Duncan Butterfly Yoyo

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yoyoreviewsandmore: what it cant open :(

Adam Schultz: how???

yovilleonmyspace: How much $ does this yo-yo cost?

AlexanderWearsPrada: @dannydvs Pull.

Killernor: no forget it its not neccsarsary :)

zachsupercoolvideos: i do send me the link !!!!!!! plz

Wil Christensen: i hav one it doesnt sleep that long

ballin555jb: i tried that yoyo before and it broke within two days because i unscrewed a wing to put in a new string

Ryan Moore: bcause he put a bearing in his

Mfresh288: What's bist it?

gmodroxx5: wtf mines isnt like that

Killernor: please can you make one more and give it to me for free and i will make a clip about it ;)

karate75milano: Look at my video, I have already done! Is an orange imperial

Compect ortiz: how u make it sleep long

karate75milano: yes it is, it's a B|ST mod.

Clark Kennedy: OMG im emailing u man for 3 reasons... 1: u rock! 2: your sleeper is about 10000 longer than my one and 3d... i payed gd money for my one i mean its good but i need to do a long sleeper.

karate75milano: Man put some glue and fix it. Duncan Buttterfly and Imperial can not be opened.

Ryo Murata: how long does the butterfly sleep. does it sleep less than a typical ball bearing one?

karate75milano: you must put a dot between "bist" and "it" ;-)

karate75milano: It's a BIST MOD, Mr. BIST puts a balla bearing and 2 Difeo pads. Do you want to see it inside?

Dex Steel: how did you make it spin that long

technobob93: i have the same problem

xXbobXx19088: what size is the ball bearing that you used I want to add a ball bearing to my butterfly

Restrict341: @amindumaru use the duncan butterfly or u can do a strong sleeper

karate75milano: If you want to see the inside please mail me because i cant post link here!

tracy2222222222: different axel i believe

gmodroxx5: theres no such ting though

DarkHailProductions: Please reply how do you make it sleep that long

bluespring6: This yoyo is ancient

klpstr: hey youngfox i think your yo-yo is fixed axle.

spitfire02304: yea i have a red one but it cant even do a long sleeper help??

karate75milano: Learn the basic tricks and in a couple of months buy a bearing yoyo. i suggest the Kickside or the duncan FH. Lyn fury is a good yoyo too!

VVeslo95: should i get the butterfly or the dragonfly?

Bistocracy: @TVJumpTV that's true!

PlanetOrigami: I don't know why but my brand new red Duncan butterfly never wants to do the sleep trick. And when it ever does I throw it down very weak and when I get it back up it tangles.

scarredfingers12: ball bearing

Jake Kalbfeld: somebody help me please i just got the same butterfly as him from toys r us for 5 dollars and wen it sleeps it goes for like 5 seconds and then it dies out. how can i make it sleep longer and do more tricks

KyubiFreak: yeah, same here - _ -

enjoiskaterlizard123: every time i do the trapize the stops spinning

Jesse Zhang: fernandz13, to do that, right before it touches the string,you have to give the string some slack, or it'll bounce right off, no matter what yoyo.


Drex33: was this modified?

Restrict341: doing a powerful sleeper

animorphsjake: i have a red but its the older 2002 version. Im getting the new one for christmas its 2nd on my list.

amensandomens: LOL! it takes forever to make a stock butterfly sleep. i started getting the hang of it and then it stopped sleeping. now it just goes down and comes back up in a quickness and almost breaks my damn fingers instead of sleeping.

Xaulleon: is there a tutorial for this mod?

dragonslayer1st: @gmodroxx5 some lol i picked it up in town for £3 and it fails!

dskid28: i have the same one but in blue and mine dosnt sleep

gmodroxx5: plz can u plz show me cause all the yoyo in here sucks

Nikodem9: cool.
Duncan Butterfly yoyo 4.7 out of 5

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yoyoreviewsandmore: what it cant open :(
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Duncan Butterfly yoyo