2005.5 Volkswagen Jetta MKV Wiring Harness Problems

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2005.5 Volkswagen Jetta MKV Wiring Harness Problems
2005.5 Volkswagen Jetta MKV Wiring Harness Problems
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steve heimbuch: VW acknowledged this as a big problem but no recall? Mine took a crap yesterday,all problems as above, luckily only have 40,000 miles so hopefully they can compensate when I call tomorrow, those Nazi freaks!

Miguel Gil: You can put the driver side window down manually by using the key. Insert the key into the door. Turning it left twice (as if wanting to unlock the car. At the second time you turn, hold that position until the window rolls down.
This will bring down the windows of the car. Just to let the hot air inside out.

To bring it back up do the same step manually. but this time turn right as if you wanted to lock the car

John Doe: My 2006 Jetta (really a late '05) started acting ike this too.  First my driver door refuses to lock but door ajar not always showing.  Now, I open the drivers door and all the windows open.  I feel as if I have disconnected wires in there that get shorted.  This morning my battery charge was low.  Which fuses should I pull to totally cut power to that door?  Or is there enough space to disconnect the wiring harness and still be able to close the door?  I am thinking that I will have less problems if I pulled the correct fuse(s) but the cover for my fuse panel has no diagrams.

Jennifer Custeau: I feel ya.. Just got my recall letter today for this issue!

thepen1: I was having this problem, it started a week ago and I lost all connection to the drivers door. I called VW customer service who informed me they were planning an action related to the US class-action lawsuit, scheduled to be implemented in winter of 2014 and nothing could be done until then. I went into the local dealership to consult with them about a repair. The service manager called me excited because remarkably, that day he had received notification from VW that they could provide an extended warranty replacement if you meet the requirements. The requirements are as follows: 8.5 years from release date which is when the car went to a dealership or leasing agency, or 100,000 miles whichever comes first. This means that if you have a new problem, unless you have a 2006 VW Jetta you will have no coverage unless you have already paid for repairs. Effectively for almost everyone, this reimbursement only works retroactively. However, if you did pay for parts or repair's on the door wiring harness, you can recover costs. Go to my comment from a couple days ago to see the length about this issue, and or VW customer service.

My repair was not paid for because my car in-service date made my extended warranty expire in March 2014. Hope you are luckier !

SilverSpade92: In my experience you can just pull the gas tank open. I don't do this, but the locking mechanism (at least on my Jetta from 2006) is pretty lousy.

Drakewood: Last night I spliced 5 new wires in the trunk of my 2003 jetta, those fn engineers added a plastic part that forced the rubber wire sleeve to fold in the same exact spot every time you shut the trunk.
If your blowing fuse 14 on a mk4, that's the reason

Without the part, there would be no pinch
It was either very stupid, or planned obsolescence.

Neil Tischinae: Found this video last night after the problem started. Four wires total were split. I spliced three of them with 16 gauge wire and things are working now. I don't know what the fourth wire was for, but things are working without it. It was purple.

ckapone187: **************There is a class action lawsuit against VW for this problem, google it, you can get your name on the list, it's not final yet last time I checked guys.*****************Get on board, the more the better!!

Igor Valim: Just another bullcrap from vw . I have 2006 gti with electrical problems ve dealer has my car for the past 3 months and i receive a phone call form them saying that they cant find the problem they said that i need to get my car back cause they dont wanna try anymore very nice right ? Just keep that in mind if you thinking about gettin a VW .. 

CainPire: This causes more problems than what the TSB states. When the power is cut off from the door and you are inside, when you get out you better take the key with you. The car's auto-lock feature will not sense that the door was opened and will automatically lock you out of the car. This happened twice to my wife. I repaired it temporarily by soldering in extensions just to get by until the class action forces VW to replace them. I called and they want $600/door to replace them. I'll wait! ;-)

djjoep100: i need to fix my 2006 vw jetta to the wire harness

Michael Vavricka: where did you get this piece of paper from? i am looking online and unable to find this TSB article. I am having the same issue on my 2006 vw jetta.

Elizabeth Hernandez: I have a 2006 VW Jetta, I have had the car for almost 6 years and i have gone to VW so many times to get it fixed because my windows werent going down, the alarm would go off, my car didnt turn on once and it was the key they said. They have replaced so many wires from my trunk to the windows, my trunk couldnt open as well. They have fixed it so many time, the car is nice, but it has so many issues!

CainPire: Also, there is a group of lawyers in the US that is preparing a class action for this. Just send an email to sonriks4@live.com, and he will forward your email address to them. The class action in Canada against Volkswagen was a success, so I would expect them to win.

CainPire: Anybody that wants to tackle the problem themselves, can use a forum instruction on how to do it. It's located on MyTurboDiesel,com. Just search for "wiring-harness-vw-jetta-repair". I just did my wife's car last night, and although it was a complete pain in the arse, it's possible. You'll want to solder in some new wire pieces rather than crimp them in. It's the only way given the small amount of space. Remove door skin too I don't know who wrote it, but if they're reading this THANKS A MILLION

Bengali Boi: VW's are the worst cars for electric faults! My driver side door doesn't lock, drivers side window controls don't work etc etc etc hate VW.....

Eric Cosner: Awesome. My door lock hasn't worked in years but recently all the other problems occurred including the not being able to open the gas cap. I'm down to 10 miles left until I need gas. Thanks so much for the excellent illustration of where the problem is located and confirmation on being able to open the gas cap from the trunk.

Melvin Alfaro: i fixed mine for only 10$....lol...same issue...

sonriks2: It is nation wide Christine
2005.5 Volkswagen Jetta MKV Wiring Harness Problems 5 out of 5

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2005.5 Volkswagen Jetta MKV Wiring Harness Problems