Haribo Commercial

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Destinee Scott: Like the little song at the end

Emilee Harris: How HARD IS IT to create a jingle which we can all understand?! WHAT? ARE? YOU SINGING?! So annoying. Just stop advertising all together please. People are going to or not going to buy your candy, your craptastic song isn't helping anything.

larrybob141: This commercial pisses me off. 

Jay DiNitto: Thank God there's a female and a black person in this commercial. I mean, I'm super relieved.

angellena strissel: what is the black girl saying


Tyler Laurette: Anybody know who the smoking hot milf is? So fineee.♡

Shirlaana Coleman: why is it so hard to understand the black girl -_- she's not saying much so its real easy understanding what she is saying "How big!" "Lemon" "We cant drive" real simple

Ricky Montoya: Happy hoe happy hoe or is it only me ? 

Reily Parker: does the black chick say "lemon" or "blue mint"? she is just so hard to understand

Lala Loopsies: Can somebody tell me the name of the little black girl? She reminds me of Skai Jackson 

Bianca McCormick: Should I feel offended why is the little black girl the assistance why does she only get one line and how come there only one black person in it and why does the boy get to be in charge but no offense this is messed up I mean these shows have to start putting more black people in it cause in every show there's one black person who ends up dying first it's messed up to me 

William Walz: stop giving everyone the crap's please i can't take it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shelley russell: What the fick does that black girl say

psford1: 0:14 Blue nigga? That's a flavor?

taylor: The black girl name is L.Ayla

The Best: lol this sounds so wrong 0:15 0:09 0:20


Tony Cuda: I don't know why but when i hear this jingle, it reminds me of the jingle from Halloween 3.

BenBarrett1: The closed captioning is priceless! "Searching for someone to Houston!" "This young woman or kamini." "Passion on can raise the rent reverse income." "Reminding McCain calendar the word." "Parenting." "Damaged camp and bite New Jersey and needs an animal and..." Gotta love auto-caption!

Allaiyah Weyn: An adult-like child who owns his own candy company? Good lord, he's Ciel Phantomhive!

notsosuper12: RIGHT!?!?!? i don't understand!!

Brad Price: I kept thinking this commercial was old and the black girl was Rudy from The Cosby Show.

TailsProwerYoshiGirl: omg i loved that funny commercial! :)

josue herrera: All hands in pickle

lilly mooncake: they didnt put grape and more good tastes

galliumguy74: Best gummy bears out there.

MsLockerLuver: thats awesome :)

Tay Mack: Does the little black girl say "lemon" or "blue mint"??

eaglesfan619: You also misspelled "misspelled".

freddystubbs3001: Both of these girls are wearing pantyhose and their legs look awesome even though they are youngans. The tall girl with the gummy bears in her hand and the grey business suit has the better legs though. Just look at them in the tan pantyhose.

Gumball Engine: "lemon"

__baybolaa ': yhuu nastyy

Frank Francis: creepiest commercial jingle ever

Jennie King: Why does that girl love red rasberry so much?! =-=

Frank Francis: I call bullcrap

laserbeak1984: no one hears the mom she said "mister c.e. o needs a m.o.n"

StupidDrew9: urgh. Hate the jingle.

Ilovevedios44: Are you kidding me? I love the Jingle! xDD

moabrob: Can anybody understand the words to the jingle? It's terrible!

GroverKent: I just found out the girl on the right (carrying the bag) is the girl who voiced Dora the Explorer.

Joe Camarillo: The girl in the suit comes out in the new AT&T commercial, lol.

alMCminer: 0:28 rape face :3

Emily Anne: Laila Pruitt went to AMTC the same time as me! Also the jingle says: Kids and grown-ups love it so - the happy world of Haribo"

taylor: I know her


Cheryl Barrett: I love this commercial,,, Not to mention that my daughter is in it!

KPOPLuverXD: that dude goes to my school.. o.o

Jaimezer: Cole Phelps as a kid.

john hancock: Black Forrest are chewier and more fruitier
Haribo Commercial 4.3 out of 5

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TheInfernityZero: I think that the main reason they didn't have Maya come back just yet is because she'd either steal the spotlight from Athena and Apollo or they had no idea what she would look like after eight years.
IncreasethePeace9: This is an awesome video! You guys had some fun! :D 
EV1LDRAG0N: lol me sigo cagando de la risa con este video xD
ReelE4: I like websites :)

Haribo Commercial