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Smauges: I got the 4 D cell, as you know, and on monday I will have my TerraLUX TLE 300M-EX with over 700 lumens, and this will be 91% more effective, maybe 4 times longer battery time, the light is the same (almost) all the time... I will get my new original mini-maglite 2AA on friday, and I will upgrade it too the best LED upgrade there is for that tourch, TerraLUX TLE-5EX ministar2 extreme (140 lumens) battery last 3 times longer than with org.buld.
Rep Jesus: real PC's cost thousands. If your kid messes up their ($5- garage sale find) I won't be as upset.
鍾欣婕: 能有點聲音好麼?
paras khan: Best way to solve this situation: Walk in the bey stadium and take Nemesis,then come to Rago and beat the poop out of him until he is unconscious,kidnap him and throw him in a volcano with nemesis
gingersleep: If Jaws was a machine he would be that Peterbilt.
DrLevi Smith: the best phone out there
Harriet Velleman: ow it was 

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