How To Prime And Fill A DCT (dual Coil Cartomizer Tank)

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ThisIsGodsSon: I'm a fairly new vapor, havent smoked a cancer stick since. I don't know if you still read comments (or someone else for your company?). But thank you. Thank you because I have vented about 4 batteries simply due to the fact that I have not primed correctly.

I filled the juice before the line. But haven't sucked it as hard as i was supposed to for the juice to wet the coil fabric. Now that I have done that, it works.

Sadly I am on sony batteries and haven't had a huge hit of smoke yet (charging an extra at full capacity to see if there is a difference voltage-wise). I will be buying samsung batts next.

What I want to know as a potential customer. Do you guys sell bottom buttons (lol the one you push to get the coil heated) separately? I have an AR mod. Specifically an AR 031 military-style mod body. I am using the Aspire tank.


deathpunch84: How long does it normally take to prime a new cartomizer?

Trevor O'Connor: Thanks for the info. I just recently purchased a emow mega starters kit and i couldn't figure out why i was burning through coils so fast. Now after watching your video, I see it is because I didn't get any juice on the wick inside and i was always getting a burnt taste on Some coils. What i don't understand is why would they make parts that can burn, if it is supposed to be heated to the point that liquid vaporizes. 

Jason Thompson: Your awesome Angie!! great tutorial.

E I N S: shoudn't this cigarettes come with some instructions? i bought a lot of tanks and break them all how should i know i need to do something else besides filling it and smoke! i thought the battery was brokes so i bought a new battery also! and now i have 4 batteries, all of them new. i should sue the stupid e-cigarettes comapanies

g0phuckyourself: You're moderately attractive, congrats

andrew w: you really should do more reviews - you do them very very well 

HypermaxZ: Your instructions that came with the starter kit sucks! smokeless smoking. It said to pull off the mouth piece and drip it in the inside hole.  I probably damaged what this chick was saying as it hits like crap.  Change your wording on your instruction booklets so that no one else makes the same mistake I did.  

Sherry Hughes Diggins: Thank you so much!!!  I looked at a lot of videos and you helped me more than all of them put together!!!  I appreciate your expertise!

Mark K.: thx, really helpfull

Ryan Soudelier: Thanks! I have a Lavatube from Volcano eCigs and this was the part they were never really clear on. I did not know about the putting your finger on the bottom to draw the liquid inside the sponge. That worked great! Thanks for the tip.

Garettk01: I used to hav that battery

Premium Vap: video intéressante concernant le remplissage d'un cartomiseur tank afin de l'amorcer correctement avant la première utilisation.
Applicable pour les cartos #boge et #smocktech.

Prochainement en vente chez premium vap =)

andrew centrella: Totally fixed my issue, thank you!

Noutakkun Nandaba: your vid help me with my kanger tank. old coil died and i bought two more. but they kept flooding no matter what. hours of searching i watch this and problem solved. not the same product but helped me nonetheless thanks!!!!!

Mr. Blah: Am i the only one who noticed she looks cross eyed

imheadstrong: The hottest review are on YouTube

SuhinaSeppo: i wan't to see you break a cartomizer by adding juice to the center tube.

Michael McGlone: Nice work. Beautiful woman also.

Lee Owen: I just want to chill guuuuurl, what's good?
How to prime and fill a DCT (dual coil Cartomizer tank) 5 out of 5

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How to prime and fill a DCT (dual coil Cartomizer tank)