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Hobbit: Is it really that funny? You idiotic Baffoon.....

Almac x: Camera man had be rolling

The Ossi: OMG! The poor dog!

Tyler Hechl: Bill Cosby's dog got freakED up

Vreelified: do not ever let your pet eat or consume pot, and never smoke it around them. it may be safe for humans but it is not for your pet. for cats and dogs, 3 three grams of pot per kilogram of a dog's weight is a lethal dose. pot on pets causes seizures, brain damage, coma, and death. if you still would like to smoke around your pets, go ahead, but don't act like you're surprised when your pet dies. if you honestly care about your pets, don't smoke around them, even if you don't think it can hurt them. it's better to be safe than sorry.

desertcafe: That's not funny at all. The dog is so small, what a human would consider a tiny dose could be lethal.

JAY SPLASH: my dog ate a shrooms brownie doe

Braeden breen: crying laughign

h Smith: No this is NOT funny. Shame on everyone who laughs at this & owners on this & on so many vids like it for behaving as tho this is just a hilarious moment to use for a viral youtube video. Would you laugh over a dog writhing on the floor after eating poison? This is a serious health issue & the dogs have no choice or control over what happens here. They don't know they're eating something that could potentially harm or even kill them. JFC the world is full of idiots. Yeah it probably wont kill YOU but they are dogs not people, it can be fatal to them. Just like chocolate wont kill you, but can kill a dog. Use your brains.

Carlos Najarro: Could shoot this fuker in the head!!! Annoying laugh fuker!!!

cesar lopez: dumb ass freak, should've rushed that dog to the vet, that's animal cruelty, laughing and crap, let's see if you still laugh when your kids accidentally eat them cookies, let's see if you record that crap, people sometimes are so stupid, lost all hope for humanity

TheAntoniothegreat: This is not funny! Thats an embarrassment, you should be ashamed of yourselves

The Unforgiven.702: My roomate a Chihuaha Wiener dog mix, and would get him high all the time its normal, in a couple hours the stuper will be gone.

Princeton Woods: THE DOG IS HIGH😂😂😂

Kazus: why the freak is she trying to "wake" her up, let her chill the freak out, last thing id want when im high is someone pulling me up whenever i get comfortable, freak

Tom Prendergast: Only dumbasses would find this funny..

Big Mike: bruh dog is bent lmaoo

hawkeye1835: Is that bill cosbys dog?

chronik skitzo: ---I gotta know how did little Dean wake up....

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