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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Drupti Glowinkowski: Looking forward to seeing the Wonderland Collection, Alice's exclusive collection for Stella & Dot will debut on October 1, 2012.
HIMAY10NENCE: Thank you
coolakiIlen007: driving like that doesnt make the biddure go up just saying.. nice one though ive got a 240D -83
Atanas Tripzter: A little tip for ya.. dont install a bov that stays open at idle on a vehicle that uses maf.. mkay? The reason why it idles like garbage is because you're getting unmetered air through the open valve at idle bypassing the MAF. The reason why Tial is fluttering is because its using way to big of a spring for the amount of boost you're running which is also the reason why its staying closed at idle. If you want a bov for your car that wont idle like crap look into the Forge dual piston valves.
Buebie: shouldnt need it charged past 2 or 3psi. I have gone through about 7 kegs and havnt had to clean the hoses yet.
EliteWarrior1026: This whole episode is one LOL moment after another! Great Job Guys!
TeamGigasGaming: Same! Till then though the hazy engines been working well!

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