Husqvarna Stihl MS361 Vs 562XP Vs 372XP Vs MS440 Chainsaw

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Husqvarna Stihl MS361 vs 562XP vs 372XP vs MS440 chainsaw
Husqvarna Stihl MS361 vs 562XP vs 372XP vs MS440 chainsaw
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Husqvarna 562XP Chainsaw
Husqvarna 562XP Chainsaw
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StihlDips45: Nothing runs like a stihl! Nice example of cutting speed.. hands down stihl wins. Just got a oilomatic chain for the ms361.. runs like a champ

Bud Geisewite: What difference does an 8 pin rim make over a 7? Faster or slower chain speed?

violablues67: I recently went to a dealer who sells husky/jonsered, sthil and ecco. I got there and a recent power outage caused problems with their computer system and the salesman was busy trying to get it up and running. So I ended up dealing with one of the mechanics. I cut 20 chords a year. Extract it from the forest by tractor. I cut from twig trees to 4ft diameter trees. Elm, maple and cherry mostly. I was looking for a 70cc chainsaw to supplement my 555 husky (which has been a great saw so far). After insuring that i wanted professional grade he steered me towards the husky section. I am familiar with the 2171, my father had one for a couple months and it was stolen. He then bought a 2163 and has had it for over 10 years and swears by it. my only experience with sthil was a farmboss that never started and ended up thrown into a field and left for dead. anyway the mechanic told me to stay away from the new 562xp and the ms 441. both have had problems and are constantly in shop or covered by warranty. the man works on all models every day and told me that the 372 /2172 is the best bang for the buck. both brand's pro saws are top of the line but when it comes to balance, usability and endurance. the model wins.

Ryan96se: Never fails. Do the Stihl owners always have to start right away with Bashing anything other than a Stihl? Kind of immature. I'm not against Stihl equipment but find some Stihl owners to be kind of "snooty" for the lack of a better term. First off let me say that I realize some of you have had a bad experience which directed you to purchasing a Sithl and I don't blame you. I would've probably done the same. On the other side of the coin, I have run in those who had a bad experience with their Stihl product and went with Husqvarna. Anyone can get a defective unit or have a bad experience. Yes we all know Stihls are good...bla..bla..bla. I think they're one hell of a saw too but for most who just need to clear their land and don't fell trees for a living my Husqvarna saw has made me very happy. Stihl / Husqvarna are the top brands most think of in saws in my neck of the woods (notice I said my neck of the woods). Now if you really want to degrade a saw then go knock the Poulan or Chinese saws. In my Opinion I think they suck but wouldn't give someone down the Rd for it if I saw them using one. Hey...whatever works for them. If they ask me what is a good saw I would then volunteer my information. Most shops in my area sell Stihl and Husqvarna equipment side by side. Talk to a Stihl owner and you will find that they feel that's a disgrace. Well maybe someone who drives a Rolls Royce feels like all of our vehicles are not worthy of pulling up next to theirs at a stop light......(and probably figure that its a disgrace to even have to stop for a traffic light) but anyway, you get my point. I have a Husqvarna 345 16" bar. Fires on 3rd pull, starts on 2nd pull. Runs like a raped date and purrs like a kitten on the ground. Bet I could go have lunch at the house come back and it would still be sitting there idling away. Will it last longer than a Stihl? Well.....I think that is relative to getting the correct model saw for what you need it for. Will an equally rated Husqvarna saw out-cut a Stihl? Depends on who has the sharper chain. Will it be as reliable with less issues down the Rd? Maybe / Maybe Not.....Most of this is influenced by care of the saw and how it is used. Husqvarna saws can very quickly start getting into the 1,500 dollar range for their long lasting durable commercial series. They do make high end saws but for my needs, my saw will last for as long as I care to use it. Ethanol is the true enemy for any carbureted small engine doesn't matter what name is on the side of it. Since 2006 I have had to rebuild my carburetor twice with fuel lines and filter and I now get Gas without Ethanol from a mom and pop place down the Rd. No more issues. Run the fuel out when I'm not using it and its reliably available the next time I need it. I think both are great saws. I am not prejudiced against either one and don't feel like I have to condemn everyone, thumb my nose up at anyone or covert those I come across who have a different saw than mine. Use what works for you and se safe

Melissa Helton: Everyone tells me stihl is more durable, then why does Husqvarna offer a 4 year warranty to stihl's 2?

