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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Laurier jason: ok
Nikolaos Vamvakas: In the ultra pack 3.0,the heinkel lerche is also inlcluded?
AM4N18: Listened to this when I was lucky to fly business class for the first time with BA, was one of the best trips I've had! British Airways, are you able to tell me the song used for this? I instantly wanted to know what it was when listening to it on the aeroplane. 
bigtere: what stand you got on this bike cos the on i got on me rx50 is crap
Andy Li: North Korea can recoup whatever losses it faces from sanctions from its ability to make and launder perfect counterfeit US dollars.
Elizar Tringov: What is this 4 dollars a day based on? A 2000 calorie diet? 
broomballusba12: I want to thank you folks for the support on the video. I will be making a few new videos shortly on the Ford Explorer, The Ford Expedition, and the newest car to the family a 1983 Porsche 944.

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