Haribo Commercial

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ArtyAndrea Macleod: Then came the sugar free gummie bears 

Diane Corso: It's definitely creepy if you're a fan of the series "Firefly" and its film, "Serenity" -- It's eerily similar to the Fruity Oaty Bar Commercial which is used to trigger the girl River into kill mode. The Fruity Oaty Bar commercial vid is here on You Tube somewhere, lol.

J. K. L.: I hate the american kind.

NyFin3st11: 0:28 its just creepy how the little girl is standing there like =D...not moving

Emilee Harris: How HARD IS IT to create a jingle which we can all understand?! WHAT? ARE? YOU SINGING?! So annoying. Just stop advertising all together please. People are going to or not going to buy your candy, your craptastic song isn't helping anything.

Shirlaana Coleman: why is it so hard to understand the black girl -_- she's not saying much so its real easy understanding what she is saying "How big!" "Lemon" "We cant drive" real simple

nik sharp: This commercial is so late 80's early 90's. Right??

Kevin Brachel: am i the only one who wants to punch that kid in the suit.. . 

ultimatekillr: its not just a little girl any more shes possessed

zack stars: The worst gummy beat i have ever tasted ever 

ana diamond: Anyone know the name of this song??? And why do I feel like its so freakin creepy Haunting song...

larrybob141: This commercial pisses me off. 

ultimatekillr: or she did a freak ton of crack

john hancock: Black Forrest are chewer and more fruity

ana diamond: Anyone know the name of this song??? And why do I feel like its so freakin creepy Haunting song...

Ryan Draybuck: Sooo cringey

Reily Parker: does the black chick say "lemon" or "blue mint"? she is just so hard to understand

Destinee scott: Like the little song at the end

Ricky Montoya: Happy hoe happy hoe or is it only me ? 

angellena strissel: what is the black girl saying

Tyler Laurette: Anybody know who the smoking hot milf is? So fineee.♡


Bianca McCormick: Should I feel offended why is the little black girl the assistance why does she only get one line and how come there only one black person in it and why does the boy get to be in charge but no offense this is messed up I mean these shows have to start putting more black people in it cause in every show there's one black person who ends up dying first it's messed up to me 

Jay DiNitto: Thank God there's a female and a black person in this commercial. I mean, I'm super relieved.

Lala Loopsies: Can somebody tell me the name of the little black girl? She reminds me of Skai Jackson 

William Walz: stop giving everyone the crap's please i can't take it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haribo Commercial 4.3 out of 5

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Haribo Commercial