DIY Electric Skateboard 1

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Enertion Dual Drive Assembly DIY electric skateboard kit
DIY  electric skateboard 1
DIY electric skateboard 1
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Tony Shulthise: why don't you talk about how you made it or the parts you used? That would make your videos more relevant to your suscribers. Thanks.

J Wightman: wow this was made in 2011 dang

Finlay Sambrook Smith: What amp is the esc

T2H Instructionals: That was pretty slick on how you made the throttle.
Looks like that moves pretty darn good.

Finlay Sambrook Smith: Is the red thing underneath the esc

Игорь Ефременко: Вот это я понимаю.... Действительно сам сделал!
Реально МОЛОДЕЦ!

Irfan Ali: poke

tony yoon: i wanna make electrical skateboard by myself.
but i donno what kind of motor should i use.
so. i wanna know what kind of motor did you use. and where can i buy he motor?

alang C: Hola,please check with our amazon store, we have 5 kinds of E skateboard, junior ,and for madman ,you could take chain driver, .. we are professional design studio , trikkle and RAZOR is design by could share our page in your friend,we will provide more amazing parts for you free

sanath Naik: how much did it cost

sanath Naik: nice job

RandomLOLGamer: is that epoxy between the mount and the truck, i like the way u think :D

Ben Washburn: I like your style. Ghettoneering

Gustavo Quiroz: What is the engine modelo and the costs pleas help me 

Mr. BASKETBALL: What battery and what motor do you have

FrustratedBaboon: Nice clean job. Are you planning to put 4 packs in parallel so the battery doesn't heat up ? My guess.

Cameron Smith: $15 guide :(

Gustav Borgquist: Can someone tell me the parts used in this build?

Murat Kılıç: Güzel fikir😇😇😇😇😇
DIY electric skateboard 1 5 out of 5

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DIY  electric skateboard 1