My Phone Wont Charge Might Be The Cigarette Lighter Fuse

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Ernest Potts: My car charger wasn't working, check the fuse and it was blown. Thanks for the reminder. 

miragexl007: only one (out of 2 side by side in the dash) of mine is not working in the 06 toyota sienna. Are these on the same fuse...I assume? 

Eric Cheng: What's the possible problem if the power adapter light of GPS is on but the power outlet won't charge the GPS? 

James Rock: question i have a nissan frontier 2001 crew cab and i have 2 cigarette outlets the lower one is not working but my upper lighter outlet is working. I check the fuse and the fuse was not blown. I need help. Thanks 

rodrigu3z138: I knew this was the problem I just wanted to check here first,thank you for taking your time just for something simple like this 

sufficient19: My car and life is just bad

Dustin Satterfield: seriously? people need help with this? your realy going to take your car back over a blown fuse? is this a joke? has the world lost its ability to think?

bishoopowers: hmmmm how you you look at the fuse and see that it needs a replacement?

Enrique Pizano: thank you for the info

Yosefu93: thank you

meldon100: usually the fuse has a clear covering. if the fuse is blown, the little metal loop inside the clear fuse covering is broken.

Studio102: I like your look of guilt when you mentioned the word, "auto zone", it was like you were looking to see who heard you. Great video bro, I have a fuse problem that will be fixed soon because of this video.

AndyNRK: Thanks for posting this video!

onemanarmy: When I use the actual cigarette lighter in my car, it works... but when I plug my GPS in to it, it doesn't work... but the GPS works fine in my truck. I don't want to go out and waste money on anything, just I am puzzled on this one.

usefultips: Thank you....

JayJuBo: What if the cig lighter hasnt been used in years since it stopped working and looks kinda rusty on the inside will that affect it even if you have replaced the fuse?

Tee Jay: This is so helpful. My charger recently stopped working so lately I've been getting lost around the city because I can't charge my GPS system. Ugh! Thanks for the vid!

Edward Stokes: Very helpful thanks!

Trevor Megill: It is common sense to use proper English as well.

Megan Figgins: I think normally the 'wire' thing underneath the colored part is broken, but it was hard to tell on this looks good though...

dakidisaproblem2: My phone won't charge in my 2011 Volkswagen jetta 2.5se, which fuse should I change??

J Travis Washburn: man, you guys are awesome. thanks for posting these! post more, please! (in fact, there's a dearth of auto-blogs on the internet. you guys should make one that's just as personal and down-to-earth as this video.)

lightshorti: my cigarette lighter went out because im a dummy and plug in something that had too much voltage...

DavidTheBeast Ortiz: How do you run a live wire to fuse so the cigarette lighter stays on with engine off? Please someone make a video

DRACHIR88: i have 2 cigarette lighter the first one doesn't work but the other 2nd one at back in my car it worked :s

Nihadkeso: @DRACHIR88 its simple, then you have 2 cigerette liter fuzes. just replace the broken one. i had the same problem on my pontiac g6.

Timothea Schloss: Thank you for the helpful information!

MrBboyval: same here dude

nissanorem: @PlazmaSpace might be called a dome light fuse

Chris Salazar: OMg best video evaaaa :D no joke Charlie... now get back to your factory.

karla munguia: My stereo stopped working hut don't have a owners manual and this doesn't help

Jorge Aragon: look in your manual.

dragynfyre1: i have two monte carlos...a 2003 & 2004 and they both have two lighters and none of them work...and the fuses are fine? got any help for me?

nonamehere: i just got a car and had no clue...

RblLuis: looks good to me

wayoutking: Thank you so much.

Ur Dum: thanks charlie, quick and simple.

dpl1108121: yeah I did that with my chevy cavalier and when I went to replace the fuse I got close and it sparked like crazy. So my guess there is a shortage? now what do I do?

Odamir Z: Merci, man!

Joseph Wheeler: How could you tell that the fuse is blown?

matt b: how can soo many ppl need this video lol its common sense lmfao

DEag1e 50: you car charge your cell phone with a cigarette lighter?

Xezatt: i was going to bring my car back to the dealer to get it fixed, and the i found this video awesome! thanks a bunch!

Thomas Robinson: @Cat31302 That's what brought me here... mine is the same. The actual lighter will heat up without issue, but, can't use either phone charger (tried 2 to make sure not the charger).

Alicia Bailey: You can get fuses at Wal-Mart too.

johnny alonso: some people dont know there's a fuse panel inside their car - most think its just the box under the hood. thanks for the vid charlie.

Monster.: Charlie bit me

Yosefu93: so how can u tell the fuse is bad... he never said

Nakiki18: My cigarette lighter is actually hanging outside the socket with an exposed wire. Any suggestions?

PookyBlueEyes: well hello, Charlie :) wanna fix MY fuse?
My phone wont charge might be the cigarette lighter fuse 4.7 out of 5

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My phone wont charge might be the cigarette lighter fuse