Sun Moon Kin Quan Dao

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Sun Moon Kin Quan Dao
Sun Moon Kin Quan Dao

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yinghonghaohan319: Nice!

Alexander Tse: Pun dao? I think not 100% work well with his

Bedstysifu: Nice!

tcraig5100: Excuse my ignorance, but what is this weapon called and how does one go about finding one?

ae872001: 把野好型...

jeffdoeskungfu: Beautiful weapon. I think I would kill myself if I ever tried to use this though.

holymantis: Hi Alexander, What a nice gift from your friend, Would you say that the Pun dao form movements work well with this weapon? regards roy

Alexander Tse: The title is the name of this weapon,you have to tailor make this.

ShowMeYaVids: Cicada Blade has straight blades, this one is curved

Alexander Tse: Hi all my friends: Very glad to hear that you all like my special gift! Thanks! Best regards, Alex

YANHAP1: Tse Sifu, with all due have too much fun!!! Thank you for sharing once again.

Erykthebat: @exhibitAfilms Also known as the Freakin Bat'LeTh

markohu: amazing weapons from Italy.

UltraHikari: Is this weapon also known as the Cicada Blade(蝉子刀)?
Sun Moon Kin Quan Dao 4.9 out of 5

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Sun Moon Kin Quan Dao