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Dog Eats a Potent Weed Cookie
Dog Eats a Potent Weed Cookie
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Dog Eats Marijuana
Dog Eats Marijuana
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The effect of eating
The effect of eating "Cookies"

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DaCamponTwee: THC is toxic for dogs. I understand it was an accident but im tired of stoners thinking they can get their pets high. Don't leave pot edibles around for your pets sake.

XxTROLLERSCARZxX Gaming: Actually sir with 0 vids and 2 sub's that must mean I'm a beast regardless, hahhahha someone's mad ♒

loreleivixen: I think animals ingesting Marijuana is somewhat harmful, impairing they're motor functions due to their small bodies. But studies have shown that dogs can be exposed to large amounts of THC without fatality. Blowing smoke in their faces however is safe, my dog loves it :)

Criss Burns: This is why medication is suppose to be put away out of the reach of children or pets. What if that was a child that ate your weed cookies? You wouldn't be laughing then you would be going to jail.

drekdwergify: Whaha i now know what cookies i need in my cookie box

MasterofPuberty: I love the concerned stoner laugh. I'm just glad all these "stoned dog" videos are accidents!

XxTROLLERSCARZxX Gaming: Excuse me nik IM a grown man with more views on one vid,then you have subs and keep thinking this is funny but when you realise your life is going down the drain you'll come crawling for help

felix da kat: wahaahahhahaha that dog is soooo stoned!!! lol

Saint Joseph: L-O-freakING-L

heidi horvat: Did this dog die? Anyone know?

Anthony Schoenkopf: Dogs can't get high since they don't have THC (chemical that gets you high) receptors in their brain like humans do

BoSHiDef: That dog is stoned. But its so funny.

AMDGamer: everyone in this video is high lol

ron lacanaria: freaking woman stop moving him around he's trying to sleep tard

dee agionis: WACK!!

Life Is Better When You Relax: Dude, leave the dog alone! Just let it be. It wants to stay in la-la land and not be handled.

Benjamin Walker: That dog is beyond medicated lmao 

andrew Vallier: Have you seen the video of the cop and wife who are brownies? Classic 911 recording


MasterofPuberty: Low batteries.

Itachi AMV: He ate chocolate dumb asses hes dying weed brownies got chocolate

Ryan Albrecht: Its exactly what i look like after weed cookies, the dogge is fine, ppl need to realize that animals have been eating pot for longer than humans have. My bunny loves weed, i feed weed to my bunny everday. My bunny whimpers when it walks cuz it has a very severe form of arthitis, but when i feed her weed, she doesnt whimper and becomes much more active and luvable, i also know that there is no cure for her conidition so making her feel comfortable is priority number one. I luv my bunny, il feed my bunny weed till it dies. 

pcking2008: just wrong! how funny would it be if he forgot to breath and died for YOUr entertainment? 

shan wow: That is so scary.... Like i'd feel bad that my dog wouldn't know how to handle what's going on and she'd get scared. 

Darth Belal: I wish SOMEBODY would mix pot with peanut butter and feed a bunch of squirrels.

Shari Key: My rescue pit was beat and forced to inhale pot smoke multiple times and I'm left to pick up the pieces and show her that the world isn't so bad. Stop getting your freaking pets high, put your crap up and grow up. Don't own an animal if you think it's all fine and dandy to get them stoned.

Teddi Bear: Da dog is dead

charly345mstlneo: be careful if she has next time lol or she gonna die by eating too much weed for her lil body

Nearisdasmarts: Lol people. Weed is a natural substance. And this is freaking funny. The dog will live. It's just alittle herb. 

Marcus Culpepper: LOL sheesh let the dog sleep. You are the worst ppl to get high around 

Rach Bou: This is crapty and Not funny! Assholes laughing! Should be put in jail!

1thruZ: somehow this video reminds me of times that i've been super drunk.

Dizaster: This is how Seth Rogen would be, if he was a dog...

Sofia Tomatis: STUPID PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!

Jessie Martin: I watched this crap high as freak and I was dying laughin at this crap but it is kinda sad though lol

XxTROLLERSCARZxX Gaming: I don't understand how this is amusing its wrong and shows how irresponseable some people ate idiots.

Miguel Rodriguez: That's some funny ass crap haha had me laughing

tray friesner: That dog is going to stay away from your cookies from now on lol.

Victor Mata: Poor dog. I think it's rare for a dog to die from pot

Kev San: I know its seems like theres should be concern, but that dog is just fine, he maybe had too much and edibles are more potent but his life isnt at rish and its new experience, a good shower to sober him and a nap will have him wake normal and hungry, it was just a new overwhelming experience

Ian Wright: What kes it funny is the guys laughing

MsRobotchicken99: weed smoke is okay but the sugar in the cookies could have killed this sad

Tristan Garwood: thc is non toxic for any living being don't listen to this dumb prick.

BeenThereDoneThat96: Dean!!!

leeleeturn: What kind of dog is that? Its incredibly cute!

BaltoMovie: THC is toxic to dogs? What the freak are you talking about? That's some stupid crap as parents telling their kids that "people food" isn't good for dogs, we don't have that radically different systems. Dogs have CB receptors too, hell everything with an evolved nervous system does. You can overstimulate these receptors by consuming too much and "green out" but there is no toxicity involved and death is impossible to be induced by its effects because there are no CB receptors in the midbrain to overstimulate

Youngraptv: i think its rong but stop shaking it and say all theese things let it the freak sleep out and just chill !!!

YG Ruben: Doggy is faded lol

Magnus Mahrad: Marijuana is freaking awesome, but wtf man THC is actually toxic for dogs, its true! well not all dogs but small ones, cause they cant handle the high

Lisa Ramin: your laugh is life changing
OMG!!!! MY DOG ATE THE WEED COOKIES!! 4.6 out of 5

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