SWTOR Datacron Locations - Hoth (Republic)

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Chris Bedee: How do you have the datacrons marked as quests?

ReasonForCrying: awsum bloopers :P

jeremy reece: Wish it was put in a better order but good guide. should kill the droid first. travel time to go back to an area you just were is just a waste .

Crysis100704: If you buy the Hydro-Thinner for 18k credits you have 2 hours to use it and then return it for a full refund. You only need it for that 1 datacron here on Hoth. Also the last datacron has changed. In the end when you take it to get it "energized" there's no pipe climbing anymore. There is a ramp added and the machine is up on top.

Sleepy Deity: @Ethomas486 The song is called Intermission, by Monty Python.

Jedi Master Smoochie: Yes you still have to fight the droid.. But if you are level 55 you can solo him with few problems.

Pazno: You can skip the first crate for the cunning one by jumping on the little bars on the back side of the stack of boxes that you wait on for the second moving crate.

viceiceman85: Why so serious?

Esqarrouth: thanks for the videos. i watch and recommend them to my guild. you guys helped a lot of people thanks

reap9r: this is derp of whocares this is herp of whocares this is jerk of whocares ...

Kimiko: I appreciate your videos as a Republic Player. You explain things well and don't have too many fillers in your sentences (like "um" "yeah" etc). Some of my pet peeves have to do with sound quality and over all speech. With that said, Kaiden and Brisi most likely have the mic too close when talking because they both "pop" (breath into the mic) or their mic sensitivity is too high. Kaiden can be soft and Brisi can be loud. Balance these out and the vid's will be even more AWESOME!! Thank you!!

derkgonewild: Just a tip for the +4 cunning datacron at 03:15 you can actualy jump up on the crates on the other side of the room instead of waiting and then waiting again and then you just have to wait to jump on the last moving crate

alexgrazie93: 09:27 my favorite part

ChaoticMayhem: Hey all great vid. I just want players to know that the Champ Droid can be soloed at 50 with ok gear. I am a Jedi Sentinel with doc as support.

schtickman09: Understand that nothing beats that balloon ride... I got on, then went afk to cook dinner, came back and I was still going... That balloon ride was ridiculous...

Wr4thz: What is the name of the music? XD It's so cool!!!

Stefaan G: still have to fight the droid?

Jedi Master Smoochie: The last datacron has changed significantly.. You still need to kill the droid to get the depleted Datacron, but you no longer need to run up any pipes at the Star of Coruscant Northern entrance.. You can run onto the platform and run towrds the other end and the energizer is there.. No Jumping on pipes involved.

Scott Clayton: Hey just wanted to say thanx for all the great step by step guides you've done...saved me loads of time. Question: How long does the frozen Datacron stay thawed for, ie, can a few people access it from one person buying the hydro thinner. That way cost could be shared! Keep it up! ;)

Eezaspanner: Keep up the good work, best datacon guide videos i have came across.

Kevin Dvorsky: Note on the first datacron... If you have artifice you do not need the flame blower!! :)

Fiona S.: Hahaha the bloopers.... lol

The Sweet Kid: @ProTrickster And its the OP's right to remove comments that are insulting. If you have a problem with that, take it up with Youtube. Keep up the good work iLLituracyT!

RecallAP: @Segast321 No in Balmorra for example there are more than 3, i think it's 5

akella26: Thank you for this video! p.s.: now developers changed the way you can get the lastt datacron - it became much easier.

Daniel Jack: Two Lvl 46 can do it XD

Ketamin Stimulantia: Bloopers...lol :D

KushlukVonShimazu: Thanks for the video comrade! I even stayed to listen to the bloopers which where pretty funny. Take care of youself and Stay Safe and Sane!

Kimiko: @ProTrickster <
D3lv3rR00tn0s3: The item you must purchase for the first datacron is refundable. You can use it and then sell it back to the vendor for the original 18,000 if you get the datacron fast enough.

DeusExMacarena: @Aaron4444444 ef·fi·ca·cy, Noun, plural -cies. - Capacity for producing a desired result or effect; effectiveness: i.e. a remedy of great efficacy. It pays to enrich your word power! :D

Zeratulr: Thanks a lot! The bloopers section was especially great!=)

Nicht Sicher: the music is damn nice love it

Ice2K7: there is now a gap at 06:12 and its a pain to jump because you will most of the time get stuck on the side of the ice. Gave up on 5th try. (stuck everytime)

Dios67: With the ancient probe once you see it, select/highlight it and stop. It will head a little ways out and stop; indefinately. If you move closer to it and stop it will move and stop also. So, if you are alone waiting on friends you can keep it from moving. Love all the datacron movies BTW, good job.

richardhalo: Seriously, Bioware way failed with these type of holocron "hunting".

Thomas Ervin: man where can i go to get this speed up music?

scajk29: More "beware, imps" than "beware, darksiders," but yeah.

Cliffhoof: awsome work on the guides Unifying force campaign.. the bloopers is great :D

ryanha2: love the bloopers

TheFireblade1000RR: LOL i love the bloopers. Nice vidz you guys make thx alot and I LOVE the music.

Naelone Maxwell: For the cunning datacron, You can actually jump on those big crates by using the half "Y" part of them, like firs jumping top of the half Y then to the crate's top. Makes some the waiting cut to half.

DeathSammich: Don't have to wait for the first crate for the Cunning datacron. You can simply run to the boxes and jump up the little indents at the ends of the crates that aren't being lifted about and set up for the second crane to jump off onto the third one from.

Eric Wool: LOL! I did your first blooper 3 times before getting it

Jeff Jameson: I noticed that when you guys fall one will run and start over while the others wait for the one who fell to get back up. A simple solution to this, is the person who fell challenges the person up high waiting to a dule and force jump back up and have your little duel. Becarfule during the dule not to fall off again your welcom. Nosmaj

CaptainSprinkles1985: The bloopers were funny. Thumbs up

Philipp Schneider: I am Sith imperial and I have been told 5 times in the Republican Hoth base with my sith it is better to really get in there easily. And why are you on the wrong side (used google translator sorry if bad translated)

Revenge of the Fallen: why do u have a quest sign on the datacrons? i dont have

Sleepy Deity: @stfuerik He doesn't have a designated spawn point. He patrols the entire area at a very fast speed, so you'll need to have a few people in a group going opposite directions to try and find him.

masterjim23: "It increases the efitcatcy of all your companions."
SWTOR Datacron Locations - Hoth (Republic) 4.8 out of 5

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SWTOR Datacron Locations - Hoth (Republic)