How To Override Bypass GM VATS Passlock 1 2 Passkey Anti Theft System

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How to Override Bypass GM VATS Passlock 1 2 Passkey Anti Theft System
How to Override Bypass GM VATS Passlock 1 2 Passkey Anti Theft System
GM Passkey Passlock VATS Bypass
GM Passkey Passlock VATS Bypass
Doing a bypass module on an older vehicle GM VATS Passlock or transponder
Doing a bypass module on an older vehicle GM VATS Passlock or transponder
How to bypass the security system in  90s GM cars
How to bypass the security system in 90s GM cars
Chevrolet s10 Zr2 Blazer passlock II bypass
Chevrolet s10 Zr2 Blazer passlock II bypass "HOW TO"

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cannon m: well i'd love to say you saved me 1000.00 but unfortunately I didn't watch your video the first time I had this problem but now that I've had this problem a second time on a completely different vehicle I watched your video and saved myself 500.00 thanks so much for putting this up.

amanda taylor: What size resistor are you using to disable the alarm? This seems to be my only option. thanks

john smith: You appear to know what you are doing BUT your explanation and teaching skills STINK!

Bucknakeed1: DUDE!!!!! The resistor worked on my 2001 saturn L300 I've been working on this SOB for weeks fix'n code's and chasing ghosts.. I did everything to disable that got damn passlock. When I saw this I went to the car cut the yellow wire. I then placed a 580 ohm 1/2 watt resistor. I thin used starting fluid to get the car to run long enough for the passlock to shut the hell up. I rotated the key about 40 times and BAM. THINK YOU THANK YOU . . Yeeehaaww

James Benson: ok guys i have a 1993 LT1 6 speed, it was running fine then it stoped !  now it dont want to start ! it turns over and over !!wont start!! let it sit for a couple days ! it starts then it died ! again and again! then it shut down and wont start !!, i changed Opti spark, coil 3 times!! ICM 3 times!! i let it sit all week ! i went out and try,d it !!it started again ran for about 20 mins died ! same thing again !!   what relay is he talking about??? NEED HELP BAD!!!

reddogg850: I have an 04 gmc canyon, with the pljx bypass, and a viper alarm. Everything on alarm works besides the remote start. After hooking up the bypass and when i connect the ground when armed wire, and arm the alarm, i get power to dash lights as if i had a key in the acc position. Hopefully i explained it clearly. Please help. Thank u for any sugestions.

james bethley: Need help wat wire is the passlock on 04 impala help

Cynthia Hamm: PLEASE HELP!!! I have a 2002 Pontiac Gran Am Gt 3.4. Its had the no start problem for a year now. It use to start by doing the 10 minute relearn but since about 2 months ago it take me hrs to get it started and every time I turn it off I have to start all over again doing the 10 minute relearn over and over until it finally starts. I tried cutting the yellow wire and installing a resistor to it and the black wire it worked for a few days then failed. I put a new resistor on it worked for about an hour and stopped. Ive been trying for 3 days now to get it started. started yesterday, i let it run for a few minutes turned it off and tried to start again and it wouldn't. Been trying all day and im getting nothing. I hooked everything back up the factory way and still nothing. Please help! Single mother of 3 trying to do this myself lost my job 3 weeks ago cause I couldnt get to work so I have no money to pay somebody to do it for me. Please I'm begging you help me! Any information will be much appreciated. If you could call me and talk me through it that would be very helpful (423)943-6147
Thank you soo very much,

steve eaton: I have a 2001 corvette went through the being stranded issue with blinking Security light. New Keys did not work sprayed computer board cleaner in ignition, try anything. It worked for a day now it starts fine but the security light stays on, what should I do?? Is there a video on how to change on in a c5? My original Key has 593 ohm resistance and the new ones 600, within 10%. Can I drive it with security light on or will it shut me down when it wants to?

Russell Hollingsworth: iv got a 2002 regal the key has been changed to a none chip key what do I do in this case ,, don't have the oem key

Eric Bachmann: First: If you are going to do a How-to video on a GM vehicle, you could have at least used a GM key that actually has the Passkey Chip.
Second: Simply "pretending" that the key has a chip is hilarious!!! Actually testing a GM key with the Passkey Chip would have been WAAAAAAAAY better. JMO
Third: I frequent a Forum where a lot of the members have done this VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System) bypass. Myself, being in the car audio industry,  I DO NOT recommend this, BUT, If the VATS system is beyond "reasonable" repair, A Bypass may be the only "reasonable" option. I ALWAYS recommend installing an after market alarm system after the VATS bypass has been done. In the video, the guy says the resistance in the key (chip) pellet can be anywhere between 400-15,000 ohms. There are 15 possible ohm values, the lower being 402 and the higher being 11,800.

Chris Quick: Security light on solid for 5 seconds then goes out, engine doesn't turn over. I put a ohm meter across the PK2 key resister and get no reading. Cleaned and Tried front to back, back to front, nothing. Am I to assume the resister is bad? It's the only key for the car. Any suggestion?

Edwardo Diaz: There is a recall for this. Get it fixed right & free. 800-762-2737

Danroxye01: About the Passlock Bypass? ( part of an old remote starter package)  I wish to remove it and return to original configuration. I suspect this recently intalled Passlock Bypass to be causing excessive battery drainage. So I am confused on the procedure ( How to do it properly ) . The reason , ever since GM ignition switch recall, GM shop sent me else where to have this generic remote starter reprogramed,  elsewhere garage had to replace Passlock Bypass box, and now, I notice battery drainage and it cant be that new battery I just installed. I got the remote starter out but when I removed the Passlock Bypass out of the saturn Ion I notice car passlock indicator on ( car would start anyway with the indicator on ). Could you please explain a simple procedure ?

Jodi Adams: Here is a permanent fix you can do it yourself

SECURITY BYPASS: This site has a lot of information and can help you beat this problem for far less than the $1000 dealer quote.
How to Override Bypass GM VATS Passlock 1 2 Passkey Anti Theft System 5 out of 5

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How to Override Bypass GM VATS Passlock 1 2 Passkey Anti Theft System