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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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gopireddy. kesari: who is that man from vinukonda which u specially thanked
RedKB: Tony I love how you take things to the extreme!! Keep it up inspiring us all!
hondadirtbikesrule: not to bad
reefcreep: Quick note d.c & a.c can kill!. Due to amperage!. If you become part of the circuit and any kind of voltage carrying any small amount of amps feeding a load thru your heart can be deadly. So if you dont understand it, hire a licensed electrican. its not worth ur life to save a few bucks. 
uziel900able: well if you know people who work at the restaurants they can get you multiple characters free lol i had access if you will to all the toys for mcdonalds from last year different series 
Pandashtstorm: @darysmer in console give weapon_arx_sword_of_fire
DaVinn Em: I appreciated. I just replaced ma 05 G35 Coupe Crankshaft sensor today and tomorrow gonna replacing both Camshaft position sensor as well. This helps alot. Thanks!

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