Duncan Butterfly Yoyo

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chuy b: what's that trick called?

yoyoreviewsandmore: what it cant open :(

Hieratic Master: Me too

PlanetOrigami: I don't know why but my brand new red Duncan butterfly never wants to do the sleep trick. And when it ever does I throw it down very weak and when I get it back up it tangles.

Planeswalkers Inc.: is there a tutorial for this mod?

Compect ortiz: how u make it sleep long

dskid28: i have the same one but in blue and mine dosnt sleep

Claudia Sabogal Galeano: could you make a video of how you mod it

Dex Steel: how did you make it spin that long

Wil Christensen: i hav one it doesnt sleep that long

Mitko: @karate75milano how do you replace the axle. how do you even open it?

Ryo Murata: how long does the butterfly sleep. does it sleep less than a typical ball bearing one?

Bistocracy: @TVJumpTV that's true!

Mitko: @karate75milano I tried that but nothing came out.

Bistocracy: ? are you sure? Laceration with a stock fixed axel is equal to a wheelie with a bike whitout wheels °_O


karate75milano: yes, it was! The return system and axel was replaced with an alloy return silicon system + ball bearing. in "take yoyo less serious" by B!ST I play this yoyo.

Bistocracy: @laroche710 B!ST MOD!

jaylen laroche: how do make a Duncan butterfly sleep

karate75milano: look for bistocrascy at youtube there's a video "how to do"
Duncan Butterfly yoyo 5 out of 5

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chuy b: what's that trick called?
M the Ninja: I love the music in this stage
Andresson Marcante: ola me tire uma duvida esse farol da certo ou da pra adotar nas ranger 95 96 97?
mixedandnot: Hello Cat, I am knitting my first sock in the Magic Loop method.  I think I am doing it right, except the last stitch has a wide gap.  Why?  Help!
James Haan: do you want to sell it???
t z: welche waffen hast du

Duncan Butterfly yoyo