Moen Salora Kitchen Faucet Repair

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Moen Salora kitchen faucet repair
Moen Salora kitchen faucet repair
Moen Extensa kitchen faucet repair parts
Moen Extensa kitchen faucet repair parts
How to Repair a Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet With a Spray Hose : Kitchen Plumbing
How to Repair a Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet With a Spray Hose : Kitchen Plumbing
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Kitchen faucet replacement
Kitchen faucet replacement

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BIGGSHAUN: This is how a DIY video is supposed to be done!

eddie kay: Thanks.The instructions with the parts kit are crap.Thank you for the video.

ericka white: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

D Smith: Sweet! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! Please remember to read the text (overlay) in the video... Reversing HOT & COLD is a 180 degree clockwise turn of the spindle.

Kenneth Dandurand: Mine is the same but different. It is also a 7570C, but the handle screw is in the back behind a little gray rubber plug. Use a 3/32" allen wrench. Outside of that it is pretty close to the same.

ed: Thanks, saved my butt putting it back together!

Michael J DeStefano: Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make the video.  It was a huge help to me.

Tin Khin: Thank you. 

G Weiby: My handle broke off!  Looks like a faulty casting, since it doesn't take much force to turn the water on or off.  What is the warranty for this? Did you say Moen is good about replacing parts?

bradshaweric: my whole faucet moves side to side all the way down to base do i tighten it?

Dan Collins: Thanks for this video. I have just replaced the valve in my Moen faucet with your help. The hardest part was removing the facet and spray nozzle, as there is not much room inside to slide it off. After doing the replacement, I found that it was not necessary to remove this. It would have been easier without doing so, but thanks for helping.

Jermaine Jones: Thank you. Worked just as you explained. Only issue was that when it was time to pull the old cartridge out is was tough. I used turn grip pliers side ways to grasp brass tip and use a hammer to tap it up. All is well!

Joyce Costa: We have been looking for a Moen Salora 7570 handle. We went on the Moen site, but no Salora. Do you know where we can find one, or who could we contact, as it is still under contract. Thank you.

David Gonzalez: What size is the hex key and the nut down below!!!!!

Amy Bauer: etwitt10, I followed your video (thanks so much) you saved me a call to the plumber and the bill! My issue is that now the handle wiggles a bit, as if it's loose. I watched your vid about 20 times and took apart and then put it together again each time. It seems like maybe the hinge isn't the EXACT part and has a tiny bit of a gap inside the hinge. Any suggestions?

Amy Bauer: I don't know if you find your part or not, I'm assuming you did. But I was able to find the part I needed (the hinge) at a local plumbing store. If it helps you or anyone else, mine was from a company called "quality plumbing specialties". CPI Single Lever Repair Kit. Moen, 11064 CPI stock #. Quality Plumbing Specialties is the outside source that my local store bought the part from.

Jim Collins: This is the same as the Franke Tap, 5 years old second round of problems seized up swivel base plus the handle is hard to move.

allentbanas: I was buying this cartridge at Walgreens for several years. After Walgreens stopped selling it, I discovered this product on Amazon. I have no complaints. I am getting it on regular basis and I like the price. here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:\18HQpl4

Bennie G: Thank you, I taught I was going have to do a rebuild. It was just the loose hose.
Moen Salora kitchen faucet repair 5 out of 5

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Moen Salora kitchen faucet repair