How To Remove Rust From A Motorcycle Gas Tank With Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath

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How to Remove Rust from a Motorcycle Gas Tank (De-Rust)
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Two Guys Garage featuring Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath
Metal Rescue
Metal Rescue
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How to clean a rusted gas tank
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keepitrunning: Apparently white vinegar works pretty well, cheaper too I would guess. I've never had to bother, I've been lucky so far with my tanks but there may come a time when I need to give it a go.

HOSSAyNE Morocco: where is step 2 ?

moparmusclecars: I have an old 1973 Hodaka Motorcycle tank that is chrome outside. Will this stuff mess up any of the outside surface or stain it? I am assuming it will not hurt it, since it's water based. Just wanted your opinion. Thanks for the great video.

M R: I must say Metal Rescue is an awesome product. I just used in on my 1970 Honda Z50 tank. Absolutely awesome results. just bought a 2nd gallon for future uses. 

joshua lutz: Would you recommending adding sand to the 24 hour solution and doing a bit of shaking as many of these other videos recommend?

TJ Chesters: I have an old honda motorcycle and was wondering if I keep it in there over my vacation wiche is a week will I get a better result and is it ok to keep it in there that long for a "maximized" result

frank dux: Great product 25$ for a gallon but it works. if your smart enoughf you can find a way to use 1 gal to treat a 4.7 gallon tank. don't forget.. pressure wash it first. Thank you for this vid.

mexbrown: I have a question. Will it damage fuel pumps inside motorcycle tanks? 2003 ZX6R

trailblazers2001: Does this stuff work on chrome parts without damaging the chrome?

76629online: Um...I think it would be cheaper just to buy another tank. Good luck with those prices!

Vann Patfemytepi: Super rust ideas concerning how to remove rust from surfaces. I didn't realize how simple the procedure it's. Good video

Tattooed Geezer: I'm a blacksmith in South Carolina. I made some intricate scroll work for a job that got delayed. Now I have very rusty scroll work that needs cleaning. A lot of it. How can I get my hands on 30 - 50 gallons of this stuff ?

Metal Rescue™ from the Workshop Hero™: Thanks and best of luck. Visit our website for a store locator or details for placing an online order.

Metal Rescue™ from the Workshop Hero™: Thanks for the update OneFabFisher! Glad to hear that Metal Rescue did the job! It sounds like your tank was heavily rusted. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!

Metal Rescue™ from the Workshop Hero™: Before adding any Metal Rescue™ to your gas tank we suggest cleaning the tank to remove as much of the rust and residue as possible. Dawn dishsoap will help in removing grease and "gunk" and the use of a pressure washer as you suggest (if you do not have a pressure washer visit a coin car wash that utilizes them) will help to dislodge and remove any flakey rust or material that may be in the gas tank. Best of luck and glad to see you bought enough to fill the tank completely - a smart move!

bkvette3: Is Metal Rescue available in Canada??? Thanks

Metal Rescue™ from the Workshop Hero™: That's great to hear Nikolai! Thanks for letting us know how Metal Rescue worked for you! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, we are always running contests, and giveaways!

ginnroad: To remove rust from inside gas tank,I put a few handfulls of sand and gravel in the tank. Then duct tape it to the rear wheel of my pickup that has rear end jacked up off the ground. Crank up truck, put it in gear and let the tank tumble for about 2 beers or half hour to clean.

Ihsan Mujdeci: I can confirm that this works

ash ibrahim: Will it remove vinyl coatings from inside a tank that has been previously sealed? I got an old harley roadking tank that the previous owner coated with the internal sealant and I would like to remove that crappy coating. Its already starting to flake. I don't seem to know how to remove it from inside the tank.

Metal Rescue™ from the Workshop Hero™: We here at Workshop Hero stand behind our products 100%. If for some reason you don't get the results as advertised, we would love to speak to you and find out why. Please delta30024fly, call us at 800-365-6434 and we will be happy to talk to you and resolve the issue.

RCINFORMER: I just ordered a 5 gallon container from Amazon... they sell it for about $90 w/FREE Shipping.... Unfortunately for me I have a big 4.8 gal fuel tank... It makes sence to spend the extra $ and top it off rather than slosh around 2 gallons, I have had the bike since new for 21 years... gonna ride it until I die... thanks for the video, I hate using sealers... they are a pain!

Isa C: Can you thin it a bit... I have some 5 gallon jerrycans and don't want to buy $75 worth of rust remover when I can buy new cans for that cost... Or maybe should I just turn the cans on there sides to cover take care of the entire inside of the them?

Nikolai Lafuge: I followed the instructions, including rinsing out the tank with soap and hot water and this totally worked for me. My tank was completed filled with thick rust and now it's super clean. (restoring a 1971 Yamaha CT-1 175cc)

Jonathan Wesolowski: nice

jtreg: sold in the UK?

