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anaxadora melodrama: your videos best

rick grimes: I though a ghost load was when you nut so much that eventually you'll have a nut where no cum cone out

N o 9 BASK: Great video and great explanation on the ghost load. Thanks man. I love my Mossberg SPX 930 tactical.

MrParkinthedark: Well done sir!

Бродяга1974 G: all clearly. thanks to the author

704 TACTICAL: Nice I will have try that. I just did a video with my 930

NikeBird57: One more round could mean one more duck!

Douglas Fenton: Hello; just curious about what brand ammo belt do you have? and more importantly do you like it? I'm thinking about getting one for myself. thanks

Mark Wadsworth: I should have my JM pro in this week.

TUBEBOO55: All that for one more shell. No...

Jeff Pederson: I've got a Mossberg 930 Home Security model I put a +2 Choate mag extension on and it works perfect with mine.  I tested it three times with #7 bird shot as fast as I could shoot and all three times it worked, it was a lot of fun  :)

lolley1100: Works great with my mossberg 500

dave mccarthy: This works in the 935 as well (mine anyways).

HardcoreFourSix: can you do the "select-slug" drill with the 930?

RobertPaulDoran: Would this work with a 590 pump also?

Haze5moke: 401 may stand for us rangers 401 pathfinders

Nicole Kotlyarov: Was it actually snowing?

boerboel313: I dropped a float load in the commode this morning.

rgsbghg4r: what does 401401 mean?

CK_32: I didn't know baby gap sold adult T-shirts ;-)
GHOST LOAD (MOSSBERG 930) 5 out of 5

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anaxadora melodrama: your videos best
Philip Hughes: It is also great for moon shots where the slightest vibration will keep you from getting a sharp picture.
Omar Jimenez Jaralillo: Bro crees que funcione en un LG Zero para hacerle un downgrade
Rockin' with Zombieman20005: How does he record his screen for pc?
EngCivil UFPE: it's really good!
Syphax kabyle: Gta san andreas sa marche pas sa marque : Download failed because you may not have purchased this app. Pouvez-vous m'aidez ?? SVP !
Roger Martínez: Super, me funcionó!