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80sGiraffe: The greatest home pinball console game I have ever played. Turbo Grafix had some really great games, just not enough. If it had made more great games like this it could have been a successful system. NEC also needed a better marketing strategy then they had in the United States.
Rafly Awan: I like Master Apollo :D
Davehiphop: I though you were not supposed to start your machine on high?
Steven Fedorczuk: Hail Satan, I mean hail Nolan 
KuroroTDD: ya salio los raw de tokyo ghoul re
José Catalán: Buenas, una pregunta, ¿un liner talla 10 se podría ocupar en un shell talla 8-9 sin sentir molestias o hacer algún cambio al patín o al liner? de antemano muchas gracias, buen video!
MKPolarIce: Do you mean 120mm lol

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