Daisy.177 880 Powerline Kit Air Rifle Review And Test Firing.

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Pogi 19: I had an 880 in .17 and a .22 back in the 70s. The stock were plastic, barrel all metal including the pump. The .22 had a 5 shot strip clip. I'm thinking of buying one again after seeing them in Walmart for $39.99.

Kingdre Miller: I have tha same gun... when i shot bbs they're all over tha place.. but when I shot pellets dead eye shoot every time.. why is that?

Sheldon Cooper: i,don't like that it's plastic

poopsicle: will it work in Tokyo?

dane shuart: how old do you think you have to be to shoot this and how old was your daughter when she was shooting this?

Caleb Autry: just purchased this it comes in 2 days is it worth it?

djaj11: Does it need co2?

Ali Ahmed Khan: tnx.I knw lol.. u wr hlpful

Ali Ahmed Khan: if pump only once hw much may b the fps?

zombiegamer16: nice video bro but I have the same gun and I'm having accuracy problems with the scope I aimed at my target but it should my car window instead any advice for this? thanks

Mr. Creeper: I'm going to buy one at my local Wal-Mart for 40 dollars. Do you say it would be a good investment?

davao0506: How many shots for 10 pumps sir?thanls..

bmwnasher: Just watched your other gun videos, the pump and the Ruger would be illegal here, and Scotland are making it law for any air weapon like this to need a firearms licence, one example if you want to do plinking in the back yard one won`t be granted. England next?.

Ive got a few air weapons and Co2 hand guns, my rifle is a webley .22 with sights bought off a friend said he killed some foxes with it, goes straight through a baked bean can at 70ft so i think it`s been tuned, air rifles over a certain fl lb need a firearms licence, hi power air pistols are banned, so i think my rifle is illegal hope the police don`t watch this. ps my home defence would be the pump an a Sig P226 .357 sig. well i can dream.

Slavcka Legkun: can it shoot plastic bbs? please answer

Khan sms: Cool

Professor FatSak: just bought one today and testing it Saturday

Endergaming: I got clay shatter shots with the kit. Same gun. I love the gun killed 5 squirrels with it. I got mine at pickles sporting goods.

Joe Chavez: Can you buy me one? 

Kenneth bell: Hey nice video is it hard to load

Garrett Larson: Can you kill a rabbit with that? I haven't had any luck
Daisy.177 880 Powerline Kit air rifle review and test firing. 5 out of 5

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Daisy.177 880 Powerline Kit air rifle review and test firing.