DIY Pond Filter

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DIY Pond Filter
DIY Pond Filter
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How To Make: DIY Canister Filter (Aquarium Filter)
DIY Koi Pond filter
DIY Koi Pond filter

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Iris Vazquez: Great idea and simple. Thanks I tray that.

chris graz: Where do I get these floor pads ??

Roxie .Fan: Hello, Where do you buy your floor cleaning pads? Thanks!

1213amg: Thanks Mark....right now my pond is too shallow and be exact it 18" deep and 4 ft X 11 ft long.  I'm thinking make a 5 ft x 11 ft and 5 ft is this mean I'm  gonna bye a bigger pump right.  Thank you once again for quick response.

Ron Jacobsen: I am building a 5000 gal. pond and would like to build 2 - 150 gal bio filters. My question is placement of filters. Do I place them up near the water fall? Also do I plum them separately flowing into one location for falls?

MrFeshamon: so what kind of bacteria do you use for your filter/pond?  what is this bacteria called?

Phillphine: hello, I just finished my filter this weekend and a thought occurred to me when I noticed the water on top is kind of still. I'm considering mosquito dunks just in case, but was wondering if they might effect the beneficial bacteria I try to develop later. like if it might kill them like the mosquito larve.

also, once I got curious about this and tried to look up some info, I read that the dunks release a type of bacteria them selves. could it be the same type of bacteria? that would kind of kill two birds with one stone. thanks if you happen to know.

drtrolish: Its a good system but to me it needs actual filter media pads for mechanical filtration that can be taken out and cleaned. That would be in place of the small scrubbing pads. If you just want it to be a bio filter then why not use all bio balls, they collect less crude than those sponge pads will and keep nitrates in check better. 
Over time waste does build up in those pads and will give off more nitrates than the bacteria can handle so the filter needs to be able to be cleaned to me.

Mudcat50: I have 2 pumps, one which runs to something similar to a skippy and another that is inside a cat litter container with media, that is submerged in the water. A couple of questions.
1. What would you used to distribute the outflow from the skippy filter? It's coming out of that closet flange. How large is that? 4"? 6"? I use 1 1/4" hoses for the most part.
2. My biggest problem is keeping my pumps free of debris. I've found I can't just put an unprotected pump in the water, it has to be IN something, otherwise a curious fish will get stuck on it. Any ideas?

Mike Poamoho: mike here .. what is the process and how do u use the beneficial bacteria? 

klmgroupia: Hi can use any good general pond bacteria to prime these. On our site we suggest using the 2500 dispenser system and this comes with a 2 month supply which should get you going well. If you go to our site at Pond Algae Solutions and search for 2500 it will come up for you and you can read more about this particular product.

Phil Colby: Where does one get pond filter bacteria ?

klmgroupia: It's not really your fault Dan, utube doesn't let us put links in the comments. If the link above I mentioned didn't work right, try it was redirecting to the wrong place after we moved the blog. This is right under the video, where it says Uploaded on March 12 you should see the blog address aver the words More at...then search for skippy filter once you get to our blog.

Dan Moore: I can't seem to find the link that you are talking about the update on how to care for this filter, very interested though. Please instruct an old computer idiot on how to get there. LOL Thanks

klmgroupia: Hey Dan, good going. Now just a note here...don't be shocked if you do see green water early on. It can come and go as things get established but after a few weeks you should see things stabilize for good. Not saying you will see green water but you might. Also be sure to visit our blog (link below the video) and search on skippy there. I did an update on how to care of this filter over time and keep it working well. It's in addition to what's in the video. All the best!

Dan Moore: Bio-filter finished & after 4 days the difference in my water is wonderful. Thank you again for all your help. My pond is 3500 Gal.

klmgroupia: Hi Julius...well this particular filter and most like it usually pump water from the bottom upwards, then it spills out the hole near the top, which works kind of like a waterfall bio filter, or it can I should say. That's the only way I've used them, bottom to top.
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DIY Pond Filter