Cheap Lidl Ultrasonic Cleaner Review. How To Clean Brass / Cases For Reloading Tutorial Video.

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Cheap Lidl Ultrasonic Cleaner review. How to clean brass / cases for reloading tutorial video.
Cheap Lidl Ultrasonic Cleaner review. How to clean brass / cases for reloading tutorial video.
Cleaning Brass for Reloading (Without a Tumbler)
Cleaning Brass for Reloading (Without a Tumbler)
Ultrasonic Cleaning FAIL!
Ultrasonic Cleaning FAIL!
Hornaday Lock-N-Load Sonic Case Cleaner
Hornaday Lock-N-Load Sonic Case Cleaner
Chicago Electric Ultrasonic Cleaner
Chicago Electric Ultrasonic Cleaner

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canzon 2000: I thougt you have to use the cage ?!

Graham Gibbs: Add some liquid car shampoo to final rinse to keep brass bright.Then dry.

hunttomuch wolfe: do you use baking soda to lower the PH after to stop the reaction with the brass?

Chris L: And now i get to go hunting with pink bullets... freak my life

john adams: 7.62mm? In the UK?

Jim Bod: what is the point of a "Ultrasonic Cleaner" if you have to use chemicals, no matter what they are FAIL

Nick G: Try a different solution and you'll get better results

csm: Ca I clean car parts, throttle, EGR, injectors in this? Of course, I will put the items suspeded, so they will not touch the cleaner walls!

Voha Star (Arms channel UA): What kind of liquid you use for cleaning?

Генрих Генрихович: Как заказать такую штуку в Украину, или ссылку на товар где можно заказать

boonster666: Metal cases or any metalic object should not come into direct contact with the cleaner always use the basket for parts cases etc

Deepand Dark: I have had one for 3 years I clean my scuba regs in it and Bike /Car bits. I use Citric acid and water never use the plastic insert. The water does get hot and I have no damage to the Stainless steel bowl. It cost me 25 euros. If it only lasts 3 years I will buy another one.

gavin fitzsimons: do we need to clean out bullets

Verd Gj: that thing does only have one transducer. It is never going to clean your shells adequate enough.
Besides. These cleaners are made from aluminium using vinegar is thus not wise. It will dissolve the aluminium

strake750: They don't look much cleaner to me?

Shannon Fraiser: For anyone saying they don't look (cleaner) I promise they are and your still suppose to tumble your cartridge after sonic cleaning to polish the brass because sonic cleaners will not do that lol 

binkyboobosh1: Cheap tanks like this are a bit of fun, but a) they won't shift stubborn dirt and b) they won't last very long. They are a good introduction to US cleaning and may prompt you to buy a better tank in the £300 price range which will really do the job.

AKAtheA: That basket is there for a reason, leaving things in direct contact with the pan will significantly decrease the lifespan of the ultrasonic emitter...

hortenIX:  1 cup hot water, 1/4 cup vinegar, 1 tea spoon fairy, 1 tea spoon salt..
Cheap Lidl Ultrasonic Cleaner review. How to clean brass / cases for reloading tutorial video. 5 out of 5

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Cheap Lidl Ultrasonic Cleaner review. How to clean brass / cases for reloading tutorial video.