458 SOCOM MidLength

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Wesley Powell: badass intro

Andrew Mills: Your first AR is a 458??!! Lol dang bro. Sick rifle man. Def like what you've done with the build.

FresherThanHov: I literally had to pause the video because it was too freaking awesome

b4ds33d2: zzzzzzzzzzzz

devilrobrob: Thats whats comin

Larry Branum: Please dude, don't make anymore videos, it put me to sleep.

Raising A Champion: Do you know what cost you have in the weapon? If so, please share....would love to build something similar.

Rick Torbet: Looks like you're using a Redding T-7.  Nice!!!

Rebel Wolf: I dont know anything about 458 socom... are you planning to try subsonic?

Also you have my sympathy for the lever action. I got my marlin 30-30 before the merger. Best shooting gun i own. beats the Remington 700 i bought to dust! If you still want one i suggest finding a used one. marlin will never be the same

Nicklas Ljungberg: Sweet Rig 👍🏻

DaylightRobberyCA: How much does this setup all weigh (unloaded, loaded)

sgiffin1: I would like to build a very similar .458 MidLength to the one you have in your awesome video. Would you mind sharing the make and model of the parts you used on your rifle?

mp40jager: Needs a quicker display of what's on it and show us what it does on the range. Nice beginnings, just expand on what you have.

Lazerrus Laslonin: Watched this right after your death of a marlin video. Love the intro. Just rad. I run the same optic set up on my AR and love it. Well done. Suck that Remington!

aadrianlee: Ow I want one or MAY BE TWO ( :

Ole Ironhead: Nice video!  Love that intro.  Do you ever load up lead bullets?  Is it a good idea in an AR platform to use lead?  Thanks

ohhKilla: That's what's comin

StreikTier5: I know you said it in the vid, but I can't find this hand guard. Yours looks diff than the one on the rra website.

marlon witcherwitcher: What is the name of the upper

ismael saldana: Little overboard on the editor lol
458 SOCOM MidLength 5 out of 5

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Wesley Powell: badass intro
WikdSeafood: My favorite part of Hocus Pocus, "Look at the pretty spider! Nom nom nom nom nom."
Shikha Tejpal: thnx guru ji
witch 4ride: こりゃ国内本体じゃまともに遊べないわ。規制地獄のオンパレード!海外本体一択だな!
Linda7647: This is the one I'm thinking of buying. I haven't found any reviews yet, however, on how good of a gun this is for actual protection as far as coming up against someone else with a weapon. If I'm shot at with a 9mm, I'm pretty sure the 9mm will win out over the .380. If I need to shoot to kill in a life or death situation, will this gun serve me well?
KAĞAN COŞKUN: Hangi bölüm mezunusunuz?
pok: Mercury*

458 SOCOM MidLength