Remington 700 SPS Tactical Detachable Magazine Upgrade

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Kenny Phelps: Also if you have the original factory stock Remington 700 yes you do have to do some inletting but with the Bell and Carlson you have it would have fit right on using the badger ordinance

Kenny Phelps: I chose the archangel Remington 700 stock which came with the detachable magazine system included I think I paid 275 there are two models one is aluminum pillar bedded and my model which is aluminum bedding block very nice stock I like the one you have as well

Joseph Weber: what clip do u use

shiftcon: Size of barrel?

Hunter D.: looks like he still has the recall trigger,lol

tywilly132: Did you have to do any fitting for it to drop in?

DJ Granny: Sounds like that gunsmith had a case of "Only game in town syndrome."

hurbt: ugh... trigger guard that costs as much as my rem700... i could just buy another rem700 and throw it on the ground when it's empty... hmm.... but i want it!!

Steel Polymer n Brass: I went with the H-S Precision setup...10 round mine see it when you have the time..I also just shortened,, fluted and threaded the barrel...great video also...good job..

Big Dave: Nice. I would have gone with the Wyatt too in your situation. I got lucky. My Savage 10 FCP-SR (first gen) comes stock with an Accurate Mag bottom metal. It comes with one 10 round single stack mag that is identical to any AICS 10 round mag. I can use inexpensive 10 round single stack mags for the Ruger Scout (made by Accurate Mag). I just tried a FDE POLYMER double stack(tapering to a single stack) MDT magazine that is way cheap and most excellent. This is only an issue if you want to have more than one or two mags on hand. I dont see your system as anything but a smart choice..,unless B&C comes inletted for CDI bottom metal. That is very inexpensive and takes any AICS mag. I see you upgraded your scope to Nikon. Great. I see you got lower rings...that is great news too. Now you probably dont have to crane your neck to get a perfect cheek weld. Always place your scope rings as far apart as mechanically possible. There is a very good reason for that. Avoid clamping so close to your scope saddle/turrets as well. GREAT music! :)

Jake DuBois: What type of Scope and bipod are you set up with?

Clifford S: is that like an M14 Magazine?

Andrew James (FXRLOVER): awesome. Do these work on all 700's im assuming? Have a 700xcr tactical and that is the only thing wrong with it is the internal mag!

Roy Rodriguez: h&s has one also drop on single feed works ..good up date on all rem 

Gary Crumrine: Kind of confused here.  According to Stocky's stocks, all Badger bottom metal systems drop into Bell and Carlson stocks.  Not sure your inletting requirement is true.

61sasquatch 5.56: I need one of those...bad

Luke William: Thumbs up for the classical music at the beginning. Very refreshing.

Synchronizor: Is that aluminum trigger guard machined, or powder-cast?  If it's powder-cast aluminum, I'd take polymer instead.

onemoremisfit: Love the music!

SteelBustingBiker: Where's your reloading room?
Remington 700 SPS Tactical Detachable Magazine Upgrade 5 out of 5

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Remington 700 SPS Tactical Detachable Magazine Upgrade