Cheap Lidl Ultrasonic Cleaner Review. How To Clean Brass / Cases For Reloading Tutorial Video.

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Cheap Lidl Ultrasonic Cleaner review. How to clean brass / cases for reloading tutorial video.
Cheap Lidl Ultrasonic Cleaner review. How to clean brass / cases for reloading tutorial video.
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Nevin Williams: I seldom see clips that show a degassing period after the solution is added to the unit. Submerged air bubbles that form in liquids after they're poured act as shock absorbers to the ultrasonic waves, keeping their energy from cleansing. Adding the solution, stirring, then running the unit's ultrasound for a few minutes (usually documented) will get rid of the air bubbles. When putting the shells in, its important to take care not to have air bubbles inside them, either. To really see what the ultrasound unit is doing, let a shell soak in the solution in a separate container. I know the vinegar is responsible for most of the brightening and tarnish removal ultrasound or no.

AKAtheA: That basket is there for a reason, leaving things in direct contact with the pan will significantly decrease the lifespan of the ultrasonic emitter...

John Ras: 1 qt water- to 1 cup vinegar - 1 tbls salt -1 tbls dish soap,dawn work well 

marcelo oberauer: Anothel chinesse ploduct ;)

covoniasweetpea: does this cleaner heat the water aswell

65BigNorm: Hi. Thanks for the vid will try it with vinegar. So far found that the thing hasn't done too much with just dishwasher or washing-up liquid so will try that first. If that soesn't work I'll go for a final solution of red diesel or kerosene before it goes in the bin. By the way what music was that on your vid?

hortenIX: 1 cup hot water, 1/4 cup vinegar, 1 tea spoon fairy, 1 tea spoon salt..

John Ras: That's too much vinegar! 

binkyboobosh1: Cheap tanks like this are a bit of fun, but a) they won't shift stubborn dirt and b) they won't last very long. They are a good introduction to US cleaning and may prompt you to buy a better tank in the £300 price range which will really do the job.

John Ras: Thanks for the video! 

Simon Scerri: Without the basket you can damage the tank, will get alot of scratches I suppose!!!

OH cornplanter: I will have to try without the basket next time. I had not heard that using the strainer basket causes loss in performance. Thanks for the tip.

OH cornplanter: I use a vinegar, distilled water, and few drops of dish soap for a few cycles then follow up with distilled water and baking soda to neutralize. My brass tarnishes almost immediately if I skip the last step. 15-20 minutes in a tumbler when dry really helps shine the outsides if super-shiny brass is wanted. Nothing beats how the sonic cleaners work on insides and primer pockets though.

museack: Like already mentioned, baking soda is to stop acidic action of vinegar. Acid will attack copper in the brass alloy & weaken it.

Armeria GB Verrina: Silvercrest instructions state that the plastic basket actually absorb 1/3 of the device's power, yet it's safe to use it without the basket.

RoeStalker: It is good to know. I should have read the instructions :-)

tom smyth: Epic fail they don't look any cleaner lol

RoeStalker: Thanks for that info and glad you like the site and vids.

scottishbadboytracks: You cant go wrong for £20 got to love Lidl for a wee bargin now and then

RoeStalker: Yes

LKDesign: As far as I know you should not put the objects directly onto the emitter but in the included basket as the waves can damage the machine if not travelling a certain distance.

521Bobcat: I Just rub sand into it. It works just as good.

rfuret: Hi, I use food grade citric acid (a tea spoon for 2 L of water ) in conjunction with ordinary dishes hand-soap (a few drops)and hot water for 20min in a ultrasonic cleaner and I get very good results. Just rinse in clean water to stop the effect of the citric acid.

WildAndLiving: no baking soda to nuterie the acid so it doesnt turn green

agung automall: naon busi motor teh ? sparkplug meureun !!

WildAndLiving: @gregloginway vinger is an acid and to netrulize it water and baking soda does that

tetrahydrofuran: Do you need to neutralize the acid by rinsing the brass with a bicarbonate solution? My cases developed a slight tarnish after having been cleaned with vinegar / water solution in an ultrasonic bath.

Matt Simpson: According to the instructions if you use the basket it reduces the cleaning by 30%, so its actually better putting it straight onto the emitter.

balisticsquirel: You. Make. Me. Sad. Very first thing, you take OUT the plastic basket that's there to raise the dirty items into the optimal spot in the liquid for better washing, and to prolong the life of the machine since there ideally shouldn't be anything touching the stainless tub.

deegz01: would this thing clean up brass door fittings? handles and barrel bolts?

Armeria GB Verrina: Excellent mate. I've got a Lidl ultrasonic cleaner just like yours and I was looking for a cheap way to clean my 300 Blk brass. thank you!

RoeStalker: It still works so I will continue without the basket as it looks like it works faster without it and I can squeeze more cases in :-)

Kevin White: Items in contact with the ultrasonic can cause the container to degrade and you will eventually get pin holes in the bowl. I used an ultra sonic cleaner when I used to service scuba regulators. But at £20 you can afford to replace the whole thing. I paid over £200 for my first Ultrasound 20 years ago. Great website and Youtube channel BTW

Andrea Bray: how may brass can you clean in one time?

RoeStalker: I cant remember much from my chemistry lessons in school, but I am guessing baking soda is a base that neutralize acid, but so is soap. My brass never turned green as people say it would with vinegar only. What proportion baking soda to vinegar should it be? Thanks, Greg

nanang firdausil: are vinegar can clean an busi motor..........? can you explain. thanks

RoeStalker: Sorry I dont know that

RoeStalker: I squeezed in 20 .308 cases. You can fit a bit more without plastic basket.

iang674: Where is the OTHER end of em lol

RoeStalker: Glad you enjoyed the video

RoeStalker: I do, but not always and never noticed any difference.

RoeStalker: @WildAndLiving I'll try baking soda, but they never turned green... because of soap? Thanks for commenting

RoeStalker: No problem!

RoeStalker: Dont be sad :-D From my experience cases clean faster without the basket and I can squeeze more in. For £25 I can afford another cleaner if that one brakes, but is still going strong.

ballyharman: Great vid, thnx

RoeStalker: I have not used it for a while but now have heaps on dirty brass to be cleaned... I only soaked clean brass in water with baking soda not actually run the cleaner.

harrybert doener: I just figured out mine is broken. So what I can do is to put it on top of the washing machine to give it a little shake =)
Cheap Lidl Ultrasonic Cleaner review. How to clean brass / cases for reloading tutorial video. 4.4 out of 5

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Cheap Lidl Ultrasonic Cleaner review. How to clean brass / cases for reloading tutorial video.