Best Eyebrow Kit EVER!

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Chels33a: Ah I love this video it made me sure that I want this eyebrow kit now :)

windada: @artachallange YupYup, I think Ulta sells them online :-)

Arta Kaņķele: can I buy it online?

windada: @alodia0124 Thank yoooou, dear! ^_^ I'm so glad I could help ya! Enjoy your kit, it lasts foreveeeer! I've hardly made a dent in mine! ^_^

alodia0124: You are so cute! And helpful! Definitely getting this Brow Kit soon! :)

crankheart22: Have the same kit but havent used it yet, haa this was pretty funny too !

Cee Ivy: you are 2 funny love your personality

windada: @ashleyhasOJD Thanks so much! ^_^ Hahaha, yep, those tweezers can be conniving ;-D jk

ashleyhasOJD: LOL I like you, you seem cool xD Thanks for the video! But i dont know if I trust myself with the tweezers

windada: @CaressLorthaya lol, thank you ^_^

CaressasPassion: Ur pretty

Japanminute: @windada LOLOLL

windada: @Japanminute hahaha! I guess that makeup company watches South Park and believes that gingers don't have souls, lol! jkjkjkjkjk

Japanminute: what if one is a redhead?

TIGG3R77: Oohh i mustt get!!

jesstodryk: do you know if they have any eyebrow enhancers w/ stencils for black eyebrows?

grumpygirl77: @windada thanks girl Im gonna go buy it now thanks for the info keep making videos

lovefornadia xo: LOL!! U on wheaties!! u make me laugh so much ! :)

windada: @grumpygirl77 Personally, I think the Too Faced one is waaaaay better than the Anastasia one because it's a bit cheaper, it comes with an eyebrow brush, pencil, tweezers, and it even has a huge mirror (which has been VERY convenient at times, lol) The other difference is that the Anastasia kit comes with more colors and stencils, but I think Too Faced has better stencils.

windada: @claudeval It's called Tu Saala from Gomaal Returns :-)
Best Eyebrow Kit EVER! 5 out of 5

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Hatim Abbassi: Best review. Pretty good we dont need a 30 min video of how good is this axe just 0:44s lol good work
mei hung choi: Very hate Chinese!
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Best Eyebrow Kit EVER!