How To Make Cannabis Lotion (Arthritis Balm - Organic Pain Cream)

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I need make Cannabis Arthritis Balm Organic Pain Cream
I need make Cannabis Arthritis Balm Organic Pain Cream
CBD Lotion
CBD Lotion
Cannabis scented balm & oil. WeerdBeard. Unboxing and review
Cannabis scented balm & oil. WeerdBeard. Unboxing and review
Cannabis Infused Creams & Eczema   Week 26 Eczema Update
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Igniter4life: Why use water iso isoprophyl? Then the cannabinoids will loossen way better though

Phatt Daddy: pour it in to a gravy measuring cup.

amaniindia1: Where did you buy your herb for this receipe?

SkinCareLuver: Doesn't this smell?

Kellen Kayden: You decarb at 240 degrees for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Also, THC has more health benefits than THCA.......the greatest health benefit, as in curing want all the cannabinoids in the plant. This mix of compounds together is the true magic of healing the body. Even for lotions and creams, you want to decarb the cannabis.

Barbie Kat: Hi, sorry but Blue Emu is supposed to help arthritis pain all by itself! How do you actually know what is helping the pain? What if you go to all this work and it's really just the Blue Emu helping after all?! Thanks!

Justin Acuna: How long will it last?

Sean St John: Use a Separation Funnel! Save Ya 10-15min Or Put It In a Container that has a hole on the bottom

Sam Groot: would melting shatter in coconut oil on a low temp.create the same thing or how about shatter and peanut oil then add beeswax

Yvonne Moss: Where does one get cannabis trim?

George Chappell: thanks. have a friend of mine that this will really help.

Serena Marie: There are many brands available in the market. Try from the reputed brands and go which one which gives good results. Also check if they have good manufacturing process.

Douglas M Sartore: Does anyone know if this balm works for menstrual cramps? Tks

Bernardo Lopez Marquez: The best way to separate the oil from the water layer is using a separation funnel very common in chemistry labs and available in diferent size, but maybe a jar with dispensary on bottom could work but not as the sep. funnel.

tobywinter1: A gravy separator would be easier and faster to separate the oil and water.

Kathy Brewer: South Carolina

Robert Leon: quick question, the pan that is under the pot did u put water or just the pan on pan!?

hunt1803: I see this as a great way to use personal creativity to work on your freedom from use of pharmaceuticals! I will have to try the beeswax as a stabilizer in the pain relief salve I make for myself. The coconut oil that I use tends to get soupy in the summertime sitting on the bathroom counter. My personal formulation also includes crushed comfrey root to help with the multitude of sprains, strains and cuts that I get around the farm, and a little DMSO as a penetrant. Other herbs, mints, etc can be used for aroma enhancement as well. I may have to try incorporating some powdered MSM - hadn't thought about that until I saw that it was an ingredient in the Emu ointment you showed.

Wendy Stewart: this is awesome and I'm not even thru it all....

How about a a gravy degreaser thingy??

Reefer Sutherland: can this work to heal scars and burns?
How to Make Cannabis Lotion (Arthritis Balm - Organic Pain Cream) 5 out of 5

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How to Make Cannabis Lotion (Arthritis Balm - Organic Pain Cream)