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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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RoadTripVidz: Love my overland, but not writing off getting this for the wife (myself)
Fots T.: What type of frame is that revolver Sr.?
Nubiastan: where do i get the coffee, the mint, superb salt, interesting ice and chewable chilli? please, tell me, i am going to buy a pleo... I'm brazilian, i need some informations please! =D
reksub10: @mario101212 you can still get armour of altair in brotherhood but i think you have to link to that u-play thing on an xbox 360 plus you can get altairs robes aswell ,and play as desmond ..gho into inventory and then outfits and see which one s you already have
00Chiggs00: Great video. Just bought the a850 and its awsome......
Abdul Ali: worked! thanks! 
cj lucas: awesome

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