Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Vs Kahr PM9

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seattwa: I'll tell you what that extra $300 gets you. It gets you $300 poorer!

Jacob Ortiz: crap I pack it in my pocket

Casey Melick: Thank you so much for the video "brilliant". It'll helped me decide. Once again preciate your professionalism, your top shelf thank you sir.

Charles Marshall: I've owned 3 Kahrs and now I carry a Shield exclusively all year. The Shield with an Apex Flat faced trigger kit is dramatically superior. Kahr has a very long trigger pull and full reset. Shield with Apex kit and wolfe trigger spring is a very short glass smooth trigger and very short reset with a 3.5 pound pull. Kahr customer service is terrible. Shield with Magguts mods is a 10 shot pistol.

Pete Diamond: How much diff in weight? Its tough to watch 10min

Dean Coronado: Just got a PM9 today, and the mag ejects positively, even though I haven't shot it yet. When it's slightly more horizontal, same thing. I realize this video is 3 years old, so maybe Kahr changed things. Also, mine came with three mags, two flush-fit and one extended. Is it worth the higher cost? To me it was...out of all the small pistols I've shot, I've been pretty accurate with the PM9.

Ikes comments: Tha'nks for responding

Ikes comments: What is the weight comparison  of the two guns.

billy fatbowe: ...M&P options?...therearent any...LoL...

Mike Grimes: How about the way they shoot? Recoil? Accuracy?  I woud imagine with the lighter weight the Kahr would have more recoil and less accurate with the shorter sight radius.

Rugged Boys Outdoors: shield hands down.  better trigger and holds another round.

Ammo Man: The CM9 would be a better comparison as I paid $345 for one and $335 for the shield.

eludethis: For $300 more you can get a CZ-75 P01. 

SKKC1986: I guess for $300 extra bucks, you get a smaller gun I guess...........haha

MegaChubbyboy: I would pick the Shield over the PM9 even if the prices were the same.  Withe the ridiculous price of the PM9, the choice is even easier-----Shield.

TheSquigims: field strip is easier on the Kahr.  The M&P needs a goofy tool.

Charles Rodriguez: Why go thru all the work to a video review when you don't know all the facts related to the guns.  Do the research before putting it on line.  I realized a little less than half way thru that the guy was not familiar enough with the manufacturing quality of the  Kahr to really talk about.

Z.A.P. Squad: Didn't read thru all the replies, but if someone haven't commented on why the $300 price difference, it is because the PM9 has a polygonal barrel, thus the "P" in its name.  The CM9 which is essentially the same as the PM9, except the CM9 has a conventional barrel, thus the "C" in its name.  The polygonal barrel is a much better barrel. 

13noman1: Thanks for the informative video.  This is useful for someone considering either the Kahr or the Shield as a new purchase, though a direct comparison with the Kahr CW9 (price, size etc) would likely be more relevant.
I have a few Kahrs (including the PM9 here) and found this review helpful in staving off the desire for another slim 9 given that the differences are fairly minor (except for cost)...and I already have the Kahr.
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield vs Kahr PM9 5 out of 5

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Smith & Wesson M&P Shield vs Kahr PM9