In-Flight: HTC Thunderbolt GPS Tracking At 500 Mph And 45,000 Ft - Android Powered

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Diego V: normal

Damian Turek: Turn on Endomodo Sports Tracker and GPS in airplane. Then set mode to 'running'. Share your results on Facebook :D

Ryan: What app are you using on the second half of the video?

Piercostanzo Vari: @amiga2000 Iphone 3GS,4,4S and both Ipad 3GS and Ipad 2 3GS seem to have a small chip GPS inside but all these device work using the A-GPS system but they made a new software application called WindowSeat perhaps this software is able to make an Apple device working on an airplane, using only the GPS chip disconnetting both wi-fi and 3GS connection.

ProudiPhoneOwner: Does my HTC DROID Incredible have a real GPS chip inside??? I would really appreciate if someone could tell me! :)

Graham Harrison: Awesome. Go HTC and go android.

brashmadcap: @D14BL0 I can't believe 3 other people were stupid enough to like this. It's cold up high.

Chris Boldon: @freakinhellnotagain Calm down fanboi. The iPhone doesn't have real GPS.

dumb dumb: @D14BL0 yes -86 degrees because the higher up in altitude you are the colder it is outside...duh

dumb dumb: @xAlexKiblerx if you look at his phone he has wifi enabled

William Stuart: @D14BL0 it measures the temperature outside of the plane

Raunaq Kumaran: @amiga2000 Good luck!!

ibjacked: @hettbeans My quick googling tells me that AGPS is not a negative. It is used to improve startup performance of finding your GPS location and can also be used to improve accuracy when there are problems getting clean satellite data. So, your comment, was it supposed to be an insult?

Dr Brian: So are you freakwits ignoring the current iPhone and iPad?

Rob Carter: @MikeonTU Too bad the iPhone's GPS wouldn't do crap-all without a cell signal. Move along fanboy, you bought the wrong phone.

Rob Carter: @D14BL0 Yeah, crap gets cold 45,000ft in the air.

Andrew Chan: @MikeonTU u can't cause the iphone sucks

cecilkorik: @guicapone2 They will fly wherever they get the best winds and fuel mileage for the flight, but 45,000 is pretty high. The 747 is the only Boeing airliner that I know of that has a service ceiling above 45,000 feet. Not sure about Airbus. What could also be happening is a difference between physical (GPS) altitude and density altitude, which is measured based on air pressure and temperature. Density altitude is all the airplane cares about for flying purposes (including service ceiling).

Robert Alex Kibler: That plane looks so much nicer than the one I was just on. My GPS didn't work either. Did you need to be connected to WiFi so maps could update?

MOS95B: HEY!! That's over my neighborhood!! Turn that off before you wreck the plane!!! LOL!!!
In-Flight: HTC Thunderbolt GPS Tracking at 500 mph and 45,000 ft - Android Powered 5 out of 5

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In-Flight: HTC Thunderbolt GPS Tracking at 500 mph and 45,000 ft - Android Powered