Metal Rescue™ from the Workshop Hero™: Hey, thanks for the comment. Give us a call at 1-800-365-1117 and ask for Scott. He will take care of you and answer all of your questions.

fasterthanaturtle: Hi Bryan, thanks for the video. I was going to spend $80 on new tiller tank for a brigs bec has rust inside. I will try to do it myself now.. From your professional experience, I was wondering about storing gas powered stuff, weed eater,atv,motorcycle,diesel car,gas car METAL-PLASTIC TANKS. I herd different stuff from random people but I would like to know your view. Thanks, Robert

Metal Rescue™ from the Workshop Hero™: Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath is sold pre-mixed, diluting it in any way many render it ineffective. You can fill the cans you reference half way. Simpy process them on one side for 8 to 12 hours and rotate them to the other side for same amount of time. Visit our website at metalrescue com for additional information.

Sacha Johnson: i plan on having the tank sandblasted and painted. should i do the metal rescue before or after that? how much dry coat is necessary for the rinse? how do you dispose of the used metal rescue and the left over dry coat (after the rinse)? how long after the dry coat should you wait before adding gas?

OneFabFisher: 1) Final update: IT WORKS! Tank is spotless as far as I can inspect & nothing corroded or acid burned. Note to VTX ppl: immediately treat the wall & lip around the fuel port / cap area w/ rust prevention stuff to avoid flash rust from returning to pitted areas after final H2O rinse, then treat inside tank immediately w/ rust preventor sfuff after H2O is gone. Due to the design of my 5 gal VTX tank, particle removal was tideous. Remove petrooster. See next post for particle removal process I used.

Malvarez909: muriatic acid, its the best!

labarim1: OK, now how does one not like your name! Brings back memories of FZ

rijekalove: Is this product availible in Europe?

Metal Rescue™ from the Workshop Hero™: Hi Sebastien, Metal Rescue pulls the rust off leaving the surface bare metal. It does not leave any type of coating on the metal. Your part is ready for the next step in your restoration, painting, welding, ect. If left unprotected, the rust will come back. If you aren't going use your de-rusted part right away, we suggest using our Dry Coat Rust Preventative. It dries to the touch without leaving any greasy residue, plus it will protect your part from rusting back for up to a year indoors.

bearclaw2423: Where can I buy metal rescue? Does any auto parts stores carry it?

Ethan Wheeler: hey awesome video but i have one question after you put the metal rescue in the tank then let it sit for 24 hours or more then dump it can you rinse it out with water

RCINFORMER: Just dont drink the beers in front or behind the truck, depending on which gear you are in! :) could become :0 quickly!

Metal Rescue™ from the Workshop Hero™: Clum 101, I am pleased to inform you that we do offer distribution of our product out of the UK through USAutomotive, Ltd. Feel free to call or email to place an order at: USAutomotive Ltd 19 St. Martin’s Way Bedford MK42 0LF England Mobile. +44 (0) 1234 273155 Fax. +44 (0) 1234 273064

chris chris: you have right.i am sorry for my comment of course you know what you are doing i am sure of it.with my words i tried to make fun the american way of talking anyway one day i may send you for advices!

Metal Rescue™ from the Workshop Hero™: If you are using your bike and are always going to be adding fresh gas then you are ok. If you are going to store your bike for a long period of time, use a gas stabilizer and mix it with some new gas to prevent the crud build up. You should like us on our Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath Facebook, we always have questions that come up and we throw it out to the other gear heads on our page for some answers. Let me know if you have any other questions.

RCINFORMER: One Question... what is the best thing to use to remove old fuel/muck/varnish? Is dishsoap the thing to use? my tank is probably only lightly rusted. It has occasionally sat for periods of time but has always in a garage. I will probably skip the ball bearings and use a pressure washer... Thanks Rich

RCINFORMER: Great Video! I will probably use Metal Rescue instead of a tank sealer....

Metal Rescue™ from the Workshop Hero™: Hello, while Metal Rescue is safe on everything except rust, we would recommend painting the tank after using Metal Rescue. You should be able to work with an 8 oz. Dry Coat bottle after rinse and use enough to coat the inside. Workshop Hero products are biodegradable and can be disposed of in your lawn. For complete gas tank de-rusting instructions, please watch the entire video and use the link at the end to find the instructions on our website. Thanks for choosing Workshop Hero products!

Metal Rescue™ from the Workshop Hero™: Hi shamanwako, Metal Rescue does not leave any type of coating behind on the metal. That being said, once you have de-rusted your gas tank you have a few options to keep the rust from coming back. 1.You can pour in some gas and swish it around the tank to soak up any residual water. 2. You can pour and swish around a gas/oil mix to coat the inside of the tank. 3. You can use our Dry Coat Rust Preventative spray, which when applied it prevents rust from coming back for up to a year!

ash ibrahim: how much does it cost?

MrSonyDelight: You can, but dry it completely. Just common sense.

delta30024fly: This stuff does not work as advertised.

Metal Rescue™ from the Workshop Hero™: Yes Mud Sh-sh-shark, there are a lot of alternatives to removing rust. Some are less expensive, some are more hazardous. Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath is the safe, clean, and easy way to remove rust from your metal parts. Plus it's reusable, and easily disposed of. Because it's non-toxic, odorless, and safe to the touch, you could even remove rust inside your house! Thanks for watching our video.

rickm09: look into electrolosis make a big bag with plastic add water and soda or lye a power scource like a battery charger and your good to go
How To Remove Rust From A Motorcycle Gas Tank with Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath 4.2 out of 5

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How To Remove Rust From A Motorcycle Gas Tank with Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath