In-Flight: HTC Thunderbolt GPS Tracking At 500 Mph And 45,000 Ft - Android Powered

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D14BL0: Outside Air Temperature: -86 °F WTF?

Rob Carter: @MikeonTU Too bad the iPhone's GPS wouldn't do crap-all without a cell signal. Move along fanboy, you bought the wrong phone.

Robert Braun: @D14BL0 yes -86 degrees because the higher up in altitude you are the colder it is outside...duh

amiga2000: @xAlexKiblerx That's a good question. We did in fact have WIFI (you can see the little WIFI signal icon in the upper right) so maybe that's how it got map data to overlay the location.

Piercostanzo Vari: @amiga2000 Iphone 3GS,4,4S and both Ipad 3GS and Ipad 2 3GS seem to have a small chip GPS inside but all these device work using the A-GPS system but they made a new software application called WindowSeat perhaps this software is able to make an Apple device working on an airplane, using only the GPS chip disconnetting both wi-fi and 3GS connection.

amiga2000: @freakinhellnotagain Ignoring it in what way? I have an iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPad 2, and a handful of iPods. I love my iOS gadgets but none of them have a real GPS chip / antenna inside of them. It is why I have to carry around a Garmin Nuvi 265WT if I want accurate turn-by-turn directions. AGPS is fast, convenient, and reasonably accurate to tell you where you are but it is not the same as a real GPS.

TheJohnp1943: how does it have a cell signal if it is in airplane mode as seen at 1:07

RyroNZ: It looks like GPS status

amiga2000: @D14BL0 Next video: The Thunderbolt tracking location OUTSIDE the plane... :-)

Presonance: Don't get excited. You're confused. A-GPS is "real" GPS that works faster than "plain" GPS because it uses cell towers to get a faster cold fix. iPhones can get a cold fix a lot faster because of this improvement. Every iPhone since the iPhone 3G and every iPad has a "real" GPS with the cell-assisted improvements added on.

ibjacked: @hettbeans My quick googling tells me that AGPS is not a negative. It is used to improve startup performance of finding your GPS location and can also be used to improve accuracy when there are problems getting clean satellite data. So, your comment, was it supposed to be an insult?

grissomairport: @D14BL0, The standard lapse rate of air temperature is approximately 3 C or 3.5 F per 1,000.

MOS95B: HEY!! That's over my neighborhood!! Turn that off before you wreck the plane!!! LOL!!!

jbohmdklg: There are 5 GPS concepts to compare FakeGPS does not receive GPS broadcasts but finds location some other way, such as nearest celltowers. GPS-only receives GPS signals, and fails if a house or car blocks its view of the sky. Real A-GPS uses both and combines the result. Precision A-GPS compares a received GPS signal with a GPS signal received at a reference point to get 2 inch precision. FastGPS uses an internet connection to download the sattelite flightplan which takes 10 min to get directly

jbohmdklg: A few feet higher and you might not have gotten a signal because DOD rules require civilian GPS to turn off above 18mi at high speed

Robert Braun: @xAlexKiblerx if you look at his phone he has wifi enabled

ProudiPhoneOwner: Does my HTC DROID Incredible have a real GPS chip inside??? I would really appreciate if someone could tell me! :)

amiga2000: @TheJohnp1943 That is a GOOD question. Can someone help answer?

amiga2000: @denimvest No they do not. All iPhones to date are A-GPS. They require location information from cell towers for location data. Try to find an iOS app that shows you the signal strength of the GPS satellites like in this video....

amiga2000: @bossyman15 Not sure man. This was someone else's phone. I think that was a google map app.

Cowboss1969: @jbohmdklg Turn off above 18 miles? That's more than 95,000 feet up.

hettbeans: @MikeonTU You have no idea what you are talking about. No amount of software will change the fact that the iPhone does not have a real GPS receiver. It relies on AGPS. Carry on, Apple fanboy.

Ryan Ayres: What app are you using on the second half of the video?

MikeonTU: @hettbeans I will carry on. I have loads of extra time since the iPhone performs autocorrect when I misspell something.

amiga2000: @MikeonTU The iPhone rocks. It is my primary phone. It doesn't change the fact that it does not have a real GPS in it. Great for maps and other location based apps but for turn-by-turn directions, you need a real GPS so you don't keep missing your turns and exits.

Andrew Chan: @MikeonTU u can't cause the iphone sucks

WRX500: This is awesome

MikeonTU: So how do I get this app on the iPhone?

amiga2000: @guicapone2 That's because this was not a commercial flight. :-)

William Stuart: @D14BL0 it measures the temperature outside of the plane

Jordan Carey: I hate to tell you, but iPhones have GPS on it too and I have done the same thing on my old 3gs.

amiga2000: @cecilkorik I should have gotten a video of it but before it got dark, you could see the clouds were below us and it got a little dark looking up.

thizzlebot: @D14BL0 Its cold at high altitude.

Robert Alex Kibler: That plane looks so much nicer than the one I was just on. My GPS didn't work either. Did you need to be connected to WiFi so maps could update?

Damian Turek: Turn on Endomodo Sports Tracker and GPS in airplane. Then set mode to 'running'. Share your results on Facebook :D

MikeonTU: @Ch1naManChan Ohhh not to worry. I just found 15,000 GPS apps on the iTunes app store that are better than this. Seems developers still think the iPhone doesn't suck!

cecilkorik: @guicapone2 They will fly wherever they get the best winds and fuel mileage for the flight, but 45,000 is pretty high. The 747 is the only Boeing airliner that I know of that has a service ceiling above 45,000 feet. Not sure about Airbus. What could also be happening is a difference between physical (GPS) altitude and density altitude, which is measured based on air pressure and temperature. Density altitude is all the airplane cares about for flying purposes (including service ceiling).

brashmadcap: @D14BL0 I can't believe 3 other people were stupid enough to like this. It's cold up high.

enchebuyong: what gps app is that

Graham Harrison: Awesome. Go HTC and go android.

guicapone2: 45000 FEET??!!! Almost all commercial airliner fly at an altitude of 35000 feet.

Rob Carter: @D14BL0 Yeah, crap gets cold 45,000ft in the air.

Raunaq Kumaran: @amiga2000 Good luck!!

fuckinhellnotagain: So are you freakwits ignoring the current iPhone and iPad?

Chris Boldon: @freakinhellnotagain Calm down fanboi. The iPhone doesn't have real GPS.
In-Flight: HTC Thunderbolt GPS Tracking at 500 mph and 45,000 ft - Android Powered 4.8 out of 5

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In-Flight: HTC Thunderbolt GPS Tracking at 500 mph and 45,000 ft - Android Powered