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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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segaprophet: I'll stick with my Caanoo, thanks..
Alastair Scoular: i tav the dryden area, where is this trail?
TheBlueHowler: 2 coins... Reference to two bits from The Outsiders?
greatplanesman: @tecatedrag So the flywheel is unbalanced, which is what causes the vibrations??
Kpoploverthatlovestosing 123: What video are they talking about when sabrina says she wants to be that kitty crawling around them? pls someone tell me?
Aragorn Elessar: i agree it doesnt matter if its accurate its still a cool figure
Xiao Hei: Thanks. Just brought it. Ordered it from China. Do you hold it with both hands, like the handle with the right hand and the supporting pole with your left hand? My camera keeps moving left and right if I hold it with one hand. Cheers!

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