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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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stitchmad: LOL so funny!
survialtv: Hey dave, I've found a marbles hatchet that'll run you around 23 dollars new on Amazon. It is an American Hickory handled Hudson bay type hatchet that is hand forged out of 1045 high carbon steel. The handle is approximately 19 inches long I believe Another great axe is the Husqvarna forest axe. they're made in Sweden in the same place as the wetterlings axes we are all so fond of. Thank you for all of your great and informative videos and your consideration. Zac
Sébastien Froidevaux: Hello , first a big congratulations for your demonstrations and quality of your guitar playing ! I want to buy a fuzz pedal. I was thinking of buying me the Dunlop Fuzz Face Silicon Mini Blue ... but it is quite expensive and I hear that the Mooer Grey Fuzz model sounds good ... which of the two do you recommend ? Thank you and congratulations for your musical skills !
Destiny Plays: rapha up maconha de prata kkkkkk
TuTecnoMundo - Android: ¡NUEVO VIDEO! Consigue las Apps de Xperia GRATIS para cualquier Android
Alabama Tractor Pickers: I realize it isn't an IH factory option. I was meaning that it is a factory made aftermarket hitch. 
Chris Smith: great video. much appreciated.

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