SWTOR Datacron Locations - Hoth (Republic)

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D MO: That freakin music though

Aaron Page: as much as saving time by speeding up seems like a good idea it's not. for this video 2 problems arise because of it. I had to find out the hard way that the jump wasn't possible without a mount (at 2:11) and the mistake you decided to warn about (at 5:55) is unavoidable if you decide to warn us AFTER we trip over it (if you're going to drop into the habit of speeding up footage use some damn annotations in these types of area)

Marek Restricted: You The old republic movies in quest for datacrone was extemly fun and I really like them, ybe perhabs could you do some more in that game?

Chief Adfp: hoth is to much trouble to do, gave up on it

talk about waste of time just get a datacron

Ray Stantz: Falling during the crate one is soooooooo irritating

Jason D. Blake: Ahahahaha people are so dumb, the ice is blocking the pipe for the last datacron but you don't need to go that way, you just need to go up the ramp to the platform now. I love how people are so observant xD

johnnytos 94: No it's very to solo droid

noicon85: never mind. I finally found it.

noicon85: I gave up looking for that probe. I even went backwards on the path to find it. nothing.

Brandon Ocfemia: i was on the correct map location for the droid with the datacron but its not there, been waiting if it will pop up

padawan007: the crate jumping thing does not wroking

Mephistin: They made this part painfully slow on purpose as to say "freak you players".
Honestly.. the devs are picks in this game...

Curtis Spencer: There is Ice on that pipe now, so I can't get up there. What is the work around for this?

Jose Ssegovia: I can't find the area you showed us, I keep hitting the edge if the map,

James Hancock: The next time you guys are stationary waiting for stuff you should dance for us! It would be great with the music lol otherwise thanks for this vid and many many more!

Rogério Macários: Man, Brisi's voice is so sexy!

lightsidemaster: I'm quite proud of myself. I found all of them except for the last one.

I spotted the last one once. But the droid with the datacron in his hands was half burried in the snow.
And I couldn't do anything. So I thought "come back during noon when the sun is highest in your time, maybe that'll do something" xD
Apparently not. Now I have no clue where the freak it is lmao

GJ LENTZ: i dont know if its mentioned but I was on 11/01/14 and no need to buy the 18,000 thinner, got the matrix shard w/out it. going to get my money back rights now lol

Chris Bedee: How do you have the datacrons marked as quests?

ReasonForCrying: awsum bloopers :P
SWTOR Datacron Locations - Hoth (Republic) 5 out of 5

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D MO: That freakin music though
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SWTOR Datacron Locations - Hoth (Republic)