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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Espen “OsloGamer” Bakke: Thanks for the guide,mr gester. :) Always wanted to have a house underwater with view,without water leaking in,and now I know some basics. Also thanks for the tourch-tips to extend oxygen-level; never knew that one. ^^
EffectiveKill: I want that song!
shurnleet: lets go, only dislikes!!!!!!!!!!
Kuro U. Rossa: It's the same for all careers too. Sports,Comics,Game Deesing,Music,Business,and etc etc. We live in a world of competition. We have to get in line...sucks but it is what it is.
emanuela ilie: Love it
Milco Philips: What a extremely nice video and music.
Enjoyed it!

Suspiro del Moro: OCC makes a Lip Tar Primer that's supposed to alleviate the dryness issue and refresh the Lip Tar during the day if you start to feel dry.  I have Sebastian and another one, I forget which, plus the primer, en route, so I'll report back re: whether it works, because I hate, hate, hate it when my lips get dry.  Super useful review, Lisa -- thank you!

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