Moen Salora Kitchen Faucet Repair

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Moen Kitchen Faucet Repair for FREE
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Installing a Pullout Kitchen Faucet Moen Guided Installations
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How to tighten a Moen Salora single handle kitchen faucet to sink
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Jim Barnhart: Not a bad video, but I wish you would have showed in detail how the little black plastic piece attaches. Mine broke and I am not exactly which way is up.

no No: your arm / hand is blocking the view most of the time. :-(

hafcanadian A: Not a bad video, except like every other one I've watched the instructor gets their hand in between the faucet and the camera so we can't see and match audio description with the action.

Dave Grainger: Moen will replace any parts that fail for FREE. For life. Just call them and they will walk you thru how to identify your model. It's awesome.

Dave Grainger: Thank You, works great but some how the hot and cold are reversed. But the video was great.

Amy Jim Emma Chris Carr: Perfect video but I could not get the old cartridge out. Nothing worked. Heat, cold, hammer, old cartridge is stuck. Plumber is needed. :-( Great video though. Thanks!

Pro Mixing: Perfect, THANK YOU!!!!!!

MuhibAli110: I removed the screw but the handle still won't come

Jeff Rockey: I can not get the screw out from behind the Moen tag. I have the 7/64 Allen Wretch, but still i have ended up stripping the screw. I have now tried drilling it, and it still won't come out. Any suggestions?

ROB NAVAEI: mine has very low water pressure, I cleaned the filter at the end of the flexible hose, but I still have very little flow, any ideas, thanks.

james west: Well done - very helpful video.  I had great difficulty removing the screw located behind the Moen tag. I could not get it loose with an allen wrench.   I finally tried a Torx T-15 (Sears) - it worked!  I had to slowly "rock" it back and forth in order to get it loose.  Someone at the factory must have had a laugh putting it together :)


BIGGSHAUN: This is how a DIY video is supposed to be done!

Edward K: Thanks.The instructions with the parts kit are crap.Thank you for the video.

ericka white: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

D Smith: Sweet! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! Please remember to read the text (overlay) in the video... Reversing HOT & COLD is a 180 degree clockwise turn of the spindle.

Kenneth Dandurand: Mine is the same but different. It is also a 7570C, but the handle screw is in the back behind a little gray rubber plug. Use a 3/32" allen wrench. Outside of that it is pretty close to the same.

ed: Thanks, saved my butt putting it back together!

Michael J DeStefano: Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make the video.  It was a huge help to me.

Tin Khin: Thank you. 
Moen Salora kitchen faucet repair 5 out of 5

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Moen Salora kitchen faucet repair