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Ambre Renee: I used Revlon frost and glow & 30 creme developer with Clairol bw2 bleaching powder
kytanokyle: After rebooting he's askin' me about a password ( i never set any pw in the installation section) and now after rebooting i've got this : Arch Linux 2.6.33-ARCH ("myname-arch32") (tty1) myname-arch32 login : What should i enter on that login if i never set any password ? btw i intsall it on PC virtual 2007 :D PS : i'm very new to this but i wanna learn any linux coz i 've got enough of windowses from Microcrap
Paul Boyer: From 8:00 the Basking Robinson should take approximately 6 hours and 33 minutes to impact your location if nothing interferes with its trajectory. Towards the beginning of the video, you got inside of it and it was going at a speed of 0.3 m/s which is a meter every 3.3(repeating) seconds. At 8:00 the ship was 7140(rounded to the nearest ten) meters away. Since it takes 3.3 seconds to travel 1 meter, we can multiply 7140 by 3.3 to get 23562 seconds. 23562 is the amount of seconds for the ship to reach your location. That time simplifies to 392.7 minutes, which simplifies to 6.545 hours. 6.545 hours is 6 hours and 33 minutes. I love the Majora's Mask reference, but as Game Theory has deduced, the Moon wouldn't have been able to do much destruction at all. I believe the same thing will be the result if Basking Robinson hits the platform. Although it's incredible mass, I don't think there would be much done to the platform.
brage olsen: Kyle Leeper was never seen again
Andrew Sloman: modding noobs. U guys suck at this game if you need a mod to get kills
Ginger Lola: Your dollhouse looks amazing, I just bought one myself off of Kijiji and it was a lot more than $5... I'm also giving a whole new makeover. Great work!
mobile-reviews: Das LG Optimus L9 II im Unboxing

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