458 SOCOM MidLength

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Ole Ironhead: Nice video!  Love that intro.  Do you ever load up lead bullets?  Is it a good idea in an AR platform to use lead?  Thanks

ohhKilla: That's what's comin

StreikTier5: I know you said it in the vid, but I can't find this hand guard. Yours looks diff than the one on the rra website.

marlon witcherwitcher: What is the name of the upper

ismael saldana: Little overboard on the editor lol

Ralph Williams: Will the wilson combat 13.8 rail interface made for the .308 fit?

Little Holmes: Very Cool !!!

Phu Vet: Someone found the effects tab on their editing software.

islandtime100: What's a poser gun?

dannukesem: Nice gun.

Chase Barnes: Love my .458. Not tricked out like this though. We'll done. I need to reloading setup. $2.50 a round is rough... reloading would be much cheaper. 

Eric Ward: I liked your intro.  Way cool.

Mira LeRoy: awesome intro+9 minutes of being bored to death=lame

Charles Moore: very cool intro,only an reloader would see interest in this,i subbed

Michael Garafalo (CAD Technician): Skip to 2:18 to get past the intro.

Mayon Mango: E. Olemite-You did a great job here with your intro from that Marlin SBL that was problematic to your 458 SOCOM-COOL! 

Philip Salinas: Nice nice nice gun buddy . My only concern is , well for the looks of it u have a red dot sight and a scope that I'm not familiar with. Long story short what dose it do how dose it work.

I know it's an old video but it's still up there and I watched it an it caught my attention .

I don't have a 458 yet but I'm about to in February and I'm scouting around for the perfect red dot sight for big wild bacon within 100 to 200 yards . 

Keith Fjelsted: Where did you get it at and what's the price? I like and want to get one myself.

GunFun ZS: So your first AR is Tony Rumore's spawn of doom? - I'm going to guess you don't waste any time dipping your toe in the pool before getting in.

Andrew Carney: Talk about a good prep gun !
458 SOCOM MidLength 5 out of 5

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Gabriela Carreño Herrera: Hola bella, me pordrías decir los tonos de los rubores de arens, me tincaron harto.
Buen Video.
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DerNostra: Geiles Rennen Stoßstange an Stoßstange 13 Runden Action und sehr fair an der Spitze gefahren. Sowas wünscht man sich jedes Rennen.
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GyrlBlaque: Will you review the Vegan Box ?
Lorna Roseus: Dalmy's suit had an upgrade? it looks more smooth and sleek xd

458 SOCOM MidLength