The Elder Scrolls: Arena (Dos Times Review)

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ColdplayMulti: Is this guy Vazz? Cause I have seen Vazz's playtrough, but this guy doesn't sound anything like Vazz.

VicariousReality7: Recently 20 years

CombineHgrunt: Well since Doom was one of the first games with such technology, each following game can be seen as a "copy" It's just, when 3D-graphics were discovered, less people want to play a Top-down 2D-game. And the decision of Bethesda to make a FP-RPG was one of the best decisions ever made, in my opinion. And ironically, now ID software, the makers of Doom, are part of Bethesda Softworks, the makers of this Doom-copy.

Katzecat1: fail graphic :-)

Zak Moller: HAHA! That M. J. Fox thing was very funny.

60jackrock: At least it has better graphics than runescape :)

slyfox37: You sound like Mitch Fatel.

TroxMacgee: this is a really good review you should make more

teentrt: @pcgheroes thx man its been while so hows life man.

c0d3m45t3r: great review

TJ5899: @MuzzyWarrior You mean minecraft looks like this? This game is 15 years old dude, this is how games looked back then

ilovecloud26: Awesome vid man! I kinda really want to play this since I'm a sucker for old rpg's like this XD

SubSurreal: Where do i get the CD Version?

dude12125: hahahaha funny stuff

HardWarUK: @WhatiSLeet unfortunately, there are many more of them than us, so it's only going to get worse! One day in the future we will need PC gaming forums and websites that you have to pay to register on, just to keep the console fans away. It's amazing how often a console owner butts into a PC forum, but you never see it the other way!

Ken Rea: Ha,Ria wet dream.

Thoreksir: @pcgheroes So where's the review then? :) You should definitely do a review of UU. IMO, it is a fantastic game with an incredible atmosphere. By the way, this was a nice review.

pcgheroes: @jfl125 You mean at 5:48? That's just one part. Arena is the only Elder Scrolls game that let's you explore all of Tamriel. So you can go to Skyrim, Morrowind, etc.

pcgheroes: Funny you mention that since that's the game I'm gonna play next.

hidrokiliak: My comp doesent have the specs to run this game :( It tells me that i need to update my graphics card :/ :P

BloodHusk: this actuley looks really fun!

teentrt: Whats the game at 7:30

pcgheroes: @GeneralNerevarine There's only voices in the cd version. The free version of the game doesn't have it since it's the floppy disk version.

CORYTDEFUNCT: @pcgheroes The CDROM version is freeware as well, but Bethesda did not put up that version, tell him to look for a program called arenasetup.

numidium3: There is actually some varied music for dungeons for people who had General MIDI. But, yeah, people who used FM Synth were stuck with that same damn dungeon music over and over. Awesome review, btw.

Psycho29388: thumbs up if you feel her pain too.

rickybogus: ;playing it through on my PSP! Train rides are a treat!!

ResurrectedTemplar: @pcgheroes So... Are they really so similar?

pcgheroes: It's from my Dos Times - Willow vid.

Cooper Darnel: So this was the first TES. After playing Skyrim 24/7 it reminds me of Minecraft lol

HardWarUK: What I like is that you did not give a score. I think that is right for games older than say 10 years. If you are going to score it, it should only be compared with it;s contemporary's. it is ludicrous to compare 1992 cRPG's with 2006 Oblivion, etc!

ethan atkins: you shoud reviwe BLOOD for the dos

Irene Arlet: Holy crap after hours of Skyrim, this looks soo weird to me. Oh this generation truly is SOO spoiled.

queenforlife96: lol that parkinsons thing was low lol

elliottmck: lol wet deam XD

Syahriz ETR: damn..i cant beleive this. My generation is so talented :)

INosfera2: I remember this game as a kid. The beginning is a stress test. You walk then find a cell, open it walk around and see the same door. Good game Good review

Riproor: Lol this reminds me of runescape only better.

W3zZy95: awesome nice review

MuzzyWarrior: the graphics look like minecraft

doomboy1969: OMG...i've got to get it....

Curtis Heisner: i made me laugh a painful note. ouch!

Kery Rodriguez: I know man how? 15 yeas!!!!! thats when almost maniac miner was out or something!

toby1282000: lol 6:34

banenation: I would love to see a review of Daggerfall from you.

teentrt: @pcgheroes ty man and its been awhile hows life?

gamezonic: looks like doom lol

Mosufo: " i feel your pain" lol lol lol lol lol lol lol !!!!

ThecAsUalGaMeR: this up to skyrim good times (i wasn'nt even born when they made this lol)
The Elder Scrolls: Arena (Dos Times Review) 4.8 out of 5

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The Elder Scrolls: Arena (Dos Times Review)