Daisy.177 880 Powerline Kit Air Rifle Review And Test Firing.

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Endergaming: I got clay shatter shots with the kit. Same gun. I love the gun killed 5 squirrels with it. I got mine at pickles sporting goods.

Joe Chavez: Can you buy me one? 

Kenneth bell: Hey nice video is it hard to load

Garrett Larson: Can you kill a rabbit with that? I haven't had any luck

Richard Lloyd: +David Layne I believe it depends on the type of ammo you are using.

David Layne: Does a cleaner hole in the can mean it is more powerful?

Jay Stein: Awesome. I just ordered this, bunch of BB's and a winchester/Daisy 2-7 x32 scope, now I realize I should have ordered a crapload of pellets, guess I have to hit walmart. Nice little review video. Thanks. I'm totally impatient to go shooting

Bung Booce: What kind of pellets did you use?

Richard Lloyd: @Lucas Thorton Yes mine was sighted properly out of the box. But that may not be the case every time. Thanks

Lucas Thornton: Is this rifle sighted in when you get it out of the box

Jp Redd: i cant get the bb in

jakebob200: Sorry to hear about the dictatorial restrictions that socialist Canada has put on it's citizens.  But then again, since they put up with and elect such people to run their government, I can't feel sorry for them. A famous quote: "If you sacrifice freedom for security, you will get neither and you deserve neither."

jakebob200: Hmmmm, I was hoping for a review that would talk exclusively about accuracy, pellets vs BB's. All else is a irrelevant. After watching this vid, I still have no idea how accurate it is. But nice close ups of the cans,

Richard Lloyd: @Tahmid Rahman It's actually a real air rifle not a fake gun.

Tahmid Rahman: This is a fake gun right

sondo b: beside just screwing down the scope. did you add anything to the scope mount. I can't get this scope zeroed what so ever. I unscrewed the windage as far as it will go and still can't get anywhere close to the target.

ogbobbye: wish daisy had pellet clips like crosman does, do you know if a crosman clip will work on this gun? how easy/hard is it to load pellets with the scope mounted?

MrRazor: I dont know if anyone will respond but i have noticed that bb's are very inaccurate is there anyway to make it shoot bb's more accurately? Could you drill some more bolts into it? I dont know how but any insight is very appreciated!

Slakass55: Wow, what an incredible deal for what seems to be a great gun for target practice. Too bad our Canadian laws prohibit anything over 500 fps, so this gun is unattainable till I get a firearms license (yes, you heard that right). For now will have to stick to my Crosman M4-177 which is horribly detuned for Canada (you get less than 350 fps with pellets). Maybe it's time Canadian laws smartened up a bit? I mean, we're talking at a .17 air gun here, not a real firearm. Politicians...
Daisy.177 880 Powerline Kit air rifle review and test firing. 5 out of 5

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Michael P: Are you using a suppressor with the subsonic ammo ? if not what is the advantage of subsonic? 
birthdaybrian: This is awesome! I liked it.
Christopher Miller: Anyone else find the dialog really strange?  The first issue was better written than StarWars #1 but this issue seems to be slipping in that department.  Artwork is ok.
Ervin Nimcevic: "That's my tissue paper" LMFAO
TypicalB18: Hi, This remote will not work with the RX100. They might have some other remotes that are available to the RX100 but I can't find any at the moment and I'm not too sure if the RX100 has Infrared or not.
acetraker1988: Tyranids is the worst army in 6th :v, I like there fluff and idea though
Shiva Adithya: Abbah terrific

Daisy.177 880 Powerline Kit air rifle review and test firing.