Husqvarna Stihl MS361 Vs 562XP Vs 372XP Vs MS440 Chainsaw

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Husqvarna Stihl MS361 vs 562XP vs 372XP vs MS440 chainsaw
Husqvarna Stihl MS361 vs 562XP vs 372XP vs MS440 chainsaw
Husqvarna 372xp vs. 365sp. vs 562xp
Husqvarna 372xp vs. 365sp. vs 562xp
562xp vs ms362cm both ported
562xp vs ms362cm both ported
Husqvarna 562xp VRS Stihl MS 362 Chainsaw
Husqvarna 562xp VRS Stihl MS 362 Chainsaw
Husqvarna 372xp
Husqvarna 372xp "Non X-Torq" Origional Version vs. Husqvarna 562xp

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Jared Asby: Huskys

Robert Warner: you bet , first one reply one my messages. put a Craigslist ad up again been hauling and cutting 3 cords a day splitting by hand n driving a ways to deliver. thanks for reply

Robert Warner: yeah I crank my saws up and have a secret I do to the exhaust to give them 12+ cc's

JACOB LOMBARA: Older pre x-torq husqvarnas will outlast a stihl any day, the are built to be beat and worked, not pampered and shined, don't really have that much of a preference, but a 562xp will spank a 361 0r 362

Andrew Hall: When your hands are all twisted up and numb from all those years of heavy chainsaw work ,you will put good antivibration at the top of the list rather than which saw is 1 to 3 seconds faster in a cut

TheJustin574: Stihl MS361 36Sec    562XP 33Sec    372XP 36Sec   MS440 30Sec

Joel Lemay: The chipper Chainz working your saws too hard too. you need a squared chisel or round ground chain.

Robert Warner: 1,000 cord a year here. Stihl no doubt I'l put end to "debate" lol race anyone with my 361 ,362 32" bar or my 660 36" bar. Raced Alot of my buddies even timed myself with all brands. equally. Stihl as to Pepsi as to Chevy as to Marlboro red as to Kodiak wintergreen. I don't post too much cause it's too easy to win. 

kleavenae: Watch it while listening to dubstep

MrBikeguy99: its funny cuz i have a ms361 and i was thinking for my next saw trying the 562xp 

emilio8381: Husqvarna rulez,the best

fireworks mad 123: Stihl are better because huskys burn out quicker because they are on higher revs and I would pick stihl over husky enny day

Matthew Jacobus: Husky's rule stihl's drool lol !!

ghostrider 115: Husqvarna chain saws are great chain saw brand

Jeremy Coon: Huskqys rip as far as the saws go. I have been cutting firewood for 18 years for a living in the backwoods of Oregon. I like Husqys design better, except with the pole saws I use for trimming peoples tree limbs. The Stihl had a way better design than husqy, but the husqy chainsaws just seem to be a little tighter design and easier to swing around when you are bumping knots. If you are cutting big Timber all day maybe the Stihls are better, but as Im cutting 3 cords of firewood a day alone, I like the dependability and speed of the husqy.

StihlDips45: Nothing runs like a stihl! Nice example of cutting speed.. hands down stihl wins. Just got a oilomatic chain for the ms361.. runs like a champ

Bud Geisewite: What difference does an 8 pin rim make over a 7? Faster or slower chain speed?

violablues67: I recently went to a dealer who sells husky/jonsered, sthil and ecco. I got there and a recent power outage caused problems with their computer system and the salesman was busy trying to get it up and running. So I ended up dealing with one of the mechanics. I cut 20 chords a year. Extract it from the forest by tractor. I cut from twig trees to 4ft diameter trees. Elm, maple and cherry mostly. I was looking for a 70cc chainsaw to supplement my 555 husky (which has been a great saw so far). After insuring that i wanted professional grade he steered me towards the husky section. I am familiar with the 2171, my father had one for a couple months and it was stolen. He then bought a 2163 and has had it for over 10 years and swears by it. my only experience with sthil was a farmboss that never started and ended up thrown into a field and left for dead. anyway the mechanic told me to stay away from the new 562xp and the ms 441. both have had problems and are constantly in shop or covered by warranty. the man works on all models every day and told me that the 372 /2172 is the best bang for the buck. both brand's pro saws are top of the line but when it comes to balance, usability and endurance. the model wins.

Steven Rudd: They all are great saws!! Its the man behind the saw is what makes the saw". ,! Just a point. I've owned still.shwisdowa.husky.ecco. they all are good saws!

Ryan96se: Never fails. Do the Stihl owners always have to start right away with Bashing anything other than a Stihl? Kind of immature. I'm not against Stihl equipment but find some Stihl owners to be kind of "snooty" for the lack of a better term.

First off let me say that I realize some of you have had a bad experience which directed you to purchasing a Sithl and I don't blame you. I would've probably done the same. On the other side of the coin, I have run in those who had a bad experience with their Stihl product and went with Husqvarna. Anyone can get a defective unit or have a bad experience.

Yes we all know Stihls are good...bla..bla..bla. I think they're one hell of a saw too but for most who just need to clear their land and don't fell trees for a living my Husqvarna saw has made me very happy. Stihl / Husqvarna are the top brands most think of in saws in my neck of the woods (notice I said my neck of the woods). Now if you really want to degrade a saw then go knock the Poulan or Chinese saws. In my Opinion I think they suck but wouldn't give someone down the Rd for it if I saw them using one. Hey...whatever works for them. If they ask me what is a good saw I would then volunteer my information.

Most shops in my area sell Stihl and Husqvarna equipment side by side. Talk to a Stihl owner and you will find that they feel that's a disgrace. Well maybe someone who drives a Rolls Royce feels like all of our vehicles are not worthy of pulling up next to theirs at a stop light......(and probably figure that its a disgrace to even have to stop for a traffic light) but anyway, you get my point.

I have a Husqvarna 345 16" bar. Fires on 3rd pull, starts on 2nd pull. Runs like a raped date and purrs like a kitten on the ground. Bet I could go have lunch at the house come back and it would still be sitting there idling away.

Will it last longer than a Stihl? Well.....I think that is relative to getting the correct model saw for what you need it for. Will an equally rated Husqvarna saw out-cut a Stihl? Depends on who has the sharper chain.  Will it be as reliable with less issues down the Rd? Maybe / Maybe Not.....Most of this is influenced by care of the saw and how it is used. Husqvarna saws can very quickly start getting into the 1,500 dollar range for their long lasting durable commercial series. They do make high end saws but for my needs, my saw will last for as long as I care to use it.

Ethanol is the true enemy for any carbureted small engine doesn't matter what name is on the side of it. Since 2006 I have had to rebuild my carburetor twice with fuel lines and filter and I now get Gas without Ethanol from a mom and pop place down the Rd. No more issues. Run the fuel out when I'm not using it and its reliably available the next time I need it.

I think both are great saws. I am not prejudiced against either one and don't feel like I have to condemn everyone, thumb my nose up at anyone or covert those I come across who have a different saw than mine. Use what works for you and se safe
Husqvarna Stihl MS361 vs 562XP vs 372XP vs MS440 chainsaw 5 out of 5

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Husqvarna Stihl MS361 vs 562XP vs 372XP vs MS440 chainsaw