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Mossberg 930 loading for home defence
Mossberg 930 loading for home defence
Blazing Guns Club MOSSBERG 930 MAG DUMP
Blazing Guns Club MOSSBERG 930 MAG DUMP
Ich könnt Kotzen. Kein Review zum SPX-8 und ne Frage
Ich könnt Kotzen. Kein Review zum SPX-8 und ne Frage
930 JM Rapid Fire...Matrix Style!!!
930 JM Rapid Fire...Matrix Style!!!

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MrParkinthedark: Well done sir!

Бродяга1974 G: all clearly. thanks to the author

704 TACTICAL: Nice I will have try that. I just did a video with my 930

AGOOGLE USER: Thanks. I never knew how this was done.

NikeBird57: One more round could mean one more duck!

Douglas Fenton: Hello; just curious about what brand ammo belt do you have? and more importantly do you like it? I'm thinking about getting one for myself. thanks

smorris584: It works in my 930 watchdog... thanks

RobertPaulDoran: Would this work with a 590 pump also?

Haze5moke: 401 may stand for us rangers 401 pathfinders

kick3r33: My mossberg 930 jams a lot with low brass loads. Does yours?

Nicole Kotlyarov: Was it actually snowing?

boerboel313: I dropped a float load in the commode this morning.

chaopz: what does 401401 mean?

NoOneImportant556: I didn't know baby gap sold adult T-shirts ;-)

smokehash707: bad ass in the rain

WhatHavU: Ontario, not ontaro..

WhatHavU: Ed11561, i just picked up my Mossberg 930 from the gun shop.. they had 1more in stock... Idk if u can purchase it from them and have it shipped ur way... Its the Turners Outdoorsman located in Rancho Cucamonga/Ontaro, California..... Price out the door was $851

gumballbmx: California is the same. Leads me to believe that some states disrupts the flow of firearms into the state.

WhatHavU: saturday is my pickup day.. cant wait.. total out the door was $858.. i just recently fell in love with shotguns.. my first shotgun was a couple months ago in december i bought me a Hatsan Escort MPA semi auto 12gauge for $483, out the door from Big 5 Sporting Goods.. its only a 5+1 magazine tube, its a great shotgun, but i just had to have me a Mossberg..

WhatHavU: SoCal.. San Bernardino county.. got mine from turners outdoorsman,, left a deposit with them, they said it would be 2-8 weeks, .. it took less than a months.. a gun shop near my house had 1 for sale, but it was $100 more.. theyre named CalArms in Ontario, California..
GHOST LOAD (MOSSBERG 930) 5 out of 5

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