How To Make Bottle Lights *DIY Wine Bottle Light*

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Nick Jager: Hi Donna, that's a great tip. Thank you!

Nick Jager: Bathila Kankanamge, I started out with a 1/8" for the pilot hole, 1/4", 5/16", and finally a 1/2". You really don't have to go all the way through with that one. Good question!

Cj Meade: Nick, have you tried cutting the wire about a foot or so from the plug and feeding it through a smaller hole and out through the top? It would require splicing and taping the wire with green tape, but seems it would be easier to feed lights through the top of the bottle.

Jackson Redstar Photography: why not cut the plug off, put the lites down from the top fishing out the cord end from a much smaller hole. solder a lew lamp cord with a switch on it and put the soldered part back in the bottle, seal it up...

Donna Simpson: Instead of using a rubber mallet and striking it I just use a piece of shipping tape where I want to put the hole. It keeps the bit from moving. Also, I sand the hole smooth with my dremmel.

MyHotRodTV Ron: You should keep the bottle wet with a sponge when drilling. You get a cleaner hole and it cools the bit.

Nick Jager: Have you seen all of the great comments on this video? Take a look. #diycrafts #bottlelamp 

Dick Sommerfeld: Where do you buy the glass drill bits and the crystal fill?

John Knoefler: You talk too much.

Lonestar Vt: Thanks for the video. I think it would be wise to wear leather gloves too. I just cut my hand badly on a glass oven door so I'm a little on guard...

Angie Sheidler: Thank you for the video. :) My daughter needs to do a recycled project for school. We're going to try this and see how it goes. 

Shelly Jones: Have you had a chance to try it with tinsel yet?

John Kuhnke: Thank you for replying, Good video, and take good care of your hands. the last two you will get.

Fabrizio Tofanelli: Hello Nick.... I just don't get it what crystal is.... mind to tell me?? and, an idea for your next bottle... actually i was searching for a video I saw a few months ago, where a girl did a lamp but with shattered glass.... a nice one indeed =)

Margartvl K: Love this idea! Easy idea - Would be great for Christmas or Halloween! 


Ryan Hicks: Thanks for the help. And on a side note, love the Proclaimers playing in the background! 

Nick Jager: Mary, If you use regular Christmas lights you will experience some heat accumulation. For someone who's planning on running the bottle lights longer I would recommend LED light strings. This lights give off no heat and use less energy. The only downside is the cost. LED lights will be a little more expensive.

Kay Pope: where do you find the larger drill bits ... and the crystal fill please ?

Leticia Beam: these look great! This video is very informative on cutting holes in glass!

Barbara Merkel: I've made a few and can't find a way to get the lights to stay up at the top, they always fall down so the bottle isn't illuminated all the way from top to bottom! Any suggestions?

Jan Milissen: In order to prevent cracking the bottle, use water or oil to cool down the drillbit and glass. I would not attempt anything like this dry drilling with a precious bottle.

John Kuhnke: You should wear gloves!!

Bathila Kankanamge: What are the sizes of the drill bits?

jdphd: Excellent presentation and directions. At first I thought it was too difficult and better watch later.

Clown Whisper: I like how you were careful not to say you needed to see if you have a big enough hole! You said "so we're going to see, right now, if I have a big enough....... area! Well played Nick Jagger, Well played. 

msradwoman: What kind of crystals are you using and where can I get them? Thanks

The2012waiting: I hate when the hole isn't big enough ;)

Petie Wheatstraw: Wheres your gloves?

Fitra Fadila: cooollll (y)

Drew Hupke: ur a fag

Shawna McMillon: Hi Nick, this video is so helpful. Thank you so much for posting this. i am for sure going to try this when I move into my new place. Where can I get the crystal film? Joann Fabrics, or michaels maybe? 

Laura van Leeuwen: Won't sugar do the exact same thing as the crystal?

TheRanhughes: My wife loves these!! They look easy to make. Thanks for posting this was very informative!!!

Geri Kelly: than you!

Diego Benitez: es muy bueno tu trabajo, te felicito y gracias por compartir your job is great, congratulations, and thank you for share

Kirsti Randall: What a great idea for 'christmas lights' in a bar!! Thanks for the tutorial Nick!

Mary H Nunez: Thank you for writing back so quickly. Will definitely try that. Have a good day!

kden z: how do i make glass look crystallized?

MesserAaron13: You're also supposed to do this under water

Jeane Williamson: I love this idea Nick...but how would it be if you used lights with the white cord when you fill it we with the white filler...then the cord wouldn't show. Just a thought. Gonna give this a try. Thanks. You know we make holes in bottlesd using a diamond hole bit which makes the hole...but you have to do it under r I nning water and it takes a while. I think what you are doing seems less time consuming and easier.

swampbilly peek: This was really helpful, thanks!

Mary H Nunez: Hi Nick! Thank you for your video. We had no issues with drilling the hole, however on our strand of christmas lights of 25 about 18 are burning out, and the bottle is very hot after a short period of time being plugged in. What is the longest these lights should stay plugged in, will the crystal fill help? Just feels like it's overheated, not sure what I'm doin wrong. 

Gary Lee: I thought you said Mick Jagger!

Antonio Bruno: The video is great, but I would like to point out one safety point for those trying to do this for the first time. BE SURE TO WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES AND LEATHER GLOVES!. If the bottle has any unknown flaws, there is a good chance that during the process there would be a shatter. If this occurs, severe lacerations, and/or eye damage is a real possibility.

sHest013: Thanks so much for this video!! What number strand of lights do you use?

Chase Christensen: What about when your lights burn out? Haha. Great video, thank you.

sHest013: Do you have an email so I can show you this glass.. If that's okay with you.. Thanks, Shawna

sHest013: Sorry. Yes I meant glass

Wendy Thompson: Awesome. I've just started making these and I love the crystal idea. I'm using diamond tip drill bits because I read they will last longer. How many bottles do you get out of your tips? I saw those too and wondered if they would work?
How to make Bottle Lights *DIY Wine Bottle Light* 4.8 out of 5

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How to make Bottle Lights *DIY Wine Bottle Light*