VeriFone Vx510 - Instructions & How To Use Your Credit Card Machine

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Getting Started With Your VeriFone Vx510 Credit Card Machine
Getting Started With Your VeriFone Vx510 Credit Card Machine
VeriFone Vx510 - Instructions & How To Use Your Credit Card Machine
VeriFone Vx510 - Instructions & How To Use Your Credit Card Machine
Verifone Vx510 Credit Card Terminal and Payment Device
Verifone Vx510 Credit Card Terminal and Payment Device
Chip Card transaction on a Verifone Vx510 terminal
Chip Card transaction on a Verifone Vx510 terminal
VeriFone Point
VeriFone Point
VeriFone Payware Mobile iPhone
VeriFone Payware Mobile iPhone

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liam weinberg: She looks like a thin version of Scarlett Johansson

HitechUSA Hàng Bài: I like this video because of the pretty girl LOL

Dwayne Pope: when i have a small kiosk and i have this verifone how do link an account or something so that all those monies taken from the swiped cards go to it ? like what you did where does the 1$ go to when it leaves the swiped card ?

JR'S POS DEPOT: Great Video

Stan O: how much is this sold for. Can i have a customized card for my business. Can i top up my customers card and also be able to debit their card for payment. email me on

MMC Rubio: wher do u get it ? How much does it cost ?

rajtabh bector: total useless video........

MyMilkMan69: Why am I watching this...?

Danoush Khairkhah: travelplus1: If you're a VMS merchant, waiting for customer approval means the machine is waiting to approve the transaction. Is your machine getting stuck on that message? If you are a customer of ours, please call Tech Support at 888-902-6227 x350. If not, then call your processor for an explanation. Each processor has different file builds for their terminals, so that message could mean something totally different w/another company. Good luck!

Danoush Khairkhah: TheAcriNom: Are you processing with VMS? Regardless, I asked our technical support manager and she said that you would need to contact your processor. Their tech support team should be able to connect with your terminal and change the time that it's batching out. If all else fails, call our tech support at ext. 350

saranghaeyo2326: These tutorials were very helpful, but you didn't go over how to link your account to the credit card machine. When you batch, how does the machine know which account to disperse the funds to?

godsunited: nn

Eduard Gemius: watch?v=zw-4FON2dmc Ask anything!

NJN0000: I want to tap that.

Danoush Khairkhah: Hey saranghaeyho, Shelly is correct. When you set up a merchant account with your processor, whether it be VMS or someone else, they PROGRAM your terminal for you to direct your funds to your bank account. You don't have to do anything technical at all. Your equipment should already be set up and ready to go when you receive it. I'm glad you enjoyed the videos! I'd be happy to answer anymore questions you may have.

TheAcriNom: All right, I have a problem. My VX510 is set to batch out at Midnight, but my store doesn't close until 2am. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to disable the auto batch-out, or how to reset the batch time. Any help would be appreciated. :/

Daniel: What does Waiting for Customer approval mean?

44Edbuoy: put something up based on the vx 670 please?

LalaRanj1: Thanks very nice video..but i have a question,, what is the different between debit card, gift card and credit card? i am new to these services :)

stevenminer2635: why did you not block the credit card number? now people will steal your credit card number

Danoush Khairkhah: LalaRanj1: Think of a debit card as a card given to you by your bank that's directly tied to your checking account. You do not carry a balance and funds processed via debit come right out of that checking acct. A credit card you use to pay for goods now and then pay off your credit card balance later. A gift card is something you, as a store owner, can issue and "load" with a predetermined amt of $. Credit and debit process at % rates while gift cards are different. Good questions!Thx for asking

LalaRanj1: Thanks for you explanations,, i think i understand it now :) thanks

Shantanu Does-Gamez: No no one saw the number that was the security code actually. It was kind of bad to show everybody her security code.

Shelly MIller: Have to give a merchant service your routing and account numbers so they can route it to your bank account.

Davexkhan Johan: You look beautiful.

larry perry: I sell ccs cvvs bins dumps western union transfer paypal login track1$2 with all high me


TimA340: Danoush I have to say you and Dema have done an amazing job with your company and it's success, I am blown away by your amazing willingness to contribute to the growing unemployment situation in the USA by offering 45 jobs too people, yet they were not willing to take advantage of this life changing opportunity.I saw you on Does someone have to go program and was very impressed by the quality of executive and middle mgt staff you have and the great respect they have for the company.

TimA340: In conclusion I have to say I have no idea how an 19 yr old young woman could even begin such an endeavor out of her mother's basement and with yours and her family's assistance grow it to such a tremendous company. I wish you the best of luck Danoush to you and Dema and wish you heartfelt continued success. I do not work in your industry and am not a customer just a person who believes hard work and success deserve recognition. All the best
VeriFone Vx510 - Instructions & How To Use Your Credit Card Machine 4.6 out of 5

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VeriFone Vx510 - Instructions & How To Use Your Credit Card Machine