Milan Novek: 372xp best saw

BIG DALE: i work for a tree lopper which uses stihl pro saws and they are constantly in the shop. maybe bad mechanics working on them but they are constantly being fixed. i have a husqvarna 365 special that i have abused terribly and it is as good as new. i didn't clean it for the fist three years i owned it, i know better now but the point is it cut through dry seasoned jarrah and white gum approx 20-25 ton a year for 8 years now and the piston and cylinder look spotless, not a scratch or scoriing anywhere. i aslo have a 3120 and 394 that i use regularly and have found them to be far more reliable than the stihl equivalent my boss uses. just my experience anyway. maybe it is the extremly hard australian wood that the stihl saw doesn't like because of the dust and poor stihl filtration setup.

STEVIE G: husky all the way

Ken Warner: been in logging for many year. everything from tree trimming to the family business logging and sawmills. Husqvarna's cant take the beating. iv had a stihl for many years without and problems. check out the big big logging companys and tree trimmers. you don't see husqvarnas on there truck.

Steven Rudd: They all are great saws!! Its the man behind the saw is what makes the saw". ,! Just a point. I've owned still.shwisdowa.husky.ecco. they all are good saws!

PERPARSON: the better chainsaw is that one wich last longer... its a known fact that stihl is more reliable and last longer than husqvarna.... speed is nothing when you need to work 8 hour per day.... 357xp maybe was weaker than 562xp but hell it was way more reliable than 562... 

Bill Chambers: Stihl's the rihl dihl! Always!

MK Tribbie: I love my 372XP - unmodded, runs forever. Easily has cut over 150 trees - beech, oak, poplar, maple, etc. over the past 10 years - some easily 20" diameter - lot of tiny ones of course. After felling many were cut trimmed into logs with same saw then split with the 20 ton splitter or various mauls. Got a tiny little 136xp about 6 years ago to do the trimming's a little big to horse around for my 57 yrs now. Only thing I've changed is the air filter. Maybe do the plug and fuel filter some day...

CJ Faulkner: 361- 36 seconds, 372- 33 seconds, 562- 36 seconds, and the 440- 30 seconds. Good comparison! Thanks! 

HORIZON8026: okay i got it ms 361 35 1/2 sec 562 33 seconds 372 36 seconds same bar and chain in the wood you decide to me its obvious the 562 cuts faster. I have a 372 xpg that seems to turn faster than the newer 372 XPs it screems and its stock with unlimited coil early 372 

János Radák: Husqvarna, Stihl plate a little mean.

niksechtniks: we use both brands and they work great they are prety damn close to each other, but us prefure the husky

renenl2: nope. :) Stihl guy here

jason fisher: I own both stihl and Husqvarna both are very good saws the stihls I think are more reliable but the huskys have better power thru the rpm. both are n my eyes the best made its kinda a ford chevy kinda thing its what works best for ford all the way

2stroketerror125: I will always be a husky guy. Way better design

brandon wilson: stihl 440 won

kimschlebaum: @ MrTaylorcraft. I think you got the 562 and the 372 swapped. The 562 did it at 33 sec and the 372 at 36. ;-) Nice comparison btw:-) Regards from Denmark

btownmxer: stihl craps on huskys

mweba1: Nope, chipper clears better in wet cotton wood. I didn't want it to be about the chain anyway. With my ported jug back on it bests the 440 by 2+ seconds.

