Husqvarna Stihl MS361 Vs 562XP Vs 372XP Vs MS440 Chainsaw

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Husqvarna Stihl MS361 vs 562XP vs 372XP vs MS440 chainsaw
Husqvarna Stihl MS361 vs 562XP vs 372XP vs MS440 chainsaw
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Husqvarna 372xp vs. 365sp. vs 562xp
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Robert Miller: The actual saw times.
Stihl 361 (0:37 sec)... Husky 562XP (0:33 sec)... Husky 372XP (0:33 sec)... Stihl MS440 (0:32 sec) (NOT FULL CUT)
Very interesting.

cash man: Great Saws!!, Great Video.!  I was impressed most by the 562xp.  It might have tied the 441 for fastest time.  The 372xp was impressive as well.  HARD TO BEAT THE XP HUSQVARNA SAWS!!!!!

Scoala Didesti: What's the max. no load rpm for a 440 with a muffler mod ? Mine has got a stock single port muffler but I enlarged the existing port to 70-80% of it's initial size.
Thanks !

dean fisher: a good combination of saws to own are these 1- 020T stihl pruning ,firewood,arborist jobs 2- 066 stihl firewood, forestry ,falling ,logging operations .3 - 090 stihl - alaskin sawmilling slabbing,big edge trees if you have all 3 of these saws you will have lots of wood believe me

Lee Lantern: I run both brands and I prefer stihl and dolmar, husky and echo just feel too plastic all great brands just a personal preference

oliverm5sc: Good job running those saws, I'd run the lightest one

Jared Asby: Huskys

Robert Warner: you bet , first one reply one my messages. put a Craigslist ad up again been hauling and cutting 3 cords a day splitting by hand n driving a ways to deliver. thanks for reply

Robert Warner: yeah I crank my saws up and have a secret I do to the exhaust to give them 12+ cc's

JACOB LOMBARA: Older pre x-torq husqvarnas will outlast a stihl any day, the are built to be beat and worked, not pampered and shined, don't really have that much of a preference, but a 562xp will spank a 361 0r 362

Andrew Hall: When your hands are all twisted up and numb from all those years of heavy chainsaw work ,you will put good antivibration at the top of the list rather than which saw is 1 to 3 seconds faster in a cut

TheJustin574: Stihl MS361 36Sec    562XP 33Sec    372XP 36Sec   MS440 30Sec

Joel Lemay: The chipper Chainz working your saws too hard too. you need a squared chisel or round ground chain.

Robert Warner: 1,000 cord a year here. Stihl no doubt I'l put end to "debate" lol race anyone with my 361 ,362 32" bar or my 660 36" bar. Raced Alot of my buddies even timed myself with all brands. equally. Stihl as to Pepsi as to Chevy as to Marlboro red as to Kodiak wintergreen. I don't post too much cause it's too easy to win. 

kleavenae: Watch it while listening to dubstep

MrBikeguy99: its funny cuz i have a ms361 and i was thinking for my next saw trying the 562xp 

emilio8381: Husqvarna rulez,the best

fireworks mad 123: Stihl are better because huskys burn out quicker because they are on higher revs and I would pick stihl over husky enny day

Matthew Jacobus: Husky's rule stihl's drool lol !!

ghostrider 115: Husqvarna chain saws are great chain saw brand
Husqvarna Stihl MS361 vs 562XP vs 372XP vs MS440 chainsaw 5 out of 5

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Husqvarna Stihl MS361 vs 562XP vs 372XP vs MS440 chainsaw