Ultralight Backpacking Tents

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Ultralight Backpacking Tents
Ultralight Backpacking Tents
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upupaepops: Hoping that John Smith gets the reply (another issue of Google+ settings blocking replies).    Great question John.  I've seen a few vendors give some specs on snow load capacity, but it's very hard to come up with metrics for wind load.  Most of the time I've just seen comments from reviewers for things like "had a big storm and the tent held up well", etc.  In any case, I think that most quality tents have good to excellent pole materials and, when staked out properly, show great ability to shed wind.  I think the driving rain is more of an issue.  There a two things I'd look for if I knew I was potentially going to be in a wind-blown, driving rain environment.   First, I'd probably pick a tent that has it's shell (body) with more silnylon material and less mesh.  I'd also pick a tent that had a rainfly that completely covers the tent, in essence, a true "double wall" tent.  Second, I'd look at the waterproof coating specifications if the vendor provides it.  It's usually given in mm, such as "a 1200mm polyurethane coating".  Cascade Designs has a great article explaining tent waterproofing methods (I'll post the link at the end of this note).  Lastly, you can always add additional waterproofing to your tent via spray-on or paint-on products.   http://bit.ly/1DRU3GY

upupaepops: Reply to John Smith's comment below.. NOTE:  If you make a comment to a video via Google+, and you have your privacy settings set to not allow comments/replies, the ability to reply here on Youtube is blocked.  Known issue and a pain with Google+.

John Smith: How about some thoughts on ability to withstand winds? I'm in NH, the wind is serious business in the White Mountains. Wind driven rain on any night any time of the year!

aaron perkins: I absolutely LOVE my Big Agnes UL2. It packs so small that it's almost ridiculous. I use it to fill in my pack around my Jetfoil MiniMO, my food, and "dead space" in my Osprey packs. My Sharpshire is also great.

ad set: Great review, please do more! Thanks!

Molon Labe: Too expensive.

Pointless Traveler: Check out my Ultra Lightweight Minimalist Tent; 1.25 0z. per 1/2 yard Cuben; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8p1Zix2PZw

Intrepido: Thanks for the informative vid!...vegetable? is that any like vestibule (ves-ti-bule)? 

Jesse C: Hubba, hubba... 

The Adventure Biker: Great review! I know that Walmart's Ozark Trail brand tents don't compare to yours but what do you honestly think of them? I was just given a 2 person Ozark Trail Jr. size dome tent that measures 6x5x3ft high. It weighs 2lbs 15oz packed and packs pretty compact, which is important to me since I'll be carrying it on my mountain bike. I haven't used it yet but it seems that it will suit my needs ok. Just wanted your thoughts on the brand since you seem to have a lot of experience with high end lightweight tents. 

Joe Tipps: 4 years later, have you added any tents to your stable? Which one is still your fav and which has fallen from grace?

BornToBunk: We really liked your video!!

GC Adventure Gear: Nice job on the review - just found your channel.  May not be price compatible with the average Joe's budget, but then you get what you pay for - well done.

Wyatt F: Just looked at the prices I literally laughed for about 2 minutes!

Joseph Allen: Willing to sell the MSR Hubba hubba?

NoGuyComesClose: Awesome! 

upupaepops: Yes, and that's my primary gripe about the vast majority of these "seed" style tents, which MANY vendors have adopted. If you don't open that fly all the way up (especially the top third), you can avoid most of the "raining in" issue, but still a challenge. I'll be doing another ultralight tent video very soon, which will include the TarpTent Double Rainbow, with some unique vestibules.

Al Barkley: in regards to the Fly Creek.. Does the door in the fly open up OVER the floor of the inner tent? It looks like opening the fly in a downpour (if you gotta piss you gotta piss!) would let a lot of rainwater into the tub of the tent rather than just onto the ground in the vestibule area but it may just be an awkward angle in the video.. I've found this to be an annoying design flaw in a number of ultralight tents.. I'm still a fan of Henry Shires TarpTents but I like considering other options..

SageAndOnions: Sweet as, Ill have a look for reviews about that one then...cheers for the info
Ultralight Backpacking Tents 5 out of 5

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