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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Dylan Crowie: Suarez at cm looks weirder than you when you shave
cameron williams: How much would a custom knife from Alan colts cost
Ernesto Resendiz: thank i dude ;)
John Xiong: 4 years ago and there he goes mentioning ebola... John Green, you sir, is a part of the illuminati. 
Heather Nelson: I wish I could give you a million thumbs up for this video. I have wasted so much time watching inaccurate APA formatting in Word tutorials and SO appreciate finally finding an accurate one.
Zeden Netenroy: j'aime ton accent français =)
Illyrian: @builidza Bark Serbian dog, bark. Your desperation speaks volumes. Truth hurts, i know. Your fascist propaganda wil not work anymore, as now everyone knows what animals Serbs are. You are the scum of the Balkans and Europe. You are not even Europeans,since you are from the Karpates (mountains in Russa). You invaded the Balkans in the 6th century where you terrorised and murdered the autochtonous people of the region: the Illyrians, the ancesters of the Albanians. But one day, youll be finished!

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