Prestige Heritage Hollow Guitar

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Prestige Heritage Hollow Guitar
Prestige Heritage Hollow Guitar
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Prestige Guitars Musician Standard
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Prestige Heritage Deluxe and Musician guitar demo at NAMM 2011
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Original Gibson Guitar Factory in Michigan Creates Heritage Guitar Review

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oldfingernails: I got a standard off ebay no f holes or design on the fretboard for 900$ canadian about a year and a half ago

ScreamingBloodyGore: Yeah, definately. I found pat o'briens review a little more straight to what the guitar is for.

Leonid Mavroski: @awesomejohnnet u meen Canadian...

lukatme2: think i may try one

robpage1990: has a very jh and the band of gypsys tone methinks

Ernie W: Thats MRSP...Ive seen them on EBay for $900. NEW!!!

paulignacius: wow,very sweet and warm sounding..

rockpwnsu: im sick of them showing expensive guitars that almost no one can afford

Руслан Гаджиев: Very good guitar for jazz!!! And beautiful!

LateNightShredder: arent those kinda heavy pickups to put in a semi-hollow guitar

Goth3m3: I love Paul Riario. Yes sometimes he comes off as a bit cheesy, but when it comes down to it, he knows what he's talking about, and he's an amazing player.

Skiesification: assholes?

slashrocks1980: it sound good

Lavampeace: crap. How much would something like this cost me? This is one sexy guitar.

Chrosome: @stanfie1d I want this guitar. Even though I couldn't play it.

jonathandaniels13: FREEBIRD!!!!!!!!

Aleksandar Vostinarov: Kul!

faig1958: I´d like to hear some jazz licks with this guitar.

stanfie1d: I want this guitar. Even though it has some "assholes" lol

Bryan Sanders: that is the sexiest guitar i have ever seen

killedE1mo: this instrument is beautiful in every aspect

frankafru: sounds steve vai-ish to me


xboxisbest007: seagull is from quebec and they make nice acoustics

Aleksandar Vostinarov: Kul!

John Stuart: I know, the dude does decent reviews but he' a bit grammatically "clumsy".

Renato Rodrigues: I'm not a fan of the semi-hollow guitars, but if I ever get one, this would be the one!

ScreamingBloodyGore: Just don't like the way he talks or plays... Especially when he did the Chuck Schuldiner Tribute guitar... I'm sure he's good for somethings but he shouldn't be reviewing all the guitars.

holleyab: stunning, just stunning

SOHMsymphonies: Love this guitar... Beautiful

PaulIsRed: I want this guitar, though I am partial to the JB/Jazz combo instead of the '59 , I still wouldn't change anything on that guitar. Except the strings when they got old

Te Hamua Nikora: What a guesser!

ruffles272: sweet

KenBory .: I see. Thnks, never tried one of these before.

Dominik K: I have this guitar too, not with the hollow stuff but I got it for 399€ and if you look my profile you wont believe it ;) (I love it and I play metal, old crap not really impressive but with this guitar)

Josh Milstein: o hmm didnt look there thats cool.

gangtwanger: I don't need so-much ornamentation, but damn, that thing sounds sweet. Great definition for a hollowbody.

xTristan1994: dayum, i think Paul shreds the roof off.

DJGuitarist4God: 2:33 Wow! Sounds awesome!

ace69er: Hes WAY better than Joe 'the TOOL man' Delaney! LOL!

humpreystrong: maple body and mahogany neck? wow!

blackskullbass: freakk noooo its so freakin pretty but you can clearly see the inside wires from a frontal view. even so, i want it.

MrBotfacebrave: Is that Marty Mcfly?

Jay B: wow dude you look like Michael J Fox lol

Philippe Godin: 2:12 holy, that sounded like eric johnson... go canada!!

awesomejohnnet: @leoppmkd2 I stand corrected.Thank you.

McDallen19: Such a beauty! :)

Luis Gomez: yea kinda steve vai-ish in a way.

Josh Milstein: they cost $1850 thats pretty expensive if u ask me

Matt Kenyon: Ted Nugent, check out this puppy, I just about creamed my myself !
Prestige Heritage Hollow Guitar 4.8 out of 5

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Eduardo M: WTf?... It's slower than the ZZR 1100? That's kinda new to me... Lol
LUONG4YAHWEH: @MDAKyouranKazokuNikk Hi! Are you a Free Viet living in Japan?
Trường Charlie: Rất hữu ích... thank you

Prestige Heritage Hollow Guitar