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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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shaggy80975: Thats my car at the Hofbrahaus House , thanks for the video.
AussieMark909: @NeptuneKnives No recurve, but you're right, it does look like one in the vid. Thanks for the comment, best wishes.
Dave Bailey: I have a 2014 ninja 300 and at 100kmh I'm doing 6800 rpm (I'm 68kg) I get about 350kms to 13 litres of fuel and my worst is 310km and that was freaking hammering it through the twistie mountain stuff. And to tje guy who said he has to red line every gear to keep up with homda accords, you mist have something wrong with yours cause even v8 commodores haven't got a chance to 100kmh!
Billy Smith: That's the coolest monitor lizard I've ever seen. 
unCAGEDgamez: I had a lot of fun doing the voice overs in this episode ;)
Carlos David Ilguan Mugmal: Que sonso 
blackricky: =) made me smile

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