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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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John Boyd: Have several ProTech knives. Great knives, great people what more do ya need?. I even had Dave make a pair of customized CA Legal automatic knives for my 10th wedding anniversary! After all, aluminum is the traditional gift for the 10th; what says Love more than an aircraft aluminum handled switchblade engraved with the date and name? Her's is on her purse strap - pink handles of course- and my Tuxedo fits in my suit vest pocket. Thanks Dave! 
john steve: nintendo 64 graphics lol and im watching this at 1080p
Rolls Reus: This isn't a 2001 polo. At minimum its a 2002 twist.
nick bob: I would say that the Allis Chalmers 8000 series was much more advanced, but these where still nice tractors
Anita Holland: Love it!
onlythewise1: why didn't this guy get psychiatric help form doctors ill tell you why there quacks, ass holes in America don't know anything there sheep  and dumb as crap . the medical field is one big business screwing the people out of trillions year
pamela espinoza: That look good thank you for teaching me

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