How To Prime And Fill A DCT (dual Coil Cartomizer Tank)

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Andre Cherkasov: looks like you have to be a chemical engineer to get that thing juiced up, in uptown with all the hipsters you have all time you want.

Andre Cherkasov: I am local and i can tell you one thing, the worst! Gay Juice that sucks ass for 5 times the price than any other websites sells their juice, which is way better!!! Bunch of pot heads sitting in the store high and selling product that they dont even know the specs. Guys, you only have 20 or so different options in store so try to educate your employees about what they are selling.

Bob Marley: good tip it works I was getting a dry burn very  sexy lady thank you

ThisIsGodsSon: I'm a fairly new vapor, havent smoked a cancer stick since. I don't know if you still read comments (or someone else for your company?). But thank you. Thank you because I have vented about 4 batteries simply due to the fact that I have not primed correctly.

I filled the juice before the line. But haven't sucked it as hard as i was supposed to for the juice to wet the coil fabric. Now that I have done that, it works.

Sadly I am on sony batteries and haven't had a huge hit of smoke yet (charging an extra at full capacity to see if there is a difference voltage-wise). I will be buying samsung batts next.

What I want to know as a potential customer. Do you guys sell bottom buttons (lol the one you push to get the coil heated) separately? I have an AR mod. Specifically an AR 031 military-style mod body. I am using the Aspire tank.


deathpunch84: How long does it normally take to prime a new cartomizer?

Trevor O'Connor: Thanks for the info. I just recently purchased a emow mega starters kit and i couldn't figure out why i was burning through coils so fast. Now after watching your video, I see it is because I didn't get any juice on the wick inside and i was always getting a burnt taste on Some coils. What i don't understand is why would they make parts that can burn, if it is supposed to be heated to the point that liquid vaporizes. 

Jason Thompson: Your awesome Angie!! great tutorial.

E I N S: shoudn't this cigarettes come with some instructions? i bought a lot of tanks and break them all how should i know i need to do something else besides filling it and smoke! i thought the battery was brokes so i bought a new battery also! and now i have 4 batteries, all of them new. i should sue the stupid e-cigarettes comapanies

SuhinaSeppo: i wan't to see you break a cartomizer by adding juice to the center tube.

obieezx11: Really well done video you and Grim Green get my vote for best vapor video's so far in 2014 keep'em coming and thanks so much for your intelligent explosion 

Rogue Reflections: Excellent video. I used the technique you suggested on priming my dial coil Davide. Not priming it on my mod made ALL the difference. Thank you. I was getting a burning and dry taste after a day of use. 

davefollow: Sexy

Niterunner144: Great video. Whats the best way to clean these out?

dinglegonzo: Wow! This is the best method I could find!

AerialGuardian .: You belong on a runway.

Albert Saladini: Thanks for the tip! Great instructions.

123tonkin: Duh !!! Cooking and washing springs to mind.

Tony Capil: Thanks for the very helpful video.. I'm still not sure I'm doing things correct.. :)

daniel bernardo: Or drip a bit around the edges. That helps but no more than 8-10 at a time. Don't want to flood it. Also apv dual coil 6ml pyrex tank steel tip. Greatest vape ever!
How to prime and fill a DCT (dual coil Cartomizer tank) 5 out of 5

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How to prime and fill a DCT (dual coil Cartomizer tank)