LG 840G - Downloading Free Games From Opera Mini 7.1

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dainess mwale: I like your videos

Bethoven Valcourt: you cant download kik because it doesn't support the particular tracphone

mslataprada1: how do you remove the keybad...its annoying..can see a full screen like yours..thanks

Kandi Klover: hmm not bad, this phone isn't much use for that kind of stuff though it starts to get kinda heated from running opera and doesn't seem to handle it to good kinda slow but still beat the built in browser tho at least. Can't wait to get 64gb i5 from straight talk!!

Kandi Klover: kik is for losers lol

Christopher Begaii: i just want kik on my Tracfone LG840G can some one help me out.

Cynthia Reyes: I really like your videos very helpful! I have one problem...when i go to download the games it will say authentication failed..Do you happen to know why? This is the only thing i have doenloaded on my phone..Opera Mini that is...

draflicks: Thank you your very helpful I like your videos

fallout player666: I have fruit ninja

Nat Curry: Subway sufers

Nat Curry: Can you download kik

Aleysia Stadler: yeah some like fruit ninja
LG 840G - Downloading Free Games from Opera Mini 7.1 5 out of 5

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Neha Srivastava: Thank you, After watching this video i have resolved the error which was showing since 1 week.

LG 840G - Downloading Free Games from Opera Mini 7.1