Minecraft Mob Talker Chapter 0:Script Tutorial

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SRapll: i have a problem.My script in day2 always stuck in the defult and it won't continue to love1.What i am doing wrong?

SuperLoverforMC: Hey, I want a Mob Talker mod where you can add custom designs and scripts. Can ya make that for me? PLZY, PLZY, PLZY!

DopaDope: that happen to me too?

pivotman101cool: Yeah me too o.o

Vil Uih: He's right i have the same problem as well. btw i have 1.6.2

Tristanbutch123: sorry, I made a mistake. I was looking for mob talker 2 scripts(however if these scripts do work for the 1.6 version, plz tell, and sorry for all the comments, I just really want this mod)

Tristanbutch123: how do I install those scripts? I put them in the resource folder but it says that theres no script files. help plz?

Tristanbutch123: wow, my comments are finally being answered! thanks man!

CPU Black Soul: It's right there in the description.

Tristanbutch123: are there any places where I can download scripts?

ProjectsurvivalHD: I made a script (only day 1) and wanted to test it out, it seemed working fine until I spoken to the mob, the intro goes smoothly, but when I talk to her again minecraft keep crashing from that point... what am I doing wrong?

pivotman101cool: Hey kenten... Seriously you're my hero but the problem is with my script... I need help When I try to shelter Cupa she just keeps following me... It doesnt want to turn to the next page ! Everytime I talk to her I get the default text = ˝my life is completely different since I've met you˝... and she just can't stop following me ! Please help !

MechStarGames: Dude. Tell us how to install the script plz. When I went to talk to a creeper after I made the script, nothing poped up.

CPU Black Soul: A few secs. At least up to 10 secs before you talk.

hypersonic12339: How long exactly do I have to wait to be sure? I have a large script on one day. Could it be an overload error?

CPU Black Soul: You probably have to wait a while before you talk. If that doesn't work, then that specific mob will make you crash. If all else fails, reinstall it correctly.

hypersonic12339: immediately when I talk to a mob the game crashes. Help?

marby Bostrillo: I don't know how to install script can u make a tutorial?

GoldenChocoboLover: I tried to redo it, now nothing works... ><||| Could I have a link to a working .jar for it maybe? I tried to delete the other mod, or just use a new one and put the talker mod back on, but it won't even give me the talker...

CPU Black Soul: Check to see if you installed the mod correctly. Go to SCMowns's forum and look at the changelog
Minecraft Mob Talker Chapter 0:Script Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Minecraft Mob Talker Chapter 0:Script Tutorial