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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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florian clasen: Geil wo ist das ? :) 
Kerstin Schäfer: Der Fernseher ist einfach der Hammer ;)
Siti Zuraina Ramlan: Can you lower ur voice?? Its too loud. No offence but it is too loud...
TheMinato707: He looks like Freddie from I Carly like dead on 
MexicanoPorSiempre: Here is a question, a have a pair of radios like the one in the video, can I add more radios to work together ?, thanks for your help.
BlueLuke100: he i kim a aus tirol. wo setz es denn genau in tirol und wia olt muas ma sei um bei eich dazua zu gea.
T-wizzle M: I agree with Howi Z, this video doesn't prove anything as far as the exhaust goes. Swap exhaust, swap riders, and most importantly show proof on dyno sheet 

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