Mittleider Garden Method: How To Build A Grow Box

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Steven Adams: can i grow bud with this method i don't like the little box thing I've been seeing and this method looks like the way i want to go

Walter Smiley: How long does the wood last?  I had a low wall in my garden made with treated 2x6 in contact with the ground and they rotted in 5 years.

Tom Slak: Don't use galvanized screws! Not because of safety issue but the natural acidic nature of wood (they will be damp most of the time because of your watering) will corrode these screws in as little as 3-4 years.I learned this the hard way, having to refasten all joints. Spend a little more and buy ceramic coated decking screws.

Anthony Christy: CCA treated wood should never be burnt in confined spaces.

bob segar: By the organic food guidelines you still would not be able to call your produce "organic" because of the pressure treated raised boxes. I am not afraid of the possible leaching after 2003 but concrete or rock also can be attractive if done right. I would mix in one or two and see how you like it. That's my plan next year to expand my garden to the front yard

Outa ThisWorld: Love the sounds of the Cicadas!  I miss them.  Used to live in Houston, now live in Cedar City, Utah.  Thanks for the info.  Putting in some mittleider gardening beds this year.

m Day: I would choose to leave the grass and cover it with newsprint or corrugated boxes.  Once it all rots, it goes back to the soil.

Jeffrey Richardson: I know this may be a silly question.  But, would some of these methods work in container gardening?  I like to be able to be able to move the plants around as needed throughout the growing season and maybe be a little gentler on my back.  Im very new to gardening and with all the information that is out there it can be hard to sort through the clutter.  You seem to have a few things figured out LDSPrepper.  Any help would be appreciated.

marie smith: some people on here r just TAKERS . go figure it out for urself. r people really so lazy and brain dead!?  do you think he has no life but YOUTUBE? God Bless you David youre a saint!

marie smith: So many mittleider info products! Should I start with the library?  im building 2 beds. each one is 4'x12'x10". i also plan to install a dedicated watermelon & strawberry patch bed as well as asparagus. we already have a good bit of citrus trees planted. would like to grow some more of those. i tried to order from the mittleider site twice buy theres some glitches & my order never gets through.  

constance “mason-dixon” washington: I can't believe your married come we don't see your wife? If you were ever getting a divorce all she has to do is give the videos of your 6 day experiment to the judge:) lololol and petition the court for cause....

4Maestro1: Since you started with the high end (to avoid digging down), what did you do about the gap at the low end (to prevent the contents of the box from leaking out)?

seagnat prepper: i hear this alot and i guess i just dont understand .... when you say i'll have something about this below or in the description ... where is that?

Candice Haase: How tall are the beds? Are they 6 inches? 8 Inches?

Tom Williams: Wonderful videos. I have learned a great deal from you. Where do you buy your sawdust? I live in Katy and have not found anyone who sells sawdust.

EatShit DieSlow: that lumber you are using is Alkaline copper quaternary treated (ACQ). It is highly poisonous. i worked in a chemical treating plant for several years that chemical will burn right through your skin. when wet the chemicals will seap into your garden. NOT GOOD.... if you burn either ACQ (Green) or CCA (yellow) treated lumber it will kill you when inhaled. these two types of lumber should be kept far away from any gardening soil......

David Duvall: With regard to your note about clearing the grass. The nice manager at the local grocery store allowed me to get a truck load of "clean" cardboard (no plastic lining, labels, etc). I put down a couple of layers in the bottom of the planters and had absolutely no problem with weeds. At the end of the year the bottom of the box was full of worms and very little bits of cardboard. No-gloss newspaper works too.

Tory Allan: My father put in the Mittleider box's using Redwood 12 inch by 2 inches. This was over 30 years ago, and it lasted for over 20. We redid the box's again using the Redwood (very expensive but lasts a very long time) however this time we used L joint metal plates for corners, plates for the flat joints, and then rebar as the stakes. The reason the previous box's gave out was the corners and joints where the screws allowed in moisture and rot. Love the grow box method and we still use today.

RLSgardener: Maybe you can help me. I read in Mittleider book to use 8" deep beds. However, I'm trying to save some money and thinking about doing 6" beds. I want to make 5 beds (4'x20') and the price difference using 2x8 vs 2x6 is about $100. I was also thinking about using 1X6 corral boards verses 2x6 #2 boards which would save another $50 but Im not sure how long treated 1X6 wood would last.
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Mittleider Garden Method: How To Build A Grow Box