DIY Pond Filter

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DIY Pond Filter
DIY Pond Filter
Koi pond box filter setup and a murky pond
Koi pond box filter setup and a murky pond
How To Make: DIY Canister Filter (Aquarium Filter)
How To Make: DIY Canister Filter (Aquarium Filter)
DIY Koi Pond Filter with Quilt Batting
DIY Koi Pond Filter with Quilt Batting

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Iris Vazquez: Great idea and simple. Thanks I tray that.

chris graz: Where do I get these floor pads ??

Roxie .Fan: Hello, Where do you buy your floor cleaning pads? Thanks!

PalJoey1957: The only thing is, with this type of bottom up water flow through the filter, you need to have an excellent pre-filter
(straining system) to avoid the heavy addition of solid materials (leaf fall, etc.) that would clog the system and require the type of filter cleaning you want to avoid.

That is why I myself prefer a top down water flow with a couple of screens built into the filter box, and then an upper layer of polyester fiber.  It's about accessability.  If needed, rinse off the screen, and replace the inexpensive polyester, which will quickly become re-populated with bacteria because you're keeping in place the under-layers of permanent media.

In this configuration you lower a 'standpipe' to within a couple of inches of the bottom and screen it off to allow free flow.  Place an elbow at the top and connect it with another pipe to the exit port.  Make this exit a couple of inches lower than the input and you are set with a filter that is 'permanent,' but can be easily cleaned in case of overload.  Remember the rule of thumb of making the exit port 2X or better the size of the input pipe.  No check valve needed.


1213amg: Thanks Mark....right now my pond is too shallow and be exact it 18" deep and 4 ft X 11 ft long.  I'm thinking make a 5 ft x 11 ft and 5 ft is this mean I'm  gonna bye a bigger pump right.  Thank you once again for quick response.

1213amg: Hi name is Seth I have a small Koi pond about 660 gals and only 18" deep....I want to know if I can rebuild the pond and the fish I have in there can be save....also I bought a UV bio filter that can takes 1200 gals per hours.  does this mean I have to build a new bio filter and a bigger water pump? thanks.

Ron Jacobsen: I am building a 5000 gal. pond and would like to build 2 - 150 gal bio filters. My question is placement of filters. Do I place them up near the water fall? Also do I plum them separately flowing into one location for falls?

rik680: Settling Tank ,,
I used this skippy filter to hold some crushed coral to buffer the ph ( did not work for me ) and also to hold some bags of activated charcoal that I use in the beginning of each season which works great due to the up lift action  . One thing for sure , you can go in many directions for koi pond application with this design   . But the one surprise that i got out of it is that it turned out to be a great settling tank . After installation my pond got crystal clear of all the floatys and murkiness  in the water and that was without bio media . Fun to build but i recommend using a bulkhead fitting then shc 40  as a return to your koi pond 

Robert Couse-Baker: Thanks.  Very informative.

klmgroupia: This reply is for 11atlantica.  For some reason I'm not able to reply directly to your questions in the comments.  First, bacteria is added into the pond body then circulated through the filter.  Second, if you're having problems with the function of the design, be sure to head over to and review the full instructions there to make sure you set everything up right. 

11atlantica: Why doesn't one "prime" the bacteria in the pond, rather than in the filter?

11atlantica: Help.  I built this. What prevents the water from pouring over the tub?
Mine worked the first time I used it to test it. The water rose to the bottom of the top pipe and stopped.  Then when I went to hide the hoses and position the pump so that the top of it couldn't be seen, then turned it all again, the water fills and pour over the top even with the lid on. What dd I do wrong?

Jon Nannen: How many GPH pump would this filter system require?

mikejessmax: Great filter, I've had a 70gal model running on my pond for 4 years. Finally cleaned it this year, just a very fine STINKY sediment in the bottom.

lanesteele240: I want a nippler. You vid is clean crisp and to the point. Great job

MrFeshamon: so what kind of bacteria do you use for your filter/pond?  what is this bacteria called?
DIY Pond Filter 5 out of 5

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DIY Pond Filter