DIY Electric Skateboard 1

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Part 1: DIY Electric Skateboard. Hub Motor & Trucks
Part 1: DIY Electric Skateboard. Hub Motor & Trucks
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CHEAPEST Electric Skateboard REVIEW
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600$ Electric Skateboard (Koowheel) Review/Teardown
DIY Electric Skateboard
DIY Electric Skateboard
DIY  electric skateboard 1
DIY electric skateboard 1

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akis akis: make a electric skateboard cheap
i choose two motor of ebay
n5065 (china) 270kv or 400kv its better my battery is 22.2v lipo
i want fast and torque
whith motor its better ?

Сергей Гнатенкин: все части есть в продаже, Видео содержит рекламу, это не хорошо.

gianni van damme: a great video but a shame that ypu hide the tutorial after a pay Wall. :(

Carlos Maycon moraes Andrade: Where do I find to buy this wheel transmission from your skateboard?

Marc Gyver: It is you who inspired me, thank you. I made one of 1000W to go in 53kph :)

Krista Keithly: hi man that looks so great . would please share the parts that you used to build the board .i have a long board and transmitter and esc and i just need the rest of the parts you have

Jish: Wow one of the first ever electric skateboards on YouTube...

Guido Simonse: can you give me a link where you buyed the sprockets?

Ggampiero Guarino: i know

Syahrul Muarifin: your type motor ,esc ¿??

Making it happen Vlog: I really liked this! Continue the great work you are doing here! I for sure will subscribe to your channel! 👌

Devin Effendi: can i use motor crycle strter dynamo for changing thpse motors

Fabrício Fadel Kammer: Cool!!! Congratulations!

How did you attach the motor to the skateboard wheel? Can you share this information?

Carlos Lopez: una pregunta ese motor de q es

Kincaid Damion: Am I the only person thats watching this and mentaly building it in my head?

SwarthySkinnedOne: Cool. I'll give you 5 bucks for that. Will you pay the shipping and handling?

Ggampiero Guarino: The battery is small

Ola Svensson: Where is the batteri?

rocky walker: crap up and make me one

mrcoreystennis: I want to build an electric skbrd that can go at least 35 mph. Which motor do I buy to achieve that?
DIY electric skateboard 1 5 out of 5

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DIY  electric skateboard 1