2005.5 Volkswagen Jetta MKV Wiring Harness Problems

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2005.5 Volkswagen Jetta MKV Wiring Harness Problems
2005.5 Volkswagen Jetta MKV Wiring Harness Problems
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2005.5 VW Jetta - Turn satellite radio into aux input
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Door problems on a Volkswagen Jetta
Door problems on a Volkswagen Jetta

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ckapone187: **************There is a class action lawsuit against VW for this problem, google it, you can get your name on the list, it's not final yet last time I checked guys.*****************Get on board, the more the better!!

Neil Tischinae: Found this video last night after the problem started. Four wires total were split. I spliced three of them with 16 gauge wire and things are working now. I don't know what the fourth wire was for, but things are working without it. It was purple.

Igor Valim: Just another bullcrap from vw . I have 2006 gti with electrical problems ve dealer has my car for the past 3 months and i receive a phone call form them saying that they cant find the problem they said that i need to get my car back cause they dont wanna try anymore very nice right ? Just keep that in mind if you thinking about gettin a VW .. 

Elizabeth Hernandez: I have a 2006 VW Jetta, I have had the car for almost 6 years and i have gone to VW so many times to get it fixed because my windows werent going down, the alarm would go off, my car didnt turn on once and it was the key they said. They have replaced so many wires from my trunk to the windows, my trunk couldnt open as well. They have fixed it so many time, the car is nice, but it has so many issues!

Pr3ssureSuit: How did the dealer show you how to get the gas tank open?

tresbelle17: My car too and I contacted vw-america and got a very condescending response.

sonriks2: Sonriks4@live.com

sonriks2: It is nation wide Christine

Pr3ssureSuit: How did the dealer show you how to get the gas tank open?

cynoclast: Dealer quoted me $420. Then when I complained and pointed out this TSB, they knocked it down to $330.

sonriks2: This happened to me too and no help or response from the manufacturer yet! Great video!

kaleb skaggs: This crap just happened to me. No recall? Wtf?

crazyness413: Great video

CainPire: Also, there is a group of lawyers in the US that is preparing a class action for this. Just send an email to sonriks4@live.com, and he will forward your email address to them. The class action in Canada against Volkswagen was a success, so I would expect them to win.

djjoep100: i need to fix my 2006 vw jetta to the wire harness

snipester71: I just had this problem today, only it happened when my driver side window was down, so now it's stuck down... How much did it cost to fix?

sonriks2: Contact Jean Pierre attorney for details on the class action lawsuit: jprbb@hotmail.com

Christine Cresmer: does this class action lawsuit include wa state

Michael Vavricka: where did you get this piece of paper from? i am looking online and unable to find this TSB article. I am having the same issue on my 2006 vw jetta.

CainPire: This causes more problems than what the TSB states. When the power is cut off from the door and you are inside, when you get out you better take the key with you. The car's auto-lock feature will not sense that the door was opened and will automatically lock you out of the car. This happened twice to my wife. I repaired it temporarily by soldering in extensions just to get by until the class action forces VW to replace them. I called and they want $600/door to replace them. I'll wait! ;-)

Melvin Alfaro: i fixed mine for only 10$....lol...same issue...

Christine Cresmer: this crap has happend to my car over the summer!!!!!

Eric Cosner: Awesome. My door lock hasn't worked in years but recently all the other problems occurred including the not being able to open the gas cap. I'm down to 10 miles left until I need gas. Thanks so much for the excellent illustration of where the problem is located and confirmation on being able to open the gas cap from the trunk.

Bengali Boi: VW's are the worst cars for electric faults! My driver side door doesn't lock, drivers side window controls don't work etc etc etc hate VW.....

sonriks2: Send me am email at sonriks4@live.com to send you the lawyer's info

CainPire: Anybody that wants to tackle the problem themselves, can use a forum instruction on how to do it. It's located on MyTurboDiesel,com. Just search for "wiring-harness-vw-jetta-repair". I just did my wife's car last night, and although it was a complete pain in the arse, it's possible. You'll want to solder in some new wire pieces rather than crimp them in. It's the only way given the small amount of space. Remove door skin too I don't know who wrote it, but if they're reading this THANKS A MILLION
2005.5 Volkswagen Jetta MKV Wiring Harness Problems 4.9 out of 5

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2005.5 Volkswagen Jetta MKV Wiring Harness Problems