How To Make A Paracord Bullwhip - A Full Length Tutorial By Nick Schrader

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How to Make a Paracord Bullwhip - a full length tutorial by Nick Schrader
How to Make a Paracord Bullwhip - a full length tutorial by Nick Schrader
8 ft. Paracord Bullwhip ( TimeLapse )
8 ft. Paracord Bullwhip ( TimeLapse )
dR: Paracord Bullwhip w/ test
dR: Paracord Bullwhip w/ test
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How to Make a Bullwhip
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Keenan's Paracord Bullwhip Tutorial
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6ft 16 plait nylon bullwhip review made by dirk adkins
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How to make a cracking bullwhip (out of rope)

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The Art of Weapons: thanks so much nick for this tutorial! i have (with your help) been able to make my own and it cracks sooo loud! i will upload a video to my channel once i am finished editing thanks

Matt Johnson: I've watched a few tutorials of this nature this evening, and this seems to be one of the simplest, yet effective, methods to make one. I guess I'll need to stock up on paracord! Would titanium rod work in place of steel, or would it have too much flex? 

Dave Mack: thanks for the awesome video , i have had a great time making my own and how much fun they are to crack and to give away , you're the man 

girrrrrrr2: If you hadnt cored the paracord, would it work the same, i know it would be thicker, but would the whip be functionally the same?

ArcusDraco: How long would I need the cords if I want am 8 ft. whip?

Hunter Phoenix: why electrical tape?

skankingrudeboy: I'm not into whips but I just watched this entire tutorial because you were so engaging. I'm normally so frustrated with people trying to explain stuff on youtube but this was so refreshing to watch. I'm gonna go order some extra paracord!

Chris Rosario: How much do your whips go for.

Inspector Nefarious: This guide's great man, I've been making my bullwhip all day. Feels really solid, can't wait to finish up!

Thomas Callahan: Made mine and it works well! couple hundred cracks out of it so far. 

Kirk Florendo: Just want to mention this, but that was probably the most calming introduction to a video that I've watched. You have such a soothing voice lol.

James Randall: Great video, I followed the directions to the letter, and it turned out great- BUT I can’t get the pesky thing to crack (well I got just one rather half hearted crack after 30 minutes of trying). Is it me or is it the whip? Is there something I can do to make it easier to crack (longer fall?)

GUTHIX0317: How long should the piece of paracord gut be for the cracker

goltoof: This belongs in a museum...

liondancefreak1: is it okay if the tape part a little bulky ?

ftcentrepreneur: nice

Edwards Nguyễn: where i can buy a large cord in step 1 ? is that shock cord ?

M6a6e6M: Awesome video.. i love it mate. may i suggest... add the option to slow down the video play so people who get confuse during the braiding they can slow it down

davidbeasleymagic: What kind of cord is the larger 1/4 inch cord? And where could you buy it? 

Colin Danforth: I'm running into a bit of an issue with my first attempt. I have 1/4" rod, and 1/4 diamond-braid rope, but I can't feed the rod into the rope without tearing it. I bought the exact same cord as you have listed in the comment section. Should this maybe be 3/8" diamond-braid? The rod has no space to be inserted it only gets about 1/2-1" into the cord before it starts tearing, and actually I'm having the same problem trying to feed the 1/4" steel shot. Can you give me some advice on this?

Gilles Deblier: Could I also use a rubber slang for the core?

The73rdDoctor: Is it necessary to tape completely over each layer?

Michael Sawyer: By the way this is a cool little skill and your method of presentation is perfect. Impressive 

Mark Kaufman: Dude, A+ Tutorial...

Austin Combs: Love the tutorial! Simple and great explanations. But for my whip, in the last stretch it said to use 24 ft rather than 20 ft strands, but I'm still about a foot and a half short from the end.... Kind of bummed. Not sure how to make this work and I really don't want to have to restart. Any suggestions?

Reyna L: This was a very awesome video!! I hope to try this sometime in the future.. I love whips and this was an excellent video on how to make a synthetic whip. I cant wait to watch more.. And hopefully try an make one, or three.

Thomas Vines: What lengths do I need if I want to try for a 10 ft whip?? Thank you. 

WhalePyrate: Just made my year, Ty for the video mate, Will be trying this a.s.a.p., Be Well,

Justin Shankman: where do you buy your paracord? it seems to be extra wide, more than regular paracord that i buy!!!

Lauren Taylor: I Think i love you. This is awesome. I've just choreographed a contemporary dance piece with whips, but i cant afford to buy one right now. Im gonna make one; because this is so incredibly useful and well filmed and well explained, that now i can :-D ...and then im gonna send you a super hot choreography to say thanks ;-) xxx

Jacqueline Collins: Awesome tutorial Nick! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I've just started my first whip today and came up with a question... When wrapping the core with it's first layer of tape, the lower section (after the BB's stop) is getting flattened and twisted by my tape wrapping. Is this bad? I tried rolling it out but it didn't get much rounder... Doesn't look great and I'm worried it will effect the shape of my plaiting when I get down there.

Scott Newberry: Out of interest. what happens if I do not wrap the entire length in electrical tape? I am very much interested in making a "do anything" whip that can be washed and not give me too much worry when I do wash it

Amanda Douglas: Hey Nick, fantastic video, and craftsmanship! I am going to make my own Indiana Jones whip for a cosplay I'm doing, so it doesn't have to be super functional. I was thinking of using air soft bbs, since I have them around, do you think, for my purposes that those would be ok?

Thomas Gates: just sat down this afternoon and made one really easy to follow instructions took me about 8 hours total for it and got a few good cracks out of it already 

Brian Monroe: how do you add a pommel to the end of the whip? does it have to be done while bariding the last layer of the whip?

jamie beasley: hi nick love ur vid i have looked every were on how to make a 4ft bullwhip and how much paracord i will need and cant find anywere i was wondering weather u could tell me how much i will need thank u

Kita Buki: Hey! Thanks for this video, like others have said, it is very well done. I've looked through the comments and tried to find a website or Facebook page with more info but I can't seem find an answer to one question I have. Is the electrical tape necessary? I'm concerned that over time it will wear away and make the whip sticky. Perhaps the final layer will prevent that but I was hoping you'd have some insight. Thanks for any advice! It's really awesome that you're willing to share your time and knowledge. 

john stevenson: after a couple of attempts I've finally made a bullwhip that works very well. the last plait i cheated and did herringbone pattern all the way, the diamond pattern just did my head in. this is the first time I've plaited and after a few false starts I've got it. now just need to be adventurous with other plaiting styles. thanks for a great step by step video nick. 

Chez G: Hey Nick, I was wondering how this whip would work if I used 750 cord for the first two bellies and only used 550 with the overlay? Would this work at all?

Jim Greenwood: Outstanding video... congrats. Maybe you responded to this before but the red electrical tape end gives your otherwise nice whip a unfinished look. How do you add a pineapple knot to the end of this whip? 

leander hastings: Hey Nick. Does it need to be military type III 550lb or could it be a smaller paracord as in with a smaller diameter?

wade akins: how much paracord is needed in all?

Steven Lowe: I had absolutely no interest in making a bull whip. All I wanted to see was some cool Paracord stuff. But this was such an awesome, detailed, step-by-step video, I HAVE TO MAKE ONE NOW... THANKS A LOT.... :):):) Great video. I have to make me one now. ***** (five stars)

Alex Van Gelder: What if I don't have any BB's? What else could I use?

Alexander Wiseman: Why do you need to gut them?? But anyway this vid is awesome!

Amai Masuta: Hi there because of this I learned a ton I was wondering if you could make a video on how to make patterns/plaiting with two or more colors. Thanks for this video it really helps.

Matt Strileckis: around 54 minutes James LaBrie playing in the background! Fantastic taste! thank you for the video. gonna start up my project as soon as I can make a trip to Home Depot. Any tips for holding the whip in place without a vice?

2close2see: Finished!!!...just tried it in the kitchen and it's deafening...I measured out for an 8 foot whip scaling all lengths up by 8/6 so the long 20 ft sections became 26.66 ft, etc but for some reason the finished whip is just a bit shy of 6 feet which confused the hell out of me...nevertheless, awesome tutorial!

Michael Sawyer: How did I end up here
How to Make a Paracord Bullwhip - a full length tutorial by Nick Schrader 4.9 out of 5

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How to Make a Paracord Bullwhip - a full length tutorial by Nick Schrader