How To Make A Paracord Bullwhip - A Full Length Tutorial By Nick Schrader

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How to Make a Paracord Bullwhip - a full length tutorial by Nick Schrader
How to Make a Paracord Bullwhip - a full length tutorial by Nick Schrader
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Making a 6ft Paracord Bullwhip (TimeLapse)
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dR: Paracord Bullwhip w/ test
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nylon whip making: building a core pt1
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Paracord Handle Wrap How To
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Juan Potgieter: You use 300ft of paracordwhip but what do I do If I can only get 100ft does it matter or am I going to have to make some changes to the design of my whip please help. I am also starting my first whip

Larken McRorie: +NicksWhipShop Okay for the final overlay I want to do a single strand diamond plate red handle and then transfer to the usual pattern in black. I am making the Last Crusade Young Indy whip. I think what you do is you start the single strand diamond plaiting then end at a couple of inches before the end of the steel rod transition and zip tie it or tape it down then start with the herring bone in black and then clamp that down with tape or a zip tie and do the normal overlay. Then just cover the two colors with a transition knot. Am I correct?

N George: I own a 9ft leather bullwhip and when someone cracked it several times, it came undone and started to unravel a little and I never knew how to braid it back properly so I have not used it and knotted the ends, which looks TERRIBLE. Now I know the general idea of how to fix it. I'm definitely going to try making my own bullwhip as well. Thanks for the video. You rock!

Cole Moseley: How much would a 12ft leather bullwhip cost

John Ezzy: Fantastic video

Johnny Cage: Can someone please answer my question. I have never whipped before. I want a whip that is really loud. The longer the whip the louder the sound??? What's a good first timer whip to use? 

Bryant Ponce: Hey Nick!! I'm making the handle on my whip and so far its very heavy with the things I've added to it for aesthetics. Do you think the heaviness really affects the performance of the whip? also, theres some people that make the core with three individual strands of paracord each filled with bbs - instead of just one single cord with bbs - then wrapped together with electrical tape. This brings me back to my question on whip performance relating to its weight. Whats your opinion on this? 

Alex Bialk: Nick, I followed most of your directions (pretty much just the tying parts...and made myself a 6' snake whip. I loaded the core with steel bearings and it cracks amazingly! Thank you so much for the video!

wildairsoft1: How far down the length of the whip should each belly be I know you said until you run out but I need to know where it is support to end on the. Whip so like is the first belly support to be half the length of the core or what

Brian Kavanagh: Just finished mine, and I just wanted to pass on that if you cannot handle the last plait's pattern, or if you are new to braiding, you can switch it out for and o3/u3 pattern or an o2/u4 pattern like I did. When you drop strands just always make sure to keep the pattern an o2/under the rest of the strings pattern or else it will look bad. Then when you have two left, finish with an o1/u1 pattern. Thanks Nick, the tutorial is awesome!

DarkLael: Do you like metal ? (Music)

Robert Phan: +NicksWhipShop Does the BBs have to be metal BBs or can I use some plastic BBs?

Juan Potgieter: I also plan on using a Rebar for the rod section unless you think it will not work out.

Frank Polise: so....i just figured out a 1/4" steel rod will not fit inside 750 paracord. 

Kristopher Pavelsky: Hey Nick, just finished my first whip with almost 100% thanks to this video. Thank you so much.... The whip turned out amazing, couldn't get my hands on a steel rod, soooo used the next best thing. Used a 8 in. screw driver and going to just cut of the handle of it. Again thank you for, amazing help! 

carlos cruz: amazing work xd i do like this do you have a fb page also?

Andrea Lorenzon: Hi +NicksWhipShop , great video! I would like to try doing that! In your opinion, are these options for paracord ok? 

Игорь Николаев: Nice work! 

Jeremy Brantner: Wow. Great Tutorial! Your a great teacher with a nack for this. Funny thing about Youtube; I didn't come her to watch full video. ended up watching full video. Very interesting!

richard beldman: much focus, such nice

Brianna Manning: Phenomenal tutorial! I can't wait to try this out! 

Archie Hunt: What mm bbs did u use nick thanks it was a great video keep them whips up 

XxTomcastxX: Where do you get your paracord, looks like you have a lot. P.S. Chillest dude I've ever seen. Thanks

Alessio Yautja: Great video, was that Dream Theater I heard playing in the background? :D

Alex Cooney: Hey Nick, thanks for your tutorial, I spent 8 hours today making my very first whip. Your instruction were great! Very easy to follow. I have a feeling this is going to be the first of many. :) 

LonerOnTheField: what kind of lighter is that little torch you use and where do you get it

James Gilbert: Thanks Nick! I followed your instructions and now I have my first ever whip. Having fun learning how to use it. Here is a little instagram video of me trying it out for the first time, forgive the technique, I am new to this :)

Edwin Obrien: Nice job.

Karl Royale: If I wanted to make an 8 foot whip would it be as simple as adding 2 feet to each piece of cord?

Hubert Kończak: hello my name is Hubert and I'm Polish. Could you write a full list of things i need, and what I have to do because sometimes I do not understand what you mean. I would be grateful. great job by the way

cole reinhart: Just finished, took about 11 1/2 hours. It sounds AWESOME!

JJ URDA: Un saludo, estoy interesado en hacer un latigo de paracord, me podrias mandar las medidas que utilizas tu para hacerlo, gracias nick.

Herb alitius: Awesome man, perfect for me. Doing my first whip tomorrow Thanks!!! 

Daniel Dyer: NICK LOVE this video and others of yours. I just completed my FIRST Ever Bull whip following this video THANKS!!!! i'm totally excited about making a few more whips....... 

Aaron Wickland: Thanks I made my own and it cracks

Hunter Lassetter: Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I started making a whip Saturday and am currently finishing up the overlay. Again thanks a bunch!

CutTimeBrony: It would be useful to have all the lengths of the cords in the description 

Lefty Max: Hey nick I have a question What happens if on the 12 strand in stead of going under 3 over 3 u go over under over under on both sides??? 

adamprice88: Thanks for this video. My family had the pleasure of listening to your voice all weekend as I followed your video step by step. I've ended up with about a 4.5 foot whip after using the lengths of cord you suggested(not including the length of the fall). It cracks really well, but the fall is getting frayed pretty badly. I burnt the tip to seal it and one of the cracks actually ripped the burnt part right off!!!!! Sounds like a gunshot going off!!!! I'd like to try an 8 foot length whip now. What do you advise for lengths of cord for the three bellies? I was thinking of doubling all your prescribed lengths and then trimming as I needed. Also, do you have a kickstarter, or other crown funding source? I think you should be compensated for the help you provided. Keep up the Youtube channel. It's amazing!!!!

Jack Kelly: Hi nick I have made a 6 ft bullwhip and I would like to make an 8ft one is it the same thing but longer measurements? Thanks jack 

Billy Stormes: Thanks for the video very easy to follow. I have just finished the second belly and am starting to do the final overlay. I decided to go with a two tone plait but while doing it I find the pattern is turning around the handle. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

Phillips Knotwork: Thanks a ton for these tutorials, Nick. I just finished waxing my first whip (I've made a couple in the past using your tutorials) complete with transition and heel knot. I can't say how much I really do appreciate what you've done for a lot of us knotworkers with your videos.

adam Johnson: I am in the middle of making a modified version of this. Is there a ratio of how long each belly needs to be to the overall length of the whip? Or did you just find a "recipe" for each type of whip that worked so you stuck with it? 

Stu Sogla: Nick im working on my second belly and the part i can see when im braiding looks great but the back looks awful i have no idea what im doing wrong im starting out over 2 under 2. Any help?

Jason Fisher: Nick, awesome video. I just made my second whip, cracks like a dream. Can you tell me what perma lok needle you have? I bought one on Amazon but it's too thick to make the fall using the method you show....can't pass it through the gutted cord. Can you post a link to the one you use? I'd like to make a Turk knot for the end too. Thanks!

LycanRace: Oh, I have a hint that could make things easier. If the larger cord in the core has the right diameter, you could also fill it with weighted tape cord instead of steel BB's - the stuff you use to ballast curtains. It's filled with small heavy bits of lead and when you tie one end to a length of wire, you can work the wire right through the core and then pull the weighted tape through.

shayne goodison: Hi Nick. I've been watching this video repeatedly for weeks now. Finally got all the materials together and am undertaking this project. So far "shot loading" the core has taken the most time. I just started the first belly(4 strands) and i am finding that I am getting a bit of "gap" in the back. Should I be pulling in a certain direction when plaiting in order to keep it tight and avoid the gaps? I will let you know how it turns out when finished. Great video, TY.

tyrell mason: Could you attach the fall to the first belly instead of attaching it to the last overlay 

Karen Barraza: Great video! would love for you to check out my new youtube video of the LA Whip Practice meet up!

dragonstar3121976: I was jjust wondering why you didnt show how to do the heel knot
How to Make a Paracord Bullwhip - a full length tutorial by Nick Schrader 4.9 out of 5

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How to Make a Paracord Bullwhip - a full length tutorial by Nick Schrader