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Ich könnt Kotzen. Kein Review zum SPX-8 und ne Frage
Ich könnt Kotzen. Kein Review zum SPX-8 und ne Frage
Ring Load time test
Ring Load time test
How to make a lego shotgun and M4
How to make a lego shotgun and M4

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MrParkinthedark: Well done sir!

Бродяга1974 G: all clearly. thanks to the author

704 TACTICAL: Nice I will have try that. I just did a video with my 930

NikeBird57: One more round could mean one more duck!

Douglas Fenton: Hello; just curious about what brand ammo belt do you have? and more importantly do you like it? I'm thinking about getting one for myself. thanks

Mark Wadsworth: I should have my JM pro in this week.

TUBEBOO55: All that for one more shell. No...

Jeff Pederson: I've got a Mossberg 930 Home Security model I put a +2 Choate mag extension on and it works perfect with mine.  I tested it three times with #7 bird shot as fast as I could shoot and all three times it worked, it was a lot of fun  :)

lolley1100: Works great with my mossberg 500

dave mccarthy: This works in the 935 as well (mine anyways).

HardcoreFourSix: can you do the "select-slug" drill with the 930?

RobertPaulDoran: Would this work with a 590 pump also?

Haze5moke: 401 may stand for us rangers 401 pathfinders

kick3r33: My mossberg 930 jams a lot with low brass loads. Does yours?

Nicole Kotlyarov: Was it actually snowing?

boerboel313: I dropped a float load in the commode this morning.

chaopz: what does 401401 mean?

NoOneImportant556: I didn't know baby gap sold adult T-shirts ;-)

smokehash707: bad ass in the rain

WhatHavU: Ontario, not ontaro..
GHOST LOAD (MOSSBERG 930) 5 out of 5

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bhargavi yn: this is a remake movie from Bollywood movie OMG (O My God)
Paky: che gomme monti?
Carib Spice: I like how you did this using no comb etc. I would secure with some pins though. It is simple yet gorgeous.
Puresox333: How do you navigate in this game? Dont understand the Sword Positioning at the bottom of the screen
David Scott: Seems great...but hard as hell, if not impossible to get the nitrogen cartridges in non-US locations (maybe europe). You can't fly with these filled up, and it's hard to find a place to get nitrogen to refill.   IE:  Japan - it is impossible to (i) buy these nitrogen canisters filled or (ii) refill empty ones.  Right now, compressed air systems (BCA, Snowpulse, Mammot), while might not inflate as quickly, are much easier to get a hold of - which means people will likely use the backpacks more often - which is the whole point.  Until ABS gets their nitrogen gas distribution systems in place globally, their products will be a prime example of great innovation but terrible execution - while their products are great, they are impractical, if not impossible to use in everyday life.