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Hunger Games Parody - A spoof on the blockbuster movie - Bad Product Placement -
Hunger Games Parody - A spoof on the blockbuster movie - Bad Product Placement -
David Lynch on Product Placement
David Lynch on Product Placement
Product Placement   Mehr Geld auf YouTube   Für aequitaS - Videoamt
Product Placement Mehr Geld auf YouTube Für aequitaS - Videoamt

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Farrem Shamist: The 30 rock is the most priceless one on the list. Actually it is always the most priceless clip on any product placement list like this.

LoveNmusic41: Yep! Pretty much what I am up against right now. Everyone knows it. Comment if you dare after mine if I am right, cough if I am wrong.

Karthic D: Funny montage about product placement. I love the 30 rock one. Why doesn't England do similar product placement

lmcgee2010: Dreams Never End by New Order. I have been wanting to know for months so I just shazamed it!

zirnozz: @IIImaxpayneIII it's "meet sue be she" by miss kitten

cmsahe: 2001: A Space Odyssey the PANAM space clipper scene is another example.

negativewierdo: @zirnozz it sounds different to the version on dookie

zirnozz: It's an old Green Day song called "Welcome to Paradise"

Chris Soldano: also the Waynes World clip was a joke making fun of Product placement not actual product placement.

RotaryPowered: Ahh, Nuprin. Little..yellow..different.

Anthony Deng: I just came here for wayne's world.

JYZaMaN: didn't expect the kerplunk version :P

Skismom02: there mtn dew

CronoDyne: Many of these aren't "product placement." They're actual commercials featuring cameos from popular characters of the time. The Filinstones clip, for instance, is an actual cigarrette ad.

Fresh Phily: Ahhh get our of my head!!!

manuel campos: 2:38 please!.. what's the name of the song??!!.... anyone?

ALEJ4ND2O: Need...a....cigarette.

Matrixian21: What's the song at 4:40?

Don Krypton: Wayne's world and product placement? Come on - that was just Wayne's real opinion...:-)...!

endlessgametomake: Yes,welcome to the world of"product placement,"or as it is known to more cynical commentators,"stealth advertising,"a business said to be growing by 50% a year in the United States.To the casual observer,the use of popular brand-name products in TV dramas may look like simple realism.In actuality,none of the products is there by chance.Every one has been included because its manufacturer has paid a hefty fee.That does seem logical.

99Lezard99: oh yeah... cast away is the best fed ex commercial ever... its a good movie. but you missed hitman the movie. the biggest audi commercial.

ihate1988: What's the song that starts playing at 1:46?

Lilasko: I actually never realize when it's product placement in a show. No matter how obvious it is.

michaelsharples: 3:33 is from Cast Away and FedEx Paid nothing for it (i think on the director commentary Robert Zemeckis said he didnt want money as that would be shamelessly selling out and compromise the integrity of the film

Francis J.: Celebrities or figures used in advertisements, and sponsorships are not "product placement"... just saying.

chikchikboom1: I don't think its meant to be obvious, but it triggers your mind and sneaks in the back door of your conscious so when you go the the shops and you see the product, you're familiar with it and people love familiarity. Great vid!

XeutonMojukai: @dtvfan15 Because the BBC has class.

SpikeD1: Some of these are actual commercials I believe. But that aside, nice montage. I like how the tongue in cheek ones were accompanied with no music. And whats the deal with the Rice Krispies one? Was that tongue in cheek as well?

benjamintaher: somebody got an assignment about product placement?

earthcomedy: nice compilation....Bewitched of old has sponsorship / product placement for Quaker Oats, Chevy, Aunt Jemima...was a combination of sponsorship / product placement....more on the sponsorship...but it was integrated tightly in the opening credits...

jmays950: Workaholics has also pretty obvious product placement

twatfaceno1: "With enough Rice Krispies will he ever be able to play the bass AGAIN?" "Well yes" "That's weird, he never could before." What?

BaubleRob: Bugs, you prick!

scm8487: The American Idol ad was hilarious. Red coke cups, lol!

TheOrangeFlag: Can we have our money now?

SharpFPShooter: Sports games are the gods of product placement

Taina Temmen: Heineken statt Martini – Product Placement – Werbekraft des neuen Bond-Streifens Das neueste Abenteuer des britischen Geheimagenten James Bond sorgt bereits vor seinem offiziellen Kinostart am 9. November für Aufsehen. Anstatt Martini wird jetzt Heineken-Bier getrunken, weil ohne den hohen Einsatz von Product Placement der Film-Dreh gar nicht erst finanzierbar gewesen wäre. So wurde eine Reihe von Verträgen mit Partnern abgeschlossen. Laut der Presse soll der niederländische Braukonzern rund 34 Mio. Euro dafür ausgegeben haben. Finanzierung durch Werbung "Product Placement spielt bei US-Kinoproduktionen eine dominante Rolle", meint Volker Nickel, Sprecher des Zentralverbands der deutschen Werbewirtschaft (ZAW) , gegenüber pressetext. Dies habe historische Gründe: "Anders als in Deutschland hatten die großen Produktionsstudios in den USA nie Interesse daran, herkömmliche Werbung im Kino zu schalten. Sie haben sich stattdessen dafür entschieden, durch Product Placement ihr Geld zu verdienen." Derartige Schleichwerbung sei aber hierzulande nicht zulässig. "Wenn US-Filme, die in unsere Kinos kommen, zu viele dieser versteckten Werbebotschaften enthalten, muss eine entsprechende Informationen auf dem Kinoplakat angebracht werden", betont Nickel. Heineken statt Martini Laut moviefone-Angaben soll "Skyfall" zumindest eine spezifische Szene beinhalten, in der der Hauptdarsteller vor der Kamera einen genüsslichen Schluck Heiniken konsumiert. Die mittlerweile berühmt gewordene Bestellung eines "Martini, geschüttelt nicht gerührt" ist somit Vergangenheit. "Bond war schon immer ein Trinker. Es ist ein Teil seiner Persönlichkeit", räumt Craig ein. Ob das nun gut oder schlecht sei, darüber müssten sich die Zuseher schon selbst ein Urteil bilden, so der Schauspiel-Superstar. Quelle: Wie stehen Sie zu Product Placement? Was ist Ihr persönlicher Favorit? Bzw. wie sollte man es nicht machen? Auch gibt es mittlerweile einen Product Placement Award: The winner is.... McCafé in "Anna und die Liebe" ice-watch in "Germany´s next Topmodel"
Product Placement in TV/Film/Games 4.6 out of 5

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Product Placement in TV/Film/Games