Daisy.177 880 Powerline Kit Air Rifle Review And Test Firing.

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Daisy.177 880 Powerline Kit air rifle review and test firing.
Daisy.177 880 Powerline Kit air rifle review and test firing.
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Richard Lloyd: No license is required to purchase this on Amazon in the USA.

TheSkylineEffect: any advice on how to effectively use the scope?

David Geiger: Shooting this gun for two years just got me hooked. I moved on to break barrel high powered 1400 fps GAMO air rifles. I really liked the sights on my old 880. Mine didn't have fiber-optic, just regular. Squirrels didn't stand a chance. I didn't like shooting BBs though, just pellets.

2289g AirGunning: It does NOT say 800 FPS. Look at your user manual again, it says that it will shoot at up to 750FPS with BBs, and up to 715FPS with Pellets. It is however a good powerful .177 adult hunting Pellet Rifle. The Daisy 880 is the best Adult Airgun that I have owned, and I have had AirGuns rated much higher that cost much more.

Richard Lloyd: I was using the flat nosed (wad cutter) daisy .177 (4.5mm) ammo 7.5 grains. The Powerline 35 is a smooth bore rifle with a maximum velocity of 625 fps with a maximum shooting range 274 yards. The 880 has a rifled steel barrel and a maximum velocity of 800 fps with a maximum shooting range 291 yards. Now maximum range and effective range are two different things. In my opinion in using the 880 I would say it is accurate to 50 yards but that is using the scope that came with the kit. A better scope may improve it's accuracy. Thanks for watching.

2289g AirGunning: The only complaint I have about the Daisy 880 is that Daisy includes a BB reservoir in this Pellet gun. Shooting BBs in a rifled pellet gun is bad. If you want to shoot BBs get a Daisy 35 smooth bore gun.

Peter Mistler: I have this and the scope is just so confusing I see my reflection in it and I don't see it being that accurate 

Eli Mullen: I pumped mine 100 times and blew a groundhogs head off 

itsmecelinau: Thanks just ordered this for my bf its great... Your video was helpful. Also, when you received the package did it come wrapped or you could see it was ur gun when delivered. Its because its a gift

K162KingPin: After watching this video I bought one of these from Amazon. I'm not at all impressed with the accuracy of bb's even at about 5 yards they spread all over a 3 in diameter area. I think the pellets will be much more accurate since it is a riffled barrel. Still I have one less squirrel living in my attic already so its serving its purpose and I'm happy with it. You get easily $15 dollars in ammo and accessories with the gun. I had mine 2 days after ordering. The scope is decent and easy to adjust and wear the goggles if you shoot bb's towards a wood background they can bounce straight back at you. Thx for the review.

Devonte Johnsen: How do you get the scope on?

NotSoDumb: I wanted to say that this rifle, for the money, is hard to beat. You can scope it if you want but I'm making unbelievable nichol size groups at 20 yards with open sight on a bench. What's really blowing my mind is this is the only airgun I've ever owned, that actually does great with 10.5 gr. Crosman Premier pellets. I just got the rifle yesterday and will be mounting my Bushnell 4-12x40 on it tomorrow. Finally, a pump air rifle that's worthy of a good scope. I'm 63 years old. I've owned dozens of really good and high priced springers and pump guns but this is the best I've found for the money. You absolutely must try several different brands and gr. weights of pellets. These rifles seem to love the heavier pellets like the Crosman Premiere 10.5 gr. and the Cometa Exact 10.34 gr., I'm thinking the Cometa are a bit better, less fliers. Hope this helps. This rifle is not a toy. It is lethal and treat it as such.

Kyros Nikomedes: Do you think it could take out a squirrel using the pointed pointue's on max pump? And we got those big gray squirrels here...

The Airgun Channel: Awesome review!! We're starting a new air gun and pellet testing channel where we'll be doing .177 ballistics gel testing, pellet grouping, and pellet shooting contests with our viewers, hope to see you there!!

Outdoorsman2257: No prob 

Ben Goodridge: Thanks man I watched your review and bought the gun off Amazon today! Thanks for the informational video

pedro trejo: Do u need like a license to get in amozan

just1985stl: what color is that exact rifle? black or brown?

andong nicolas: Hi! How long is the barrel?

Edward Moragne: Are you using the scope while you shot?

pedro trejo: Thanks 

Outdoorsman2257: Im was already gonna get it i watched this video to see how good it was cuz someone said it can go through 2 empty cans of soup,and others said that it sucked but they went over 10 pumps.DO NOT GO OVER 10 PUMPS WITH THIS RIFLE.

BrandonEvans10001: $39.99 at walmart got it today and killed a rabbit 

Collin Case: I have that gun!

BrandonEvans10001: that has nothing to do with damage. trust me its not going to do that to anything else

Lego Person: I think he said amazon.com

Richard Lloyd: It would be .177 calibre (4.5mm) bb or pellet.

Mathijs Sanders: I don't know wich one , this one or the crosman recruit .177

hardcoremaniac bmxers: i got a gamo camo rocket very good gun for me very light weight easy to rooster and amazingly accurate

Richard Lloyd: I don't have a chronograph but I am impressed with the power.

Johnny Appleseed: How many pellets can it hold

Richard Lloyd: Very cool and imaginative. I looked at those $2 laser pointers many times and thought, that would work as a laser sight.

zack miller: could kill rabits with pellets

Richard Lloyd: My pleasure.

Mathijs Sanders: Which one would you recommend?

Mike Diligent: my bro told me about your site it's Epic,do you deliver any item to UK.

Richard Lloyd: Sweet rifle. Which PCP rifle are you going for?

Mike Diligent: i really like the PowerLine Model 901 only problem is am 26 years old & don't have Identification so i think am screwed or am i.

Broas Opress: I built one out of a laser pen and some molding pellets, coming to a price of around $20 and I have never missed a target after that day, and it is still removable from the gun

Dana-matthew Woodward: Bb

Richard Lloyd: Not sure what the laws are where you live. I would suggest if you need ID to buy it to go some ID. Cheers.

Richard Lloyd: 10 pumps is the maximum recommended pumps to shoot this gun. The white smoke is probably oil in the gun dieseling which means you are actually igniting the oil because of the high compression and yes that will definitely give the pellet or BB an extra kick. My guess that this is not good for the gun. But ten pumps will kill a bird or a rabbit.

Richard Lloyd: Happy hunting and eating. I am sure you will have good success with this rifle.

Richard Lloyd: The Recruit rifle has a max velocity of 680 FPS and the 880 Rifle has max 800 FPS. The Recruit has a smooth bore barrel and the 880 has a rifled barrel which should make it more accurate. On those two factors alone I would choose the 880.

MeXicAnJoKer650: My first airgun.. What good times now I have an RWS 350 Magnum .22 and hope to have a PCP rifle later on.

John Fernandez: hey guy how much fps on one pump?????

Richard Lloyd: I have no doubt it could kill rabbits.

cccars12: The bb was in the can you can hear it

paintskate610: Im gettin that this x mas

Dana-matthew Woodward: Lol u can hear the Bob in there and he's all I wonder were it is lol
Daisy.177 880 Powerline Kit air rifle review and test firing. 4.6 out of 5

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Daisy.177 880 Powerline Kit air rifle review and test firing.