Aeroseal-Duct Sealing

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Aeroseal-Duct Sealing
Aeroseal-Duct Sealing
Aeroseal Canada. Aeroseal Duct Sealing
Aeroseal Canada. Aeroseal Duct Sealing
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Keyzer4: Another novel idea that people are liking these days is putting your ductwork inside your conditioned space! wow! My delta T suddenly isn't close to 100 degrees! Not so hot for retrofits, though. Also, "Duct Tape" Doesn't work on ducts. You need to use mastic or butyl backed tape. That doesn't help if you don't have access to the ducts, though. But then, if you don't have access to them, they're probably inside your envelope. Mastic is a few bucks & you can apply it yourself. Aeorseal is... not a few bucks. edit: don't forget to prioritize those return ducts, though. you don't want any backdrafting. it can kill ya. 

Christopher Gruenwald: That's a good start, but the bigger problem is fiberglass insulation. You can heat a spray foam insulated home for practically nothing. 

TheTread123: I can see where this product is useful in condominiums where in the typical room there is no return air vent. Also will reveal shoddy insulation work in closets that adjacent to outside walls.

David Jones: Does this work on flex duct systems?? Please let me know.. I am in south Florida and most systems are 90% flex.. Thanks for your help.

National Heating & Air Conditioning Cincinnati: Sealing ducts from the inside is 50 times more effective than sealing them from the outside. This is the only DOE approved process. #ductseal #homeperformance #HVAC #energyexperts

Adam McClusky: terrific explanation

Michael Madrigal: when using aerolseal do you have to isolate the return and supply from the fau and indoor coil so there are no external static pressure added the rated furnace/ coil.

Ruckus Piper: sounds pretty expensive

bayareahvac: In most cases fixing/sealing air duct leaks sounds easier then it is. Many leaks are very small, so it's difficult to locate 100% of them. Air ducts are sometimes located in walls, floors, etc, so they can't be accessed without extra expense. Aeroseal seals air duct leaks from the inside out, the sealant mist will find the leaks, and seal them. If you need more information please contact us.

acboy100: I call Bullcrap!!!! I own my own AC company, dont see this stuff being worth the value.. Just hire some mexican to get in the attic or crawlspace with a bucket of sealant and fix it for 50 bucks.. Just saying.

compdude957: awesome, do they put a plug where the ductwork meets the furnace? otherwise that stuff will start to seal your coils, heat exchanger, and blower. We need this done to our house

bayareahvac: Yes equipment (furnace,coil, air handler,etc.) is sealed from the duct system before the Aeroseal process is started. If you are in our service area, give us a call at 888-WOW-COOL.

uladula68: or you could just fix your duct

Joseph Reynolds: Yes , Michael you completely isolate the HVAC unit. Aeroseal allows the option to seal both return and supply ducts simultaneously.

arm mel: I would like to know what AC company acboy100 owns, so I know who not to recommend. Those type of comments really shows people the kind of people you are letting in your home. Scary to think about! Just saying

Mark Morrell: Typical infoscamercial...blind em with science and tech talk and then come with the pitch.

John Porterfield: Simple tests often pinpoint a problem that "a bucket of (mastic) sealant" will inexpensively remedy. Duct problems often account for 35% of heating energy use, however video overstates duct leakage to outdoors, one of five common duct defects. More common: too much air to one room can cause house infiltration to increase. Knowledgeable independent energy audit, test & plan first, beats "quick fix." Be careful. Leaky return ducts may cause CO hazard - more likely if ONLY supply ducts are sealed!

Joseph Reynolds: Mark, It may sound like one , but as a lead technician @ Aeroseal of the Lowcountry the process WORKS!!!! We not only test the system but give proof what improvements.
Aeroseal-Duct Sealing 4.3 out of 5

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Aeroseal-Duct Sealing