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TEAMrecon TX: My manual 2013 accent will hit 0-60 in 7.0sec BC you can take it just over 7,000rpm before it redlines. My trip to Tyler,TX - Austin,TX got me 44mpg there & back. My daily back roads to work & back driving gets me 35-40 depending on how I drive for that tank. In town I get 27-34 in light to light driving.
phonphiphut chandang: รุ่นนี้เป็นดาร์ก้อนเพาว์เวอร์
Herb Andler: mine (in video) is a chiweenie--dashound and chiwawa---loves to ride !! lot of people think she is a min-pin
HACHI Mendoza: pasame el link pa descargar minecraft completo para macbook
Ulee Wintle: When rage was readin the sign right before the main facility a zombie walked by the door and it was pretty epic... 
Brad Tallman: Crappy video quality means crappy representation of your nice products.
Winny Han: I want Handsome Jack to resurrect again in a sequel. You can't get enough of this guy.

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