Generation X - новый генератор ПИН-кодов Warface

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_КрАкЕн_ _: где ключ достать

Warface Game: это вирус Троян НЕ КОЧАЙТЕ !!!!!!!!!

максим зуев: я уже заключил все норм

максим зуев: пацаны это вы все лохи потомучто сделки не умеете заключать=)

Владимир Михнов: накуя он без ключа кусок говна ты

IIIaJlyH: полный бред,верите в ху*ню

As Lan: Берите ключи если успеете

Степахин Floor 7: какая музыка?
 скинь пж

Erik Vardanyan: А где скачать?

alexey Цыбикжапов: я когда нажимаю начать генерацию ошибка обратитесь к сайту

MsAkula: Сука, ебаная! Хорошо что я ее взломал блять! Еблом тебя об стол надо пидор ебаный!!!

В Гостях У SuperUzerA: Пацаны Ряльно работает а то страшно качать?

Александр 3JIO: Ребят, почему не могу зайти на их сайт?

Miks Good: kjk

MorFeyka: критическая ошибка!

KlepToman32: Лохи на встречи ходить надо там админы по 3 пинкода дают

Программирование на языке СИ-ШАРП: ща пргу декомпилирую

max volk: неработает

Mro Manukyan: слыш продаёшь?

Егор Швецов: Помоги Сайт не работает я Готов купить 
Generation X - новый генератор ПИН-кодов Warface 5 out of 5

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_КрАкЕн_ _: где ключ достать
AnTHonY 0210JAAM471101: Butz ist der beste xDDDD
dadhirow saipooja: reset button is not working
marcus mcc: Lots of tuning videos don't really explain anything. I reckon this dude is spot on. This is very good advice. I don't play marching drums but i play the kit in all sorts of music. Drums should always be tuned to where they work properly and not to a desired pitch. You can do this but your set wont sound as full as it can. This was one of the biggest mistakes i made years ago when trying to get my kit sounding good. You can to some degree change pitch to try to get evenness around your setup but start where you get good tone and sustain first. Just above flappy is a good starting point, go up from there. You will also find the heads top and bottom need to sit relative to each other otherwise they just sound weird. You will find some heads seat considerably better that others. If you are having trouble with a particular drum try a new head. I use the bass drum flappy, it doesnt give good rebound but I think for most music it should sit on the bottom of the mix. Also when mics are used in a very loud environment the head wont get too boomy/ feedback as much. Drums can do strange things in a pa. Your environment should be considered also, dead drums can be a benefit in a hall with lots of relections etc
Stefano: Ciao paolo, non sapendo mi hai già risposto in altri lochi :D Sono StefanoSurf su S&D ! :) Grazie comunque ;)
Frank Morgan: Great video as always, if it weren't for you I would not be driving. On this video I noticed
oil had gotten into the coolant and I have the same problem so I am going to replace
the head because you suggested a cracked head and you are the Saturn Guru. My
question is can you make a video on how you removed all the oil from the coolant system
please as this has become an all too common problems with Saturns. I'm working on a 1998 Sl1, is it necessary to change the radiator?

Michael Dorn: This may have been the quickest, easiest and cheapest fix I've ever done. (The shop wanted $110 for a "diagnostic fee" just to look at it!) I'm NOT a "car guy", but the instructions here are thorough and accurate. I had the panel off and the old switch out in under 5 minutes and the new switch installed and panels replaced in under 5 more. Part at Autozone for $7.49. Shifting smoothly now. Even if this winds up NOT being the ultimate problem, it was a very cheap and simple thing to do.

Generation X - новый генератор ПИН-кодов Warface