How To Scout Scope Mount Mosin Nagant 91/30 M44

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Max Hill: A small nail works just as well as a punch for that last little push out of the pin.  that way you don't scar the hell out of your pin with pliers.

Sam G: What was the mount model?

Gilberto E Figueroa: Do you happen to know where can I get the clip that hold the bands on the Nagant? On mine the front one is broken Will hold the band but am afraid to lose it.
Thanks for your help...

America The Free: I wish you put a description of the mount in info below the screen... :(

jeff strand: does anyone know where to buy one of these scope mounts?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?

Jonathon Amburn: hay I'm stupid I just mounted it where the field sight was and it works like a dream

aaron brook: m44 has a different rear sight

Etrog Lattouf: Can you provide the link?

Etrog Lattouf: Were can I buy that?

R0ot Bear: this helped out a lot nice video

jason60chev: At 1:21 the dude just scratched his stock with the needle nose pliers!

Lucas Gillenwater: Can u post a link to that rail system? please and thank you

Saint Luger: ... in like Flint... slips right in...

The student Technician: So can i use the rail already on it

joebob5291: you freaked the furniture up pulling out that second pin on the iron site,,,,take more time my friend. Other than that good job, thanks....

gman77gas: This is NOT a M44........the sight is totally different and will not work on a M44

Jacob Lusk: What kind of sight would you put on it though? It's too far up for a scope...isn't it?

HYDROGENTEK: Can you share where you go the rail you mounted?  thank you.

realogre32: red loctite is your freind on this mount

Robbie Fortner: Doe anyone know if the T53 Version has the same dovetail set up
How to Scout Scope Mount Mosin Nagant 91/30 M44 5 out of 5

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Gene Garren: We used ponchos for all kinds of shelters in Special Forces! Add parachute cord or as we called it "suspension line" , due to it's use in parachutes, bungee cord, and we were good to go. As you also said 2 ponchos, were often used also. We carried 2 in any case.
Great videos. Thanks for the great information.

Otouto72: I can't remember how that plays to be honest lol! Probably the same as the others XD
Ramiro Capozzi: stryker ar1 elite or x7 phenom?
Rhiley Doezema: are dan and Phil in a relationship??? just asking because I do enjoy yoai please someone make a gay animebwith these two oh god now I relize I shouldn't post this but I will anyway I am a freaker up person.
Nicholas Johnson: Great vid guys! looks awesome, just got it on Steam but having crashing issues and trouble getting it even started in most cases, hopefully it will get a lot of these issues fixed SOON!
Bun Bun: this is not the lg optimus l70 i know because i own one 😂
Richard Mackenzie: any one know where to get volume control for sx-3600 pioneer # ACT-128-0

How to Scout Scope Mount Mosin Nagant 91/30 M44