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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Lemon345 AJ: i have the tiger and the elephant (bobble head)
Eric Westrick: The small lever in front of the turn signal is the jake break. Can't remember the percentages bit there are 3 settings of increasing numbers and then a toggle if you push it one more time.
ruben ramos: Muy buen tutorial
chijmusic: me 2
David Martinez: He plus for the first team
Elizabeth Cheong: Hi , I just bought my Clarisonic Plus, the sensitive face brush head has no "number" at the back of center , and the body brush has no circles at all but with number and the cover for body brush has no "Clarisonic" word printer... Pls advise... thanks 
Daniel Aldridge: To the man at the bottom saying that white led is know good fro growing let me tell you have know idea what you are talking about.ther is a video on hear of a top grower who is useing all white led grow lights and the plants are tje nuts.NASA use the same lights for test grows in space cutting edge tec mate .you know freak all .

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