Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Vs Kahr PM9

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Don Farris: The Kahr has a double action trigger only. No reset at all

Nick Wallace: smith & Wesson is a better buy. If you plan on upgrading the Kahr to make it better why not just buy the better gun and upgrade it. Save yourself some money and buy the Shield.

Jovan Ventura: i have the Massachusetts PM9 with the newer "enhanced trigger", very smooth and breaks about halfway, reset is probably similar though. 600rds. through mine and only 1 FTE with a mixed mag, so pretty much flawless performer.

also you can get optional 8rd. magazines also for even more capacity!

great video with an objective view, thanks!

Bobshouse: Took me a whole 23 seconds into the video to tell where this was going.

seattwa: I'll tell you what that extra $300 gets you. It gets you $300 poorer!

Jacob Ortiz: crap I pack it in my pocket

Casey Melick: Thank you so much for the video "brilliant". It'll helped me decide. Once again preciate your professionalism, your top shelf thank you sir.

Charles Marshall: I've owned 3 Kahrs and now I carry a Shield exclusively all year. The Shield with an Apex Flat faced trigger kit is dramatically superior. Kahr has a very long trigger pull and full reset. Shield with Apex kit and wolfe trigger spring is a very short glass smooth trigger and very short reset with a 3.5 pound pull. Kahr customer service is terrible. Shield with Magguts mods is a 10 shot pistol.

Pete Diamond: How much diff in weight? Its tough to watch 10min

Dean Coronado: Just got a PM9 today, and the mag ejects positively, even though I haven't shot it yet. When it's slightly more horizontal, same thing. I realize this video is 3 years old, so maybe Kahr changed things. Also, mine came with three mags, two flush-fit and one extended. Is it worth the higher cost? To me it was...out of all the small pistols I've shot, I've been pretty accurate with the PM9.

Ikes comments: Tha'nks for responding

Ikes comments: What is the weight comparison  of the two guns.

billy fatbowe: ...M&P options?...therearent any...LoL...

Mike Grimes: How about the way they shoot? Recoil? Accuracy?  I woud imagine with the lighter weight the Kahr would have more recoil and less accurate with the shorter sight radius.

Rugged Boys Outdoors: shield hands down.  better trigger and holds another round.

Ammo Man: @ 0:13 you stated you've had the PM9 for a couple of years and that you just picked up the Shield.
Then @ 6:30 you state that you are just not used to the Kahr trigger??????

eludethis: For $300 more you can get a CZ-75 P01. 

SKKC1986: I guess for $300 extra bucks, you get a smaller gun I guess...........haha

MegaChubbyboy: I would pick the Shield over the PM9 even if the prices were the same.  Withe the ridiculous price of the PM9, the choice is even easier-----Shield.
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield vs Kahr PM9 5 out of 5

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Smith & Wesson M&P Shield vs Kahr PM9