Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Vs Kahr PM9

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Dean Coronado: Just got a PM9 today, and the mag ejects positively, even though I haven't shot it yet. When it's slightly more horizontal, same thing. I realize this video is 3 years old, so maybe Kahr changed things. Also, mine came with three mags, two flush-fit and one extended. Is it worth the higher cost? To me it was...out of all the small pistols I've shot, I've been pretty accurate with the PM9.

Isiah Stroud: Tha'nks for responding

Isiah Stroud: What is the weight comparison  of the two guns.

billy fatbowe: ...M&P options?...therearent any...LoL...

Mike Grimes: How about the way they shoot? Recoil? Accuracy?  I woud imagine with the lighter weight the Kahr would have more recoil and less accurate with the shorter sight radius.

Rugged Boys Outdoors: shield hands down.  better trigger and holds another round.

Ammo Man: The CM9 would be a better comparison as I paid $345 for one and $335 for the shield.

eludethis: For $300 more you can get a CZ-75 P01. 

SKKC1986: I guess for $300 extra bucks, you get a smaller gun I guess...........haha

MegaChubbyboy: I would pick the Shield over the PM9 even if the prices were the same.  Withe the ridiculous price of the PM9, the choice is even easier-----Shield.

TheSquigims: field strip is easier on the Kahr.  The M&P needs a goofy tool.

Charles Rodriguez: Why go thru all the work to a video review when you don't know all the facts related to the guns.  Do the research before putting it on line.  I realized a little less than half way thru that the guy was not familiar enough with the manufacturing quality of the  Kahr to really talk about.

Z.A.P. Squad: Didn't read thru all the replies, but if someone haven't commented on why the $300 price difference, it is because the PM9 has a polygonal barrel, thus the "P" in its name.  The CM9 which is essentially the same as the PM9, except the CM9 has a conventional barrel, thus the "C" in its name.  The polygonal barrel is a much better barrel. 

13noman1: Thanks for the informative video.  This is useful for someone considering either the Kahr or the Shield as a new purchase, though a direct comparison with the Kahr CW9 (price, size etc) would likely be more relevant.
I have a few Kahrs (including the PM9 here) and found this review helpful in staving off the desire for another slim 9 given that the differences are fairly minor (except for cost)...and I already have the Kahr.

Antione Ford: Good video. I own the Stainless PM9 and owned the Shield in 9mm and sold it. Cost deltas on the Kahr are driven by the polygonal rifling of the barrel vs the hexagonal rifling in the shield. Also, 416 Stainless Steel is more expensive than case hardened carbon steel. Also, the Shield uses a lot of MIM parts in the internals and the Kahr PM line does not. I agree completely on the trigger assessment although I do slightly favor the Kahr because of the "smoothness". Another reason why I sold the Shield was because the finish began to flake off near the front sight. Nothing to do with firing the weapon but exposed carbon steel will turn rusty before long; the chromium in stainless steels serves as a rust abatement.

Gary Pope: I have the 9mm M&P Shield and I carry it in a DeSantis Nemesis U4 pocket holster using the short magazine. It is very comfortable and as long as I wear pants with deep pockets, it does not print. The Shield is a great gun and is very easy to shoot accurately and with minimum recoil. And it is a good price (if you can find one).

GERALD OLAS: I love my pm9. That shield looks really nice tho

paintballmagnet: Strange that all of my Kahr mags drop free.  I have both pistols, prefer the Kahr for pocket carry but lean toward the Shield for "shootability."   Both have been 100% reliable.
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield vs Kahr PM9 5 out of 5

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Smith & Wesson M&P Shield vs Kahr PM9