Dechsi87: You cant compare the weight of 562 to the 362, because of the bigger bar mount the 562 has. In comparsion with the 560, the husky weights 5,6kg without cutting equipment and the 362 is 400gr heavier with 6kg. My saw runs now more than nine months without any problem. But the Husky and the Stihl are both excellent saws, it depends still to your personal preferences ;)

mweba1: Thanks Mang. I've not got to play with a BB 7900 kit yet.

WoodChukka: Hi Mitch!

mrgoodkat8567: You were a husqvarna man for years hut switched after one bad saw? Doesnt make sense. Everyone including almighty stihl puts out a lemon once in awhile. I know a fella that had a ms460 crank grenade in its 2nd week. Doesnt mean stihl sucks or that thT saw sucks. As long as you buy a pro model saw from either company, youll have a great saw. Their homeowner series stuff is hit and miss

WoodChukka: Yeap hotter than hell out. Can't wait for November. Grilling sounds good! I think we need a grilling / bbq forum over there!!!

Smudger: But saying that I am giving serious thought to the 562xp as well :)

mweba1: "Timing" meaning ignition or Times meaning in the cut? Not sure I commented on either.

rtpwyk: No full chisel? It's just cottonwood. Bleh. I think I may jis fix my air leaking 444se...

Husqvarnabestsaw: I sure love my 562, pulls a 28'' bar great.

rob066101: No the 361 is 59cc!

floriceeel: thanks for the comparison

digitalseabee2012: Hey Mitch I figured I would throw this out there since this is a saw comparison, but I wanted to know if by chance you've gotten to run or look at an Husqvarna 545 AT yet? If so could give me your personal opinion? Regardless any input would be great. Awesome video as always and thanks again.

motion2000: Great answer man:) And great vids... keep it up!

b bradhaw B: The 372 seemed like it was a lil off on the high adjustment screw.shoulda screamed through that log.

SkylineToTheSeaAndMe: So which is the best saw?

matthew barger: I have a stihl Ms 290. What can I do to hop it up? I like these smaller saws, much lighter. Would like to boost this saw

mweba1: Resting in the shop after a hard days work ;). Didn't want to embarrass the big two.

DXT61: Correction 36 seconds with 361..not 362

Spud799: 36 secs for the 362, 34secs for the 562, 37secs for the 372 and 32secs for the 441 (but the last was a incomplete cut). For me the best is the 562 XP.

mweba1: Thanks mang. It is a great saw.

TheGervarod: i have a MS251 and cuts very good on any size logs can i get a bigger bar for this saw? and your vid was good with these 4 saws.

PERPARSON: what are you talking about ???? 362 have the same 3/8 mount as the 562xp....560 xp have the small original 0.325 mount.... 562xp = 362..... when the MS 342 comes out will be the small 325 mount as the 560xp....562xp weight 5.7 and ms 362 weights 5.9kg here in europe... 562xp and 362 both will full tank of oil and fuel weights the same...

Brian Kidd: I am buying a saw this week for log building, I was wondering if you could show a short comparison between the 562, and 372 for rip cutting compaired to each other; I am just unsure if the 562 is going to have enough balls to keep workin all day compaired to the tried and trusted 372

woodyate: is the 562 husky reliable after a few years of hard work?

highsierrawoodsman: I like the 562 as well. It is a very well thought out saw. Seriously considering getting mine ported as the warranty is now up. Porting made a substantial performance improvement on my other saws. Now I'm ruined for stock saws! Good video!

ANDY MOTL: Last spring, my friend and I were cutting up large oak branches along the edges of our fields and we needed to get them cut up, loaded and out of the way before my brother got there with the tractor to work the ground for planting. His Stihl 034 was having issues and basically didn't cut a single log that day. I went and grabbed my 350 husq. And my dad has a 350 as well. We kikt ass on the oak and hauled around 25 loads up and outta there without a bit of trouble. 034 failed.
Husqvarna Stihl MS361 vs 562XP vs 372XP vs MS440 chainsaw 4.4 out of 5

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Husqvarna Stihl MS361 vs 562XP vs 372XP vs MS440 chainsaw