Loom Knit: How To Change Colors

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LoveThatPhantom: I'm trying to do a Superman baby blanket for a co worker of mine. Is it possible to change the colors in the middle of the row? rather than just at the beginning of one? I tried a way earlier. But the colors didn't connect to each other. I had big holes between my black and blue yarn (and red and yellow), etc. Is there a way? And I'm using the KB Super Aghan Loom to do this.

jaquintabooker booker: So can you do e wrap on afghan loom to make a loom ??

WarisitaBoricua: Hi. Is this the 1\2 gauge loom?

GoodKnitKisses: No it doesn't do that but CinDwood Crafts makes a dual one

Peggy Farrell: I have the DA loom and was wondering what pegs you skip to use it as a "rake" knitting across like a double knit? thanks

Peggy Farrell: I have the DA loom. I noticed that you have skipped some pegs. I also noticed that in some videos of the Serenity loom, they mark and skip some pegs. Do I have to do this with the DA loom if I use it for a rake loom? Thanks. I am disabled and have to sit around a lot so I want to knit baby blankets for charity, and keep myself busy and productive.

Felesha Sterling: I also use a empty pen, take out the ink and use that for your guide so much faster!

GoodKnitKisses: CinDWoodcrafts website has S looms. Check out my review on her Universal S loom. This one is not made any more

Deborah James: I am new to loom knitting. Trying to find the s shaped loom that you use and haven't found it yet. Please help. I want to make an afghan. Thanks. jameds0956@yahoo.com

SCARtacular: What a cool loom! I have to get one.

GoodKnitKisses: @collington22 it's called Buddy from iMovie. With my last tutorial I decided to make a change on my music so these old videos you'll hear that tune. But I'm gonna be using a new one starting with my last video making a Cowl. I recently found out that my old tune was associated with a bad song. Even know it came out after the jingle was originally written years before.

collington22: Hi what was the music at the start of your video ?

GoodKnitKisses: @BlissfullyAnnoyed It should hold it's shape and could get smaller with light blocking or washing. You might try a bulkier yarn or hold two strands together as one. if you want the colors to match up you may have to open two skeins and cut one to the same color start point as the other so the color changes are even.

GoodKnitKisses: @74suzyb you can count the wires between the pegs as you go down to see how many rows you have. but if you are talking about stitches, the pegs are how many stitches wide you have. Does that help? I'm not sure if that is what you are asking.

GoodKnitKisses: @christina1160 seven times IS enough! I hope it all worked out okay :-)

christina1160: Thanks,Kristen. I am about to change colors and I am going to try the tying one. I have also made a mistake as I didn't do the slip knot on the first stitch. I just wrapped the yarn around and took off. I hope it doesn't make a big difference as I refuse to tear it all out again. Seven times is enough! :o)

GoodKnitKisses: @christina1160 Check out this video at minute 1:02 for a different changing technique Part 2: Banded Beanie with Decreased Crown . just search that name in my videos since YouTube won't let me link to a video.

christina1160: Kristen: I know this is going to sound lame,but could you show the " cutting and surgeons knot" way of changing colors? I have been changing colors like you and Mikey show but it just doesn't look quite as neat to me. I know it is my inexperience showing but I would really like to see how it is done by cutting and tying off. Thank you in advance. :o)

GoodKnitKisses: @tarwh1976 Hi! The infinity II loom I have is the plastic version and only comes regular gauge. I'd like a smaller one as well though or at least a hat or sock loom, which i don't have YET. This one is great though is affordable. i really love it.

tarwh1976: Hey Kristen! Great tutorials you've made. I'm looking at ordering the DA Infinity Loom rake and am just wondering which gauge of loom you are using as they have extra small and regular gauges to choose from. Thanks. ~Tara
Loom Knit: How to Change Colors 5 out of 5

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Loom Knit: How to Change Colors