How To Make A Paracord Bullwhip - A Full Length Tutorial By Nick Schrader

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ZitronenDuft: This is an incredible craft you do! I really enjoyed watching this whole video, and I'm really excited to try this (after I've translated all those measurements into metric system xD) My questions are: What exactly is the purpose of pulling the core threads out of the paracord? Did you ever try to make a whip out of whole paracords? Wouldn't that be even stronger? And is there a way to make the tip of the handle look a bit more fitting to the rest of the whip?
Best wishes from Germany,


Fuskarl jm: Thanks Nick for the video! I made a ~12 foot (including fall and cracker) whip using your instructions and it turned out great. All in all it probably took me around 20 hours, but it was well worth it.

neil atkinson: love this video and i will be starting my own whip soon. i would like to make a turks head knot at either end of the handle do you have any advice for the best way to do that?

Zodtra Raxo: Ricardo Arjona?

danielle john dagar: I found this video useful because I tried making and it worked

Wyatt Sickler: I can't help but think of you trying to smother a snake when you're rolling the whip. Great tutorial though. Planning to make one very soon

Viking Pser: what size bbs did you use?

stew zebra: cool whip your really good with it.

rubinanewor: can i get one for free on my birthday

Ken Vaughan: Wouldn't "Shrink Tubing" be a better choice than etape? I mean that if you are looking for longevity in the materials shrink tubing would outlast the tape by a fair amount.

Peter Regan: I'm going to make one of these (at least!) And I'll make a response video! Thanks for posting :)

Ani Hoxha: Can you fill all the hollowed rope with bbs all the way for more weight??

scawoa: hey Nick , I sure hope you don't take comments from any common "i'm me and you're not" pickle bite out there because I sure as hell don't in fact if another idea will help then post it and shut the #### up . I live in a place where people don 't try to keep their dogs in and am always having defend myself from my bike , your video taught me to make a very effective tool to dissuade any and all dogs from doing something stupid because their owners haven't taught them anything else . I really dig it when I can go from start to finish with just one video tutorial like yours , it's almost more satisfying than the end product , wish there were more people like you as teachers good job guy thanks

rG Jabberwocky: I was wondering, can I use plastic bb's for the core of the cord? And I love that shirt, haha.

msprecha: I hope you find a way to place a ball or some other item on the handle. It would be such a shame to do all that work and leave the handle out with just red tape. You could find a 2" marble or colored ball , or steel and drill a hole in it and hot glue the end of the handle into the ball. Of course, you could use anything, but you get my drift as to what I mean. Great tutorial video. Thanks.

Niels de Leeuw: Hej Nick great vid! How would you scale this down? If say i wanted to go 1 feet shorter should I just take 2 feet of all the lengths?

CoryBaker92: could you just use more paracord for the core with the BBs??

Jared Dory: what is the can of axe for?

Fluffy Supreme: where do I get the metal bar

Allan Macleod: I tried to message you on Facebook but for some reason it did not work
WED 11:01t
Hi Nick love your whip making videos on Youtube but i am new to whip making and was wondering how i go about doing the overlay in 2 colors ie Red and Black on a 6 foot whip
How to Make a Paracord Bullwhip - a full length tutorial by Nick Schrader 5 out of 5

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How to Make a Paracord Bullwhip - a full length tutorial by Nick Schrader