Replacing My Car Battery With Capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update

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Replacing My Car Battery with Capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update
Replacing My Car Battery with Capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update
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12V BoostPack Starts Freezing Cold Engine - Capacitors Replacing Car Batteries
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steve johnston: I'm struggling to understand the reason behind replacing a high capacity lead acid battery with basically what are in real terms low capacity batteries, they both store charge and release it but caps only have a very temporary storage lifespan. If caps was the ideal solution then surely car manufacturers would be using them.

Jackson Sherriff: those batteries wouldn't have enough current

GizmoFromPizmo: Obviously, for a car battery replacement, this would have to undergo and pass much more rigorous testing - not the least of which would be winter. Car batteries are rated in COLD cranking amps so we'd need to see how the capacitors would behave in sub-zero (or at least sub-freezing) temperatures.

connor macdonald: you should leave my t in your car in the glove compartment and keep it for when your car dies on you as an emergency

ponyboyswager TM: assuming that this wasnt complete bullcrap,that alternator would be holding that whole load.

Vittal anand rao.: Electrolytic capacitors no doubt retain charge for a limited period, provided, they are removed from circuit immediately after a flash charge. The charge may be instant as also discharge when put on load. The engine and dynamo should pickup immediately on the first jerk of the crank shaft so that continued power may flow to motor of starter This is not possible unless the stored energy is sufficient to rotate the shaft to produce electricity by the dynamo..The capacity of the electrolytic capacitors has not been discussed. In fact it is like perpetual machine that produces electricity from dynamo, driving a motor.Such attempts are childish .not workable.

ranxerox10: chickens, they like capacitors!!

Andrew Klemmer: BTW the way to figure this stuff out is to educate yourself!! you're some dumb ass redneck that will either blow up your vehicle and electrocute yourself. THIS JUST IN heard you say you want to make a hybrid.. you are a complete idiot.

Andrew Klemmer: you should research on electronics. it's not hard to get enough juice to start a car at a decent temp. the problem with your "boost pack" is your alternator will roast it. your alternator has to much output for a tiny battery pact that only holds the surface charge of a real battery.

Akira Grey: Try to start engine when it is -20F outside, after 3 days resting, no ignition switching, no charging checking, no touching 3 dayz.

jon white: my question how are you charging the caps the way you are holding it theres no way its charged when your hooking it up i agree with Paul Handley once you discharge the caps one would need to recharge them

REDxFROG: Since I have my car, I have a big 2,5 farad boost cap for my car hifi (which I'm not really using anymore).
My starter battery is pretty old (I have the car 4 years now and the battery is older) but works like new, the car always starts extremely well.

I wonder and assume that there is a reason between the power cap in the trunk and starter battery, that actually improves the lifetime of the battery itself.
Every time I switch lights on or start the car, the power caps LEDs starts blinking because it drained quick power from the CAP at this very moment. Less peak load on the battery/alternator.

I have a feeling a power cap in a car is easy on the battery and alternator. Even protect them in a way. Car manufactures don't care - they want to sell original spare parts..! I know will keep installing power caps in my cars even when I'm not using hifi anymore...

v ant: Are these EDLC - Electric Double-Layer Capacitors ? If they are then the pack cannot have high discharge current as many people have worried here.

ryan e: doesn't that burn the batterys up, or am i a noob to this

Robeon Mew: 2:43 You have a lot of roosters

Andrew Wrobel: Holy crap!

koch: can't hear anything...

Chris Rhea (crheadog): Try doing that on my diesel truck on a cold morning, its been around 20 degrees here lately. My truck has to crank a few times before she starts!

Duke BeeKeepersKid: Fraud, His car starts up the first time ever time, but he doesn't use it anymore because he sold the car. And the whole time he peddling the super capacitor new snake oil medicine. Let put that to real world test, on an ageing car that take a few cranks to turn over, in near freezing temperatures, with the head lights on. The required amps would drain his little toy fast.

What he doesn't tell you is the leak time of the capacitors.

Daniel Pierce: The only thing is that you wouldn't be able to run your lights, stereo, or anything really with the engine off.
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Replacing My Car Battery with Capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update