Loreal UL61 Hair Dye Review

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Hair Dye Updated: L'oreal Preference UL61
Hair Dye Updated: L'oreal Preference UL61
Loreal UL61 Hair Dye Review
Loreal UL61 Hair Dye Review
Loreal preference true brunette in UL61 review
Loreal preference true brunette in UL61 review
Dying My Hair! Dark Brown To Blonde (Loreal Superior Preference UL61)
Dying My Hair! Dark Brown To Blonde (Loreal Superior Preference UL61)

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FetchMeATaco: I got a headache from the smell of this dye too ):

steven cao: But if you want to get rid of the reddish orange tint while lightning your hair use a ash brown color

steven cao: Im a stylist and yes since her hair is now a lighter colors if she used the same dye again it will lift her hair colors Closer to what it shows on the box

Erika Vargas: Why does it look like there is no difference and in other videos girls with black hair have it literally ash brown after they died it..is it your lighting or quality of camera?

uncertainly: Please read description box:)

superbang2pm: What is the full nmae of your hair dye? How long did you leave it on? Will my hair turn out like this if I have black hair?

uncertainly: i believe it is & no,i didnt re-dye with the same shade afterwards,i actually went back to my natural hair color:)

uncertainly: thats awesome:0 hope it all goes well,good luck! & NP:)

Kenia Flores: That's the one I use cause I have darck brown hair n its amazing!

uncertainly: @hairandmakeup123 no.

hairandmakeup123: was your hair died dark brown previously before

RedLippedGeek: @uncertainly I actually have the same box but it says to wait twenty minutes to put it on the roots and leave it on the roots only the last 10 minutes. I don't know if they changed instruction since then though.

uncertainly: @SillyTeener actually on the instructions it told me to die the roots first,if i read correctly:/

SillyTeener: Did you follow the directions on the box where it says to leave it on ends first for a certain amount of time before you do the roots?

pinkiixolili: did your hair first turn out a brassy colour? and how long did u leave the hair dye in?

uncertainly: @lazybutterfly99 I actually waited 1 hour and 15 mins, in person its more noticable:)

uncertainly: @esmeeblood awwh,thanks prena! wait til you see it in person,ahahah:)

uncertainly: @teeheetiffany Sure! that sounds like a good idea! I'll be sure to show you guys it before i head back to school, so i would say..you should expect the video towards the end of august? :))

uncertainly: @sprinkletwinkles IKR? I'm really excited to have it long again!:)) & yeah i knowww. thats what i hate.i didnt want to damage it or anything by bleaching since dyeing already does a little of that already:)

esmeeblood: omg it is sooo cute lee :) keep that way ;p.
Loreal UL61 Hair Dye Review 5 out of 5

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Loreal UL61 Hair Dye Review