Duncan Butterfly Yoyo

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Butterfly Yoyo Review
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Butterfly Yo-Yo from Duncan Toys
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Duncan butterfly XT yoyo review (non demonstration)
Duncan Butterfly YoYo Review
Duncan Butterfly YoYo Review
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Duncan butterfly XT review

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Jesus Sauceda: what's that trick called?

yoyoreviewsandmore: what it cant open :(

Hieratic Master: Me too

PlanetOrigami: I don't know why but my brand new red Duncan butterfly never wants to do the sleep trick. And when it ever does I throw it down very weak and when I get it back up it tangles.

Planeswalkers Inc.: is there a tutorial for this mod?

Compect ortiz: how u make it sleep long

dskid28: i have the same one but in blue and mine dosnt sleep

Claudia Sabogal Galeano: could you make a video of how you mod it

Dex Steel: how did you make it spin that long

Wil Christensen: i hav one it doesnt sleep that long

hmng2piano: how du u make the yoyo sleep longer

ghman01: Queen!

bluespring6: This yoyo is ancient

Mitko: @karate75milano how do you replace the axle. how do you even open it?

Ryo Murata: how long does the butterfly sleep. does it sleep less than a typical ball bearing one?

Bistocracy: @TVJumpTV that's true!

Mitko: @karate75milano I tried that but nothing came out.

Bistocracy: ? are you sure? Laceration with a stock fixed axel is equal to a wheelie with a bike whitout wheels °_O


karate75milano: yes, it was! The return system and axel was replaced with an alloy return silicon system + ball bearing. in "take yoyo less serious" by B!ST I play this yoyo.
Duncan Butterfly yoyo 5 out of 5

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Fancy Face Felicia (FANCYM3): Nice... I love the look Doll- New Subbie! I have a channel too, please check it out ;)
carlos enrique diaz mayorga: what´s the name and the traedmarke of the device?
Allen D: Wow great video! Very helpfull I can't wait to stream and get DONATIONS! I just want $$ it's my life
James Nickel: Cool ridin' man...you are GOOD!  Safe travels!
Vadim Peretokin: The video seems to be a dated - for example, reqif is used now as the format and drag and drop allows you to set/unset child relationships now, not requiring cut and paste.
algoyene: I wish it would still be made in the USA by Bausch and Lomb and not by Luxotica, which is going to outsource the making of the 'Bans in China. 
Magdalena Berrios Jara: vean el video 10 de julio 2016

Duncan Butterfly yoyo