Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Vs Kahr PM9

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srg914: I gave up on the cm9...too many problems. And I can pocket carry the shield with a magguts +2 kit giving me 9+1. Shield ftw all day.

Jolly Li: Extra $300 gets you smallest 9mm on the market that can hold over 6 rounds. So, good for ankles, g strings. Reaching the limits of size, you have to pay/increment of improvement : although the economy version of the Kahr CM9 will match perfectly with the shield price. except for the blowout rebate they are having now (likely clearing out all the inventory to start bringing in the 2.0 in compact and subcompact size).

marv farley: I have no experience with the PM9 but my shield has been excellent . I have a kahr cw380 which works fine shoots well " IF " you run ball ammo . Wont run defense ammo and i had a picky gun .

dig duck: cm9 is cheaper pm9 and cm9 it is bit cheaper than mp shield. hard choices to make. I had a mp compact before , it was decent gun but didn't like that mushy trigger.

XGiveMeLibertyX: The height being about the same on both guns means they are going to carry about the same. So I'm thinking I will go with the S&W because I will get an extra round and better velocity with the longer barrel.

Kirk McCoy: Have both, love my PM9 except you CANNOT, rack the slide by hand and a full magazine. You have to rack the slide, hit the slide lock, insert mag then release lock.... NOT pull back on the slide and let go like EVERY other handgun. Some say after it is truly worn in you can and I have had some success. Read the manual, this is in there. Just how it works. When I had a CCW I did not like to carry this loaded one in the chamber. So it was worthless in that condition. Carry one in the chamber, empty a mag, insert new mag, hit mag release.. presto, works awesome. Just something you'd need to be aware of and train with. Trigger is a million times better than almost any other hand gun, including my Sheild 9mm. But, I mostly carry my Sheild, it has a safety and you can rack a round just like any other auto pistol.. save for the PM9. And my PM9 was 900 bucks.

Eddie Inzauto: I've watched this video probably 50 times over the years. Thanks for the good comparison. I still could never make a decision between the CM9 and the Shield. Went with a Kahr MK9. Ha!

Oberstgreup: I actually prefer the MK9 for a 9mm this size. A few extra ounces to carry are hardly a deal breaker but it makes the gun much more shootable and you still get a more compact package than the Shield.

MedigapToday: Very good video, and in my opinion the CM9 is not worth the money, so if somebody wants a Kahr, they should get the CM9 and save the cash, or better yet, get the shield which is a better gun.

Sun Worshiper: Great video. Thanks for the detailed well thought out information.

Don Farris: The Kahr has a double action trigger only. No reset at all

Nick Wallace: smith & Wesson is a better buy. If you plan on upgrading the Kahr to make it better why not just buy the better gun and upgrade it. Save yourself some money and buy the Shield.

Jovan Ventura: i have the Massachusetts PM9 with the newer "enhanced trigger", very smooth and breaks about halfway, reset is probably similar though. 600rds. through mine and only 1 FTE with a mixed mag, so pretty much flawless performer.

also you can get optional 8rd. magazines also for even more capacity!

great video with an objective view, thanks!

Bobshouse: Took me a whole 23 seconds into the video to tell where this was going.

seattwa: I'll tell you what that extra $300 gets you. It gets you $300 poorer!

Jacob Ortiz: crap I pack it in my pocket

Casey Melick: Thank you so much for the video "brilliant". It'll helped me decide. Once again preciate your professionalism, your top shelf thank you sir.

Charles Marshall: I've owned 3 Kahrs and now I carry a Shield exclusively all year. The Shield with an Apex Flat faced trigger kit is dramatically superior. Kahr has a very long trigger pull and full reset. Shield with Apex kit and wolfe trigger spring is a very short glass smooth trigger and very short reset with a 3.5 pound pull. Kahr customer service is terrible. Shield with Magguts mods is a 10 shot pistol.

Dean Coronado: Just got a PM9 today, and the mag ejects positively, even though I haven't shot it yet. When it's slightly more horizontal, same thing. I realize this video is 3 years old, so maybe Kahr changed things. Also, mine came with three mags, two flush-fit and one extended. Is it worth the higher cost? To me it was...out of all the small pistols I've shot, I've been pretty accurate with the PM9.

Ikes comments: Tha'nks for responding
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield vs Kahr PM9 5 out of 5

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srg914: I gave up on the cm9...too many problems. And I can pocket carry the shield with a magguts +2 kit giving me 9+1. Shield ftw all day.
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Smith & Wesson M&P Shield vs Kahr PM9