Mittleider Garden Method: How To Build A Grow Box

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i asimov: Use deck screws.

Buster Brown: I like the woodchip method. The VeganAthlete has some excellent videos on what 2 feet of woodchips can do.

metamud: Hi David, I've noticed that in later videos you switched from wooden stakes to PVC pipes to hold down (and level) your side and end boards. Could you elaborate on the dimensions and locations of the PVC w.r.t. the wooden stakes? I.e. how long are the pipes, what distance apart do you fasten them to the boards and where / how many screws to do use? After all, the PVC pipes need a) to hold securely to the board, but also b) be able to accept smaller PVC pipe for making the cover arches.


Truth and Only Truth: You should be using rough cut natural cedar lumber which has no chemicals (i.e. pressure treated or anything else, including coatings sprays etc.). Make your connections with stainless steel carriage bolts & washers & nuts. This setup will last a very long time & not poison you.

chris reid: Nice,I'm jelly

Choclette Cosmo: Hi I have 2 questions. Is there a way I can email you?

Michael Josemans: If your prepared you shall not fear. Good idea about the cardboard. Guess Ill start saving mine from my shop. Where do you get your sawdust from? I know its not from your table saw from making all those bee boxes.

b8bpattson: If you are screwing into end grain, you should drill holes at 45 degrees above vertical.

Herschel Miller: Hey, David. I'm very grateful for your many videos, which I have found extremely helpful. You have inspired me to put in a Mittleider garden here in Beacon, NY, which I am in the process of doing now, both in my own yard and at a friend's.
  I just wanted to alert you to what appears to me to be an error in this video. Your UPDATE at 3:16 recommends using 2-1/2" galvanized screws to attach the grow-box boards to the stakes. But I think you must have meant to say 2" screws, no? Because 2-1/2-inch screws, driven in flush to the stakes, would go through both stake and 2"x8" and stick out into the inside of the grow box. (3/4" actual thickness for the stake plus 1-1/2" actual thickness for the board equals 2-1/4" altogether, so a 2-1/2" screw would go right through and stick out 1/4" on the other side.)
Thanks again for all your excellent work. I hope to meet you one of these days at a Mittleider seminar. But not this year—I'm too busy putting in a garden!

Steven Adams: can i grow bud with this method i don't like the little box thing I've been seeing and this method looks like the way i want to go

Walter Smiley: How long does the wood last?  I had a low wall in my garden made with treated 2x6 in contact with the ground and they rotted in 5 years.

Tom Slak: Don't use galvanized screws! Not because of safety issue but the natural acidic nature of wood (they will be damp most of the time because of your watering) will corrode these screws in as little as 3-4 years.I learned this the hard way, having to refasten all joints. Spend a little more and buy ceramic coated decking screws.

Anthony Christy: CCA treated wood should never be burnt in confined spaces.

bob segar: By the organic food guidelines you still would not be able to call your produce "organic" because of the pressure treated raised boxes. I am not afraid of the possible leaching after 2003 but concrete or rock also can be attractive if done right. I would mix in one or two and see how you like it. That's my plan next year to expand my garden to the front yard

Outa ThisWorld: Love the sounds of the Cicadas!  I miss them.  Used to live in Houston, now live in Cedar City, Utah.  Thanks for the info.  Putting in some mittleider gardening beds this year.

m Day: I would choose to leave the grass and cover it with newsprint or corrugated boxes.  Once it all rots, it goes back to the soil.

Jeffrey Richardson: I know this may be a silly question.  But, would some of these methods work in container gardening?  I like to be able to be able to move the plants around as needed throughout the growing season and maybe be a little gentler on my back.  Im very new to gardening and with all the information that is out there it can be hard to sort through the clutter.  You seem to have a few things figured out LDSPrepper.  Any help would be appreciated.

marie smith: some people on here r just TAKERS . go figure it out for urself. r people really so lazy and brain dead!?  do you think he has no life but YOUTUBE? God Bless you David youre a saint!

marie smith: So many mittleider info products! Should I start with the library?  im building 2 beds. each one is 4'x12'x10". i also plan to install a dedicated watermelon & strawberry patch bed as well as asparagus. we already have a good bit of citrus trees planted. would like to grow some more of those. i tried to order from the mittleider site twice buy theres some glitches & my order never gets through.  

crafty soapy soapy: I can't believe your married come we don't see your wife? If you were ever getting a divorce all she has to do is give the videos of your 6 day experiment to the judge:) lololol and petition the court for cause....
Mittleider Garden Method: How To Build A Grow Box 5 out of 5

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Mittleider Garden Method: How To Build A Grow Box