanks for the comment, keep it green!

916Grower: good to know info...thanks

SuperLastMohican: Don't you need alcohol to extract the chemicals?

fantasticalice: This is a good 1st start, I like what Luke had to say! Crock pot is the way to go, LOW, overnight. I make the best creme, give it away to my old-lady friends. Teflon pot? Please...

lespites1: Going like this the remaing oil after the 3rd squeeze much less pure in canabinoids so the yield of the extraction will be higher, it is also a chemical fact that you extract far better doing it 3 times with 1/3 of the amount of solvent than once with the full cuantity. Just in case that you don't intend to do any bakery with the remaining grass and you just want the balm

GrowGreenerGuru: Thanks man I really appreciate that!!

Freednuggets: Vegetable glycerin needs to be soaked for about 30 days before using. After letting it sit, you cook or "heat" the cannabis mixture and strain through a proper bag. I use a glass jar, and place the glass jar in just under boiling water for about 3-4 hours. Many tutorials online that can be followed. The Glycerin can be used as a topical or used as a sweetener in coffee/tea.
How to Make Cannabis Arthritis Balm (Organic Pain Cream) 4.9 out of 5

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How to Make Cannabis Arthritis Balm (Organic Pain Cream)