458 SOCOM MidLength

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458 SOCOM MidLength
458 SOCOM MidLength
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Phu Vet: Someone found the effects tab on their editing software.

Little Holmes: Very Cool !!!

islandtime100: What's a poser gun?

dannukesem: Nice gun.

Philip Salinas: Nice nice nice gun buddy . My only concern is , well for the looks of it u have a red dot sight and a scope that I'm not familiar with. Long story short what dose it do how dose it work. I know it's an old video but it's still up there and I watched it an it caught my attention . I don't have a 458 yet but I'm about to in February and I'm scouting around for the perfect red dot sight for big wild bacon within 100 to 200 yards . 

Mira LeRoy: awesome intro+9 minutes of being bored to death=lame

Eric Ward: I liked your intro. Way cool.

Charles Moore: very cool intro,only an reloader would see interest in this,i subbed

Michael Garafalo: Skip to 2:18 to get past the intro.

Mayon Mango: E. Olemite-You did a great job here with your intro from that Marlin SBL that was problematic to your 458 SOCOM-COOL! 

Keith Fjelsted: Where did you get it at and what's the price? I like and want to get one myself.

Chase Barnes: Love my .458. Not tricked out like this though. We'll done. I need to reloading setup. $2.50 a round is rough... reloading would be much cheaper. 

John Nowe: That's pretty cool. I honestly don't know what the ballistics are on that round. Is this a fun gun, a hunting gun or both. I'm curious to see how it would do against big game under 200 yards.

E. Olemite: Yes it is. I think your the second person to identify it. The Underworld by Sonic Mayhem back in '97

E. Olemite: Actually it does co-witness through the lower 1/3rd of the EO Tech. Primary Arms, LLC has a video called CoWitness Explained that talks about Absolute and Lower 1/3 Cowitnessing along with the advantages and dis advantages of each.

E. Olemite: I dealt out about $2300 Cash! Tax included. $1400 on the gun built with the parts I wanted. $900 for the optics. I think I got a good deal.

E. Olemite: I can't wait either. I'm still dialing in the loads. Hopefully soon. Also, If you don't reload your own. When you start looking for a 458 Socom, look at the carbine length. It will be less trouble.

MetallicAsian: Who plays the audio?

E. Olemite: This being my first AR style gun and not knowing all the intricacies involved in building one. The guys at my local shop built it for me. I had a few things in mind what I wanted and they filled in the gaps. I wanted this to be a pig hunting gun, but I think it looks more like a swine assault rifle. It is fun to shoot and accurate as well. Hopefully in a couple of months I can show this thing in action if things go to plan.

Vepr Beowulf: sbr it before its too late

E. Olemite: Of course the links are (3w's)(dot)fillintheblank(dot)com midwayusa (my favorite) brownells midsouthshooterssupply natchez sportsmanswarehouse (I got mine at the store for $269) cabelas Things are hard to find right now. For the SOCOM brass check at MidwayUSA and directly at Star Line Brass' website. Midway will get some in stock but Star Line will still show backordered. Check all the links for bullets often. Cabelas just had 300gr hp's in stock. If you got more questions just ask. Good luck!

E. Olemite: Thanks!


Bill Brown: Very cool. You do have style.

E. Olemite: Thanks.

E. Olemite: Thanks! I'll have to let my wife read this one!

Andrew Carney: Talk about a good prep gun !

jordan box: Sweet! Very tasteful, nothing on that gun won't be used. It's a complete battle rifle. Good job, it'd be nice to see it function and see what that 458 can do.

PREPPERMIKE2012: Very cool man, and sorry for your marlin/remington problem. I think you have all that is needed on your AR, very nice. Cant wait to see it at the range.

OPPK100: Can the .458 rifle hold .458 lott and winchester magnum ammo?. i'm new to this caliber

kam lau: That gun is sick!!!!! Good choice of music too!!

einhander04: Hi, i bought one of these about 6 months ago, an RRA, and had nothing but problems with it. I was wondering if you are having any of the same problems. All of my starline brass would stick in the chamber, a screw driver and sometimes a hammer was needed to get it out, the chamber was wayyyy too tight. Polished it and then it only stuck about 50% of the time. New problem if it doesn't stick it would not eject; the fired brass would rooster to the right and hit the receiver. sound familiar at all?

Franke Vega: E. Olemite.... can you direct me to a site to buy a reloaded like your plz sir?

TSG: K, found it. Nice!

james suarez: Question how much $ did you put into this gun?

TheAutoprotolysis: I'm sure have shot this gun by now, but just in case I want to warn you. When using 4198 powder, the internet sources are pretty close to safe info. If you choose to use Lil Gun powder, WATCH OUT. The guys that use this powerder are often after 2200 FPS . I personally use 26 grains of Lil gun 300 grain hornady bullets seated to line. From 28 grains to 33 grains, it just wrecks the brass and wears out your rifle. This gun is not for speed. It's a 100 yard show stopper. H4198 is best

dougstdig: Why are you going to register it?

E. Olemite: If you haven’t already. You might want to check out the 458 SOCOM Forum. I didn’t see or hear of any issues about the mid-length gas system before I got mine. It wasn’t until my first loads did not cycle the bolt properly that I looked under the “Trouble Shooting” tab. That is where they mention the mid-length issues along with some solutions.

E. Olemite: The B.A.D. Lever (Battery Assist Device) is designed to considerably improve the speed and efficiency of the AR15/M16 bolt catch. The B.A.D. Lever quickly addresses reloading and malfunction clearance shortcomings of AR15/M16 platforms by extending a paddle to the right side of the weapon, allowing manipulation of the bolt stop from the fire control/ready position with the right-hand trigger finger. I just copied that from the Magpul website. I think they describe it best.

E. Olemite: Sorry for the delay in responding. You have to join the 458 SOCOM Forum or beyond 556 Forum to download that info. If your looking for "mid-length" data that's not for you as I later found out myself. If you search the 458 SOCOM forum for mid length load data that should get you started in the right direction.

Locutus: What a beautiful rifle.

Frankie Amer: They should make a movie out of this masterpiece and you're the lead cast. 5*!

E. Olemite: Thanks. Hopefully soon.

BRR: That is one nice looking rifle. I would appreciate if you could explain the BAD (battery assist device) switch. I have never seen one of those before. Excellent video, I hope it works well for you.

MrAlfasul JP: now you can forget the misery with the marlin , big bore AR wow

E. Olemite: It is a cool gun. I like when people ask "what is that?" I tell them; then they look puzzled; then I show them the rounds and they crap their pants in amazement. I'll let anyone shoot it if they want to. And save that brass! I have a 3BUCC Brass catcher that works great and actually looks good. Brownells has them in stock right now. The cheap velcro ones just don't work very good.

E. Olemite: I'm glad you like them and I do have a couple cookin'

caleb p: just got my first ar this week and hopefully can upgrade it to 458 socom one day, great looking gun and great vid, cant wait to see this thing in action

kcking21: Killer intro and and an amazing firearm. I hope we will get to see it in action after you get it dialed in.

BUCKrub91: I need to get one of these... A semi auto 45-70? sounds like one hell of a deer rifle to me
458 SOCOM MidLength 4.6 out of 5

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458 SOCOM MidLength