How To Make Bottle Lights *DIY Wine Bottle Light*

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amshika ammu: nice

Jay Z: if you take the plug off the lights you can pull the lights true the top of the bottle leaving a smaller cable hole. still a good video

Retro Adventure (Retro Science): You've got safty glasses but no gloves...logic lol. Good video tho! :)

myke jackson: where do you buy chrsta fill

Jesse Chou: What size is that big glass drill bit you used?

Evaristo De Souza: Doesn't the bottle get HOT?

Gresus: I recommend using water to cool the glass as you drill and also as a lubricant. when you drill the hole i recommend making it slightly bigger because when you push in the lights in through the hole it seems like your'e risking making a tear in the plastic and uncovering the cables (fire and electrical haphazard) also id give a word of warning when making the "pilot" groove because someone using a thinner glass or more strength can easily break the glass and cut themselves, or make a mess. good video, also id like to know if it would b a good idea to fill the bottle with other things maybe sand or something of the like.

Emily Thalacker: stupid question but I want to do multiple bottles and space them out on the top of our cabinets in kitchen as decoration. how do you plug several bottles in at once like you have on your bar area in the video? thanks!

Kelly Rudnick: Great job! Appreciate the video.

zetametallic: Excellent tutorial :) Is the hole jagged after being drilled through? I'm thinking of it severing the light cable but I'm a newb so just curious.

Unnati Anand: hey....what is the white thing that u have added to the bottle....kindly write to me on -
please reply asap

Barbara Church: How do you keep the lights on top of the bottle to keep them from falling in?

Paul Ortega: Hi Nick, nice presentation.  I cut the plug off and feed the lights from the top as mentioned by CJ. I use a GE Quick-Wire Plug 54266 to make it easy connecting the plug back onto the wires. I also use a plastic or rubber grommet to insulate the wires from the edges of the glass where the hole was cut. Then I hot glue the grommet and wires. Two plugs cost about $2.00 at Walmart. Thanks Again!

fattymoko: Thank you for this very nice video.  Please advise.  I thought drilling glass required water for the glass not to fracture.  It looked to me like yours may have minutely cracked here and there during the process.  Would wetting the drill bit have helped?

Marcus Taylor: Why didnt you just put the pights through the top?

John Knoefler: You talk too much.

Nick Jager: Hi Donna, that's a great tip. Thank you!

Donna Simpson: Instead of using a rubber mallet and striking it I just use a piece of shipping tape where I want to put the hole. It keeps the bit from moving. Also, I sand the hole smooth with my dremmel.

Jackson Redstar Videography: why not cut the plug off, put the lites down from the top fishing out the cord end from a much smaller hole. solder a lew lamp cord with a switch on it and put the soldered part back in the bottle, seal it up...
How to make Bottle Lights *DIY Wine Bottle Light* 5 out of 5

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amshika ammu: nice
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How to make Bottle Lights *DIY Wine Bottle